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Reviewed: 06/16/05

20 Years and still going strong

Ah yes, Super Mario Bros. the first game that I've played. Also one of the best games on NES. I remember when I was 5, I kept begging my dad to bring the dusty 10 year old NES up from the basement where it had been kept, my dad never really played it, only a few times, and i'd seen the box on a shelf and always wanted to try it out. So, my dad brought it up one day and turned it on. It came with Super Mario Bros. and Duck hunt, i tried SMB and loved it! I was addicted, almost every day after school from kindergarten to 3rd grade I played the game until one lucky NES broke, well anyway, here is my review:

Gameplay: 9

Oh man I loved this game, i still love it today. This is a platforming game where you play as a man named Mario, known for his jumping skills and interests in pipes. You can jump throw fireballs and more, and it contains when of the best villians (and one of the first bosses) ever: Bowser! This is a big game for a NES game it has 8 worlds, with 4 levels for each world, at the end of the forth level there is a boss, Bowser! Each level gets harder with tougher enemies, more gaps to jump over, etc. There is one flaw: You can't save. But, this game can be beaten quickly, within an hour is not hard to do if you've beaten it before.

Graphics: 8

I will rate graphics on how there standereds were in 1985, the games release. The NES was a big step up from systems like the Atari, they added tons more detail and color to there graphics, and now you can tell that your playing as someone or something instead of not being able to tell the difference of your character and a rectangle. This game has very detailed environments and enemies, overall the graphics are very well done for it's time period. But then when The Legend of Zelda and Metroid came around...

Sound: 10

Darn you Nintendo! SMB has gotten it's theme song stuck in my head for years! Each level has unique music, form the water levels, to land levels, to dungeons, it's all great! But I especially like the main Mario song that all gamers have heard, the one that gets stuck in your head so easily! The addition of adding music to video games was a great idea, but with most games I just couldn't care less about the tunes, but Mario Bros. tunes I love, I got the soundtrack to Super Smash Bros. Melee mainly to hear the Mario songs.

Control: 10

This game's controls are a cinch to use! The NES only has 4 buttons and a D-Pad, all you do is use the D-Pad to move, A button to jump, B button to shoot fireballs, and if you hold down Right and B you can run faster. This is a game almost anyone can pick up and play, unless they have no hands.

Replay Value: 7

I played this game for along time, if I was reviewing this game when I was in first grade, I would give it a 9, I used to play this game all the time, hey, I loved it! But know, every since I got it on Gameboy Color (Super Mario Bros. Delux) I don't play it as much, It still has good replay, but definitely not great.

Bottom Line: This game is currently 20 years old and a lot of people still love it. I don't care about the outdated graphics, I love this game because of it's heartwarming platforming action!

Overall: 8.8/10 = 9/10 A-
Now we get down to rent or Buy:
Buy, 2 reasons, 1: Your going to love this game if you've never played it before. (Unless you hate platformers.) 2. It's way to old to be at rental stores anyway! In fact, you can only get it used at somewhere like EB Games or Gamespot.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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