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You mean I came through 4 levels to rescue TOAD!? AGAIN!?07/06/04aargh! ahoy, mateys!
Fireflower Fields Forever11/01/03Alecto
Gaming Perfection01/25/05AWing Pilot
Bow down to the savior of video games, filthy pesent11/30/09BimmyandJimmy
The game that started it all.03/06/04Braben
Let's remember the first real hit that Shigeru Miyamoto gave us. Ladies and gentlemen, Super Mario Bros. is here!06/13/06cfamgcn
A neat classic07/28/04Charizard06
Whaddya Mean She's in Another Castle?06/16/09CKru8789
Does the most influential video game ever stand the test of time?01/30/07darthjulian
And they say that a hero will save us...01/03/05discoinferno84
The gold standard in video games that everyone should play as originally intended01/19/10dtm666
Run left, jump.08/20/15EnmaDaio2588
"Uh-oh! You saved the Princess!"06/12/05Fox Fire
The foundation for all other platformers that were to come04/24/04grasu
TG Review: Super Mario Bros.06/04/13JackyBoyJaneyGi
The Game That Started it All Now on VC01/02/14leeko_link
You'll be hooked on the Brothers!04/14/16Looneymaster
The One That Started It All04/24/07MaineCane
The 80's are back!01/01/07PsychicKid
This game revolutionized gaming. It's still one of the best ever.03/21/04Rango
Mario bros Return!08/30/07Shadow_Kookoo
This was only the beginning12/05/06Shivan Reincarnated
Hating Mario means hating video games.12/13/03Sinspawn_X
Exordium revisited10/09/03Snow Dragon
It's considered a classic for a reason.12/18/13The Retro Goat
The Most Influential Video Game of All Time04/23/12thefaqer
Mario thy name is greatness.02/07/07thesampleman
Thank you Mario, but our princess is in another castle.04/26/07Zylo the wolf

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Plumbing in the 80s10/01/08Ali_X_Rexus
A classic that forever changed the industry.10/21/03BCD
Platforming Perfection10/15/03Bytt Omake
Super Mario Bros. Review10/06/16ChillHVAC
How an Italian Plumber Took Over the World10/13/08DandyQuackShot
Disappointed Mario Fan.06/09/08DarkBlumiere
The most classic game of all-time.06/23/08DarkMark42
Our princess is in another castle?? Bring it on!!!06/17/09DaZinga
The Best Game Of All Time? ...Kinda.12/17/03deathpunk
The game that started it Oh forget it11/29/03doggiecow
One of Mario's first games, turns out to be one of his best!01/12/09GOLD_sonic
20 Years and still going strong06/16/05linkofhyrule523
The Classic Touch11/16/04Lokoe
Super Mario Bros. is one of the greatest games of all time, even to this day.02/20/07Misfit119
The legend, the hero, the classic.09/25/03Muk1000
The game that started everything!10/18/03Numbuh 128bit
"The princess is in another castle" NOOOOOOOOOO!01/02/04PKing
Super Mario Bros. puts every other NES game to shame07/29/04plasmabeam
Its not just a grand NES classic but its pratically also THE savior of the VG industry back in the mid-80's.03/07/04Pokejedservo
A Game that has Stood the Test of Time11/10/04Porge
Those boots are made for jumping.08/28/12RageBot
"Sorry Mario, but our princess is in another" *NES controller breaks TV*03/03/09Renjuku
Classic and very rewarding.05/25/10Retroreviewer Productions
Egads Luigi tis a Goomba. *Stomps on its head*. Take that!!! What?!? Only 100 points?!? Arghhhh!!!04/15/04shneepshnop
Super Mario Brothers: Where it all began...03/02/04Skye Reynolds
This game shows how great Virtual Console is!03/06/08Stevewins123
Who Better To Save The Mushroom Kingdom Than A Plumber From Brooklyn?08/18/04Tarrun
The New Age of Video Games Has Arrived07/03/08tazzyboyishere
Super Mario Bros. is one of the best platformers available for the NES, and a definite must-buy.05/21/09tgoldberg
Jumping Man and the dreaded Goombas02/02/07TheFanBoyDestroyer
Revolution Before Evolution07/30/13thereddeath3486
Legendary. Historical. Still fun to play.07/30/13TKDBoy1889
One of the best, most influential games ever made12/16/04UltimaterializerX
Old Game, Still Amazing05/19/08zenGOSM

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