How much do they cost?

  1. Are you able to purchase these games?

    User Info: bfort00

    bfort00 - 7 years ago

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  1. Yes. You are able to purchase this Game and several others from past Game Consoles through the Virtual Console service.

    First, your Wii needs to be able to access the internet. When it can, you can purchase this game and others on the Wii Shopping Channel using Nintendo Points.

    Nintendo Points can be purchased directly from Nintendo via Credit Card or by buying 2000 Point Cards from Wal-Mart or other retail stores.

    To Play the Games, you can usually use the Wii Remote on it's own, but for the SNES and N64 Games, you need the Classic Controller attachment for your Wii Remote or a Gamecube Controller.


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  1. What do you mean by "these games"? Do you mean the games that are on different consoles but listed also on the Wii?

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  2. Oops! One thing I forgot to mention. Cost! I believe NES Games usually cost around 500-600 Nintendo Points (Roughly 5-6 Dollars though Nintendo Points are sold in bundles of 1000 or more Points meaning you'll need at least 10 or more Dollars.)


    User Info: thegamemaster8

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