How do you get to the Minus World?

  1. I've heard some talk about a glitch in Super Mario bros. called the Minus world, and I know that it's just a world that never ends until you die or run out of time, But I still want to try the glitch, but I don't know how to do it.
    If anyone has any answers, they would be appreciated.

    User Info: mamagod

    mamagod - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Mario needs to be large to do this.

    At the end of the underground part of 1-2, break the second block from the exit pipe on the ceiling(but not the one right next to the pipe). Then, crouch-jump right under the remaining block right next to the pipe. If done correctly, Mario will slide through the wall to reach the warp zone. Jump into the leftmost pipe, before the 'Welcome to Warp Zone' message appears to enter the Minus World.

    If you're having trouble understanding exactly what you must do, watch the following video:

    h t t p://

    The first few seconds depict what you must do to go to the Minus World, and the rest of the video shows what the Minus World is exactly like. As a bonus, it even shows the normally inaccessible -2 and -3 levels, which the video creator hacked the game to reach.

    User Info: Distant_Rainbow

    Distant_Rainbow - 7 years ago 3 0

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