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"Strange, but good (at least some of the time)"

I have a love-hate relationship with the original Final Fantasy. Square has put together an attractive game here, with a somewhat unique story idea, an interesting game system, and some interesting plot twists. But then again this game also has flaws all around it.

We'll start at the beginning. When you first gain control of your characters, the ''Light Warriors'', you appear next to a town, no explanation of who you are (except for the brief text at the beginning), or what you are doing there, or where you came from, or pretty much any information on these 4. This leads me to my main problem with this game, that of your main characters, they have no personalities. They don't even say anything. This could lead to the player filling in the blanks, that is, putting words in their character's mouths, except when you talk to other people, you don't have conversations, you listen to a one line blurb. ''Welcome to Coneria'' one particularly clever townsperson might say. Such wit.

The ''Light Warriors'' (where does this name come from anyway?) are told by the ''King'' to go rescue a princess from Garland, a rogue knight. Again we're given no background on these people, why Garland would kidnap her is never explained. I suppose it was just the hip thing to do. After this the King builds you a bridge (apparently the no one in the kingdom needed to go anywhere before this), and you get to see the Title sequence and beginning credits. From here until the second part of the game (which starts when you fight the first Fiend), is the worst, slowest, dullest part of the game. This is the part where you have to level up. A lot. And if there's one thing that irritates me, it's fighting endless battles just to buy a new sword, or get a few more levels so I don't get killed in some new cave somewhere.

Which brings me to the Battle System. First everyone waits possibly forever, while everyone decides what they're going to do (turn based), followed by everyone doing what they want, mostly just waving their weapons nowhere near the enemies. And even worse, if an enemy is already killed and someone was going to attack it, he'll attack the now dead monster anyway. Why on earth would anyone do that? Finally, why are the Light Warriors separated from the enemies by separate boxes?

The next two parts of the game are generally better, although one has to wonder what these Fiends would do if left to their own devices. The Light Warriors do some quick work on these Fiends, and work their way to the Big Boss. I won't spoil anything else, but I will talk about the ending a little.

The Ending is all text. It attempts (but fails slightly) to explain everything that happened in the game, but it mostly just talks itself in a loop. I suppose that this is mostly due to the translation from Japanese. Perhaps the Japanese version explained things better.

Graphics aren't great, but are better than other games made at the time. They aren't great now, but that doesn't really need saying.

Sound and Music is great, except for the Battle sound effects, which don't sound like anything in particular.

I give this game a 6 because despite it's many flaws, it's still a fun game to play.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 04/06/00, Updated 04/06/00

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