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Reviewed: 05/20/00 | Updated: 05/20/00

The stepping stone into an amazing serious of RPGs

Most people would probably wonder why I'd right this for a game that has very low recognition for a very low recognized system. BUT, this is by far my favorite and the most entertaining game for Nintendo. I admit, it's not a very graphiced enhanced game. It doesn't have a huge list of JOBs or characters any other RPG does. It doesn't have a wide variety of attacks like any other RPG does, BUT it has many dungeons, many monsters, many veichles for travelling, etc. It has it's ups, just like any good RPG, and it has it's lows. So in this Review, I will go through what it is about this game that makes you so addicted.

GRAPHICS - 3(/10)
Think about it. Nintendo 64 has 64 bits of graphic capability. Nintendo Entertainment System has 8. So, for it's time, I'm sure the graphics were great, but for now, especially in comparison with what there is around the market, they suck. A big 3 for this game in the graphics section.

GAME PLAY - 10(/10)
It's very hard to think of an RPG that doesn't have an amazing storyline to it. This game does. I really liked the ''aginig'' part of the game (Don't understand? Play the game and you'll see) since it makes you go from a childish wizard, to a lethal grown adult who is now a sorcerer. Game Play gets a big 10 because the Game Play is AMAZING!!

ENJOYMENT - 8(/10)
I go on and on about how it's a great game and you wonder why I give it an 8 for enjoyment? Simple. If you have another system such as Playstation, Nintendo 64, DreamCast or Playstation2 depending on when you read this, or it may already be out when you read this. You'll soon feel that 8-Bits cannot satisfy your gaming pleasures anymore unlike a 64 bit Zelda, or sports game can. What I'm trying to desperatly say here is this, Yes you will get bored eventually from playing this. Unless your a hardcore NES fan.

This game is a must for any NES set. Buy it, play it, and most importantly, enjoy it.

SCORE: 7/10
(Please Note: This was brought down deeply by the graphics because it's 8-Bits)

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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