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    Game Genie Codes by zelda999

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 02/10/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    .s.u.p.e.r. .m.a.r.i.o. .b.r.o.t.h.e.r.s.
    game genie codes
    1.table of contents
    1.table of contents
    2.version history
    4.legal stuff
    5. credits
    6. coming soon
    7. note
    2.version history
    1.0 nov. 30th 7:32 P.M. original faq done
    1.1 dec. 1st 7:37 P.M. a lot more codes added
    AEPSSZ - freeze up at random times
    AKPOZT - sometimes it hails broken bricks
    GPPSXL - enemies go through eachother
    IIIISZ - koopa shells act weird and you can kill them (by jumping on them a
    weird way)
    AKISZX - reset or freeze at flag
    IOZVVL - altered enemies
    IOZVVX - altered dead enemies
    IOZVVO - other altered dead enemies
    EPPPPP - different soundtrack
    APPPPP - different soundtrack 1
    KPPPPP - different soundtrack 2
    PPPPPP - different soundtrack 3
    OPPPPP - different soundtrack 4
    ZPPPPP - different soundtrack 5
    XPPPPP - different soundtrack 6
    LPPPPP - different soundtrack 7
    GPPPPP - different soundtrack 8
    IPPPPP - different soundtrack 9
    SPPPPP - different soundtrack 10
    TPPPPP - different soundtrack 11
    VPPPPP - different soundtrack 12
    YPPPPP - different soundtrack 13
    NPPPPP - different soundtrack 14
    GEONIN - weird altered musice (you cant beat a level)
    AGEOLP - always have star musice
    IKEIKE - mushrooms and stars kill you
    IKESKE - if you touch an enemie it kills it, even by the sides
    POOPIE - messed up graphics and goombas that look like cakes
    KOOPAE - more messed up graphics
    NGENIE - when you walk as small mario you're messed up, as big mario you're
    allways crouching down
    EOOEIE - everything is darker
    ONEAPE - messed up glitch world :warning: it lags a lot and it gives you a
    headache after a while
    KITISI - allways move forward
    NOOEIS - white background
    ELUNYY - a musice code. best at end of level
    NLLNYY - destructo
    POZYYN - a musice code.
    AAPPPP - a musice code.
    SINNIN - a musice code.
    VGTYIU - a musice code.
    ZZAYGN - Bleepy music
    ZTAYGN - etc
    ZGAYGN - etc
    IIAYGN - repetetive
    LLAYGN - insane! (but liable to crash)
    IGAYGN - repetative + noisy
    (Other varients of the 1st two letters may work too)
    YYPPPP - Wrong music.
    GGAOAP - There is usually no music.
    STANLY - Jazzed up background music.
    TZEPYO - Low back ground music.
    STPYYY - Flat music
    IVVOAE - COOL music.
    STINLY - The music changes.
    STONLY - The music starts and stops.
    STLNLY - Crazy space jazz!
    ELLNYY - noisy + low sounds
    LUYYLU - Vibrating sounds.
    TSENLL - No jumping SFX. weird music!
    STLYNY - Tiny bit mixed up music.
    POZYYN - squeaky music.
    NEENYY - Messy remix
    NXZNYY - Subtle remix
    NXXNYY - Subtle remix
    NAANYY - Good remix!
    NYYNYY - Abstract remix
    NVVNYY - Banjo remix!!!!!!
    NULYEA - Longer Bass sound.
    KAEPYO - Water music all the time.
    PTEPYP - Dungeon music all the time.
    YYAPYO - Koopa castle music all the time.
    TPEPYO - Star man music all the time.
    GVVOAE - Dungeon music when you are outside, not in a dungeon or a water
    level or a castle.
    AVVOAE - Koopa castle music when you are outside,
    not in a dungeon or
    a water level.
    TVVOAE - Circus music when you are outside
    EATIKK - jumping makes you fall through everything
    IOZYYU - messed up SFX
    UNITYV - items appear higher than they are
    LNITYV - item appear differently than they are
    ISTLUL - it rains coines when you hit a coin block
    KKISST - you're stuck in one place
    GLAUST - freezes when you're big and you hit a brick block
    EOZXNN - screen does not scroll
    EGTTVL invisable enemys (they get all weird then it freezes)
    -more codes coming soon!-
    4. legal stuff
    This document is Copyright 2003 Tah-rue Wales.  It may not be
    reproduced nor retransmitted in any form without prior consent from the
    author.  It may not be altered, published, sold, given as an incentive to
    buy, etc. without advance permission from the author. Violation of the above
    terms can
    and result in a lawsuit.
    Only the following sites may host this FAQ:
    GameFAQs (http://www.gamefaqs.com/)
    5. credits
    my sister's nes, our copy of this game, and my game genie.
    my uncle miles who gave me some codes.
    6. coming soon
    i want to add more codes before long. and maybe add another section in the faqs.
    7. note
    if you have codes you want to put in the faq e-mail me at acman@stny.rr.com
    supply you're username or you're name also and ill put you in the credits
    -end of document-

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