Can you save in Super Mario Bros?

  1. My friend owns this game for the wii, he's wondering if you can save in the game like saving at 6-2 not beginning at the beginning at 1-1 again.

    User Info: joziahdcoleman

    joziahdcoleman - 9 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Since this is an old game, you won't be able to save your progress at any time during gameplay but you could quick save your game at any point during the game by pressing the home button on the Wii remote and returning to the Wii menu. Once you quit the game, your original playthrough will be save in that curtain point until you play it again. Remember that this doesn't save your progress, only your playthrough meaning that if you quit the game when you are at level 6-2, you will continue your next play at level 6-2 and at that same point. Besides saving; however, there's one way your friend could continue playing without starting at level 1-1. After a game Over, at the title screen (the one with 1-Player, 2-Player Game, hold the A Button on the classic controller or Wii remote and press START, by doing this you will continue at the same world you last failed to conquer meaning that by using this trick ,if you got a Game Over at level 6-2,instead of returning to the beginning of the game (level 1-1), you will instead start at beginning of world 6-1 instead. Hope this help you and your friend, enjoy!

    User Info: leeko_link

    leeko_link - 9 years ago 4 0

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