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    FAQ/Hints and Tips by Jdude84

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    |       Super Mario Brothers 2 Walkthrough For The NES      |
    |       Author: Jdude84                                     |
    |       E-mail Address: Jdude84@hotmail.com                 |
    |       Version: 1.00                                       |
    |       Date: 11/29/99                                      |
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    If you thought i was insane writing that Super Mario Brothers One FAQ,
    just look at me now! This was actually the first video game i ever played,
    i was probably 4 or 5 at the time, so i decided to write a faq about it.
    Why? Who knows, probably because there is only one other faq at gamefaqs.com
    for this game, and i thought it deserved another. On with the guide...oh one more
    thing, don't expect a super mario 3 faq, that is allready well covered, NOW, on
    with the guide...
          T A B L E  O F  C O N T E N T S
               I. Version History\Updates
              II. Contact Information
             III. Before You E-Mail...
              IV. Legal Info
               V. Walkthrough
              VI. Tips Tricks And Game Genie Codes
             VII. Special Thanks
            VIII. Closing
    I. Version History\Updates
    Version 1.00 - 11/30/99
    Did you really think i wouldn't do a faq for the first game i ever played
    in my life? Hah! This is probably the last version, as it doesn't need
    a complete guide. It's basically just tips, tips, and a lot more tips.
    Just wait...27 more days, 27 more days...
    II. Contact Information
    As always, the author of this faq can be found at jdude84@hotmail.com
    You can e-mail any questions, comments, or suggestions to me as well.
    You COULD also find me on ICQ, but i don't talk to every bum that ICQs
    me, oh well. Make sure you read below first, unless you don't want to get
    a reply. Or you could always ignore section 3 as many others do and be
    permanantly filtered!
    III. Before You E-Mail
    I've tried about 3 different ways to make this clear to people, and yet
    they still don't get it. So here, presenting a format even a first-grader
    would understand:
    DO NOT:
    _ E-Mail me junk, the defenition of junk would be Chain Letters, Unreadable Mumbo-Jumbo, Incredibly 
    stupid questions.
    _ E-Mail me asking\telling me to update my faq, i update my faqs A.S.A.P., not a second sooner!
    _ E-Mail me asking how to get to a certain level, as this info will be in the FAQ sooner or later.
    _ E-Mail me asking if you can post this faq.
    _ E-Mail me asking if you can sell this FAQ.
    _ E-Mail me asking if i will work for your site\create your site\be affiliated for your site\write 
    FAQs for your site.
    _ E-Mail me questions that haven't been answered in the F.A.Q., or any other reasonable question.
    _ E-Mail me suggestions for the next update
    _ E-Mail me with submissions such as a code i'm missing if you'd like.
    _ E-Mail me with corrections, such as spelling errors, wrong information. When doing this please 
    include the section the error is in, making it easier to find the error.
    _ Post this F.A.Q. on your site.
    _ ASK me if you can post this faq on your site.
    _ Link directly to this FAQ.
    _ Link INDIRECTLY to this FAQ.
    _ Leave me alone.
    IV. Legal Info
    This document is copyright 1999 Jdude84. All rights reserved.
    Reproduction of this document is prohibited without consent from the author.
    You may not use this faq for profit in any way, shape, or form, you may not
    steal from this faq, you may not link to this faq, and you may not wipe your
    feet on this faq. I am in no way affiliated with the makers of this game, it
    is copyright 1999 Nintendo.
    You May:
    1) Link INDIRECTLY to this FAQ.
    2) Read this FAQ.
    3) Print this FAQ
    4) Worship this FAQ.
    5) Worship Mario.
    6) Worship Jello.
    7) Worship Me.
    V. Walkthrough
    - - - World # 1 - - -
    Level One:
    Who Do I Use:
    Use toadstool - her gliding feature makes this level easier.
    Secret Rooms:
    There are two secret areas you can access here by throwing potions and making
    doors. Inside are life enhancing mushrooms and coins for the slot machine at 
    the end. Get as many of these as possible.
    Killing The Baddies: 
    In this game you can stand on top of enemies, pick them up, and throw them at
    other enemies, killing them. Or you could use veggies, a superstar, or a POW
    General Help:
    At the waterfall - glide past just because it's easier. The only other feature
    are the vines, which are easily passed by using the stopwatch, which freezes
    all enemies for a short time. Also, you'll fight a boss that shoots eggs out of
    it's mouth. Hop on the egg, pick it up, and hit the boss with it. Repeat 3 times
    to win.
    Level Two:
    Now Who Do I Pick: Toad, he's nice and small...
    Fly Fly Away:
    Here you'll need to take the enemy's magic carpet, and fly low to cross the gap.
    Oh No, Locked:
    To open the locked door go down the pipe to the right, get the key, and open the
    Key Help:
    The 'Key Enemies' only chase you when you are HOLDING the key. Throw it forward to
    gain ground without being chased.
    Sad Puzzles, Sadder Enemies:
    The rest of the level is well - easy. A few bombs there and a few throws here, and your
    done. As always, that stupid egg dino is back, and again, 3 hits will take care of it.
    Level Three:
    Character: Mario, he is just plain good.
    Warp Pipe:
    There is a warp pipe right next to the door near the middle of the level.
    Chains, Bridges, and Baddies:
    Here you'll need to climb the various chains, and at one point make a bridge out of
    blocks to get to the top. Once you reach the top, grab the key, and fall to the very
    bottom. Pass the electric area with ease, and fight this worlds boss. To defeat this
    mouse, hit it with 3 of it's own bombs while avoiding the various explosions. Pretty
    simple, as it's in 2D.
    - - - World # 2 - - -
    Level One:
    Character: Toad - he's the quickest grabber.
    Sand Sand And More - Sand:
    Here you'll need to dig your way down in the sand, and enter the door. This is where toad
    is useful...
    More Eggs:
    Once again, hit the yoshi wanna-be with three well aimed eggs, get the special marble-like
    thing, pick it up, enter the Crow. Yes, this is one creative game...
    Level Two:
    Character: Luigi or Princess Toadstool - as their jumping is superb.
    No Need To Explain:
    This is more of the same, and extremly easy with your jumping abilites. Just kill the enemies,
    get the items, and laugh at the simpleness of the NES. Ahh thank god for N64.
    ~The Rest Of This Walkthrough MAY Be Coming Soon~
    VI. Tips Tricks And Game Genie Codes
    Stuck? Bored? Try these tips and codes (courtesy of gamesages and world-of-
    - - - Tips Tricks And Other Miscellaneous Stuff - - -
    Luigi's Double Jump 
    Move Luigi next to an enemy and jump, then press jump again at the peak of Luigi's leap.
    If your timing was right he'll jump even higher. 
    Original Super Mario Theme Song 
    Get a magic potion. Hold it until a star shows up. Grab the star and put the potion down
    while you're still invincible. Enter the door you just made and wait. Just before your
    invincibility wears off, exit the door and you'll hear the original Super Mario Brothers
    theme song. 
    Warp to World 4 
    In level 1-3 go to the area just before the brick background. Pick up the plants until you
    get a bottle. Then go past the brick background until you find a pot & throw the bottle on
    it. Go in the door and down the pot into World 4. 
    Warp to World 5 
    To warp to level 5, first get to level 3-1. When you enter the first door, fall all the way
    down. You also have to be in the middle as you fall. When you stop, you will find a platform
    with a door. Enter the door, then you have to look for the potion in the grass. Pick it up, 
    then throw it on the ground, enter the door in cyberspace, and go into the vase and you will
    be at level 5. 
    Warp to World 6 
    In level 4-2 In the area with the whales find a bottle and throw it on the next pot. Enter the
    doorway and go down the pot into World 6. 
    Warp to World 7 
    Work your way to level 5-3. (It would be a good idea to choose Luigi for this level because of
    his superb jumping skills.) Go up the ladder at the beginning of the level, and then jump up onto
    the ledge above the ladder. As soon as you get on top of the ledge, grab the first grass on the
    right. It is a potion. Use the potion and go through the door. Now, while in Sub-space, go down
    through the jar and voila! Now you're in Level 7! 
    - - - More Tips Tricks And Other Miscellaneous Stuff - - -
    Fighting Wart
    To beat Wart easy, just have princess grab a vegie and jump to the high 
    ledge that is in front of Wart. You can jump and let her glide behind Wart. 
    Here you are safe from Wart (unless you run into him). When his mouth 
    opens, just throw the vegie in and watch him suffer. You can jump over 
    Wart and grab another vegie. Keep repeating the process and he'll be dead 
    in no time! 
    Level 4-3 tips
    Here are 2 helpful tips for Level 4-3. Pick Luigi or Princess because they 
    are the best ones for this level. When you go through the door at the
    beginning of the level, you will see an few grasses on the snowy hill. Pick 
    up the one with the potion and go all the way to the left where you can get 
    the mushroom. after that, go back to the door and go back in there. Then 
    go back outside. Pick up the potion again and hop on Ostro's egg to get to 
    the small island where there are a lot of grasses, throw the potion, go 
    in the door, and collect about 6 bonuses. 
    Here is the Luigi or princess part. when you get to the door where you go 
    into the building, the road ends and there is a ledge. All you have to do is 
    run, jump over the pit, and you will land on the other side, and then go in 
    the door and it will lead strait to Fryguy. This is just a thing to make 
    the game easier and faster instead of going through the building.
    Carry items to bosses
    Select any character in any level and find a Potion. Pick it up and drop 
    it directly on top of a blade of grass. Now enter subspace and leave. 
    Once you leave, press the B button repeatedly and rapidly. If all goes 
    well, you'll end up with the item appearing on top of your head, but 
    wait - it's not really there at all! It's just an illusion, but once you 
    enter a door, climb a vine, or die, the item will become real! The advantage 
    to doing this is that you can carry items to places where they would not
    normally occur. You can carry items to the bosses, but better yet, this 
    trick ultimately leads to the 5th warp zone! (See below)
    Secret warp
    Sure, everyone knows about the first 4 warp zones, but I'm going to show 
    you how to get the 5th one! First, here's the list:
    1. World 1-3 to World 4-1
    2. World 3-1 to World 5-1
    3. World 4-2 to World 6-1
    4. World 5-3 to World 7-1
    5. World 6-1 to World 6-1
    That's right, it's not a misprint! Now on with the trick: 
    In World 6-1, select any character, and go down the tube which has the 
    Magic Potion. Now pick up the Potion and carry it all the way to the blade 
    of grass between two cacti, which also contains a Potion. Drop the 
    Potion directly on top of that blade of grass and enter subspace. Upon 
    exiting, you'll need to execute the "Illusion item glitch" (see below). If 
    you executed that glitch properly, you'll have an illusion of a Potion on 
    top of your head. If you don't succeed, you'll need to start over from 
    scratch by getting the Potion from the tube and repeating the process. 
    After successfully getting the glitch to work, go into the cave ahead 
    where you'd normally go. Once inside you'll have a real Potion which 
    you can take with you. Drop it where you see the long series of tubes 
    and go into Subspace. It just so happens that any tube which you can't
    normally enter can be turned into a Warp Zone inside Subspace. Now 
    you can warp to... W 6-1 once again!
    So why would you want to warp back to the same level? You can collect 
    coins over and over, as well as the two 1-ups (see the 2-up trick below) 
    in order to rack up on lives if you haven't already reached the max of P4 
    (254) reserve lives. Enjoy!!  
    Get two 1ups
    In World 6-1 select either Mario or Toad. Go into the cave and go down into 
    the tube which has 4 blades of grass beneath a lot of sand. The two 
    pieces of grass on both ends contain a 1-up, while the ones in the middle
    contain Sprouts. Ordinarily you can only collect one 1-up in a given level, 
    but with speed you can get two. Pick up the two middle pieces of grass 
    and throw the Sprouts. Now stand on the right edge of the left piece of 
    grass or the left edge of the right piece of grass. Pick it up and quickly 
    run to the other one and pick it up as well. If you manage to pick up the 
    second piece of grass before the first 1-up vanishes, you'll be rewarded 
    with both.
    Make the logs fly up
    This has no strategic value but you can make the logs fly up. 
    Here's how:
    1. Get a POW.
    2. Find a log falling down a waterfall (hard stuff so far).
    3. Get a running start and jump towards the log making sure 
    that you land on the log, and the POW hits solid ground.
    4. If you did it right the log'll fly up into the sky never to be 
    seen again (until you leave the screen).
    Throwing an item and still have it
    Sometimes, when you place the potion on a patch of grass, after 
    leaving sub space (don't go through the door!), if you are quick, you 
    can pull up the grass very quickly, and the game counts it as if you 
    are not carrying anything! Although you can't throw it, you can pick 
    up anything else and throw it, and still be carrying the item. The trick 
    wears off when you enter a new place. When you do, you will be carrying 
    the item as normal. This trick is random and (obviously) only works 
    with toad. This trick is a bug, and is untested in Mario All-Stars. 
    Pick up a plant and then catch it
    Pick up any type (ripe or unripe) while holding down the B button. 
    Then run over to an enemy, while holding the item. Throw it while 
    still running, and when it "bounces" back, leap over on top of the 
    floating item and you can pick it up! Never let go of the B button. 
    Shortcut to the World 1-1 boss
    In World 1-1 go in the door after the bridge. There you will find a bean 
    stalk, climb it. There you find a waterfall jump across it. There you will 
    find land you do a super jump a shy guy get rid of it. There you will find a 
    ladder use the bombs above to shadder the bumpy place if you see a door 
    there you bombed the right place. Go through the door and hear the battle 
    music and fight the boss.
    Change the color of the Mushroom Blocks
    There is a neat trick that you can do where you can change 
    the color of the Mushroom Blocks (those ones you can throw 
    and stack up). Here's what you do. You first need to get to a 
    place that has Mushroom Blocks and some type of vine 
    (vine, chain, rope, etc. anything you can climb). The first 
    place you will see something like this, is in World 1-3, 
    in the area where you find Mouser (right as you enter the 
    door). This is easiest to do with Princess Toadstool, but
    can be done with any of the characters. Ok. Here's what 
    you do. Pick up one of the Mushroom Blocks. Now, jump 
    so that you are floating (if you're Princess) right on the 
    chain (not climbing, floating in air). Keep pressing the button 
    to throw the block until it becomes wedged in the 
    vine/chain/etc. If it falls, just try again. Once it's wedged 
    in there, it will change colors (for example, if done in a 
    chain, it will be gray in a vine it will be green). You can 
    then pick it up (if you can get on top of it), and it will 
    leave a hole in the vine/chain/etc. As I said before, it 
    works with the other characters if they just jump, 
    but I suggest mastering it with Princess first (you 
    get more air time). Careful, because you also may 
    trap yourself if you create too many holes, or a hole 
    too high that you can't climb the vine/chain/etc. BTW, 
    this also works on platforms (instead of vines), but 
    only the ones that you can jump under it (and go through 
    the bottom of it), but can stand on the top. These are usually 
    harder, since it's usually harder to get the right height to 
    your jump (they are usually too low or too high). It seems 
    this "bug" was taken out of the All-stars version, 
    because it doesn't work in the game.
    Skip the locked door in World 1-2
    In World 1-2 you can skip the locked door by picking up a Ninja and 
    throw it at the edge or around it. Jump on it and hold down to charge 
    your super jump. Jump when the Ninja jumps its highest and jump.
    Subspace music trick
    If you have a potion in your hands, go near a cherry when you 
    collected 4 (1 more to be invincible). Drop the potion, get 
    the last cherry, get Starman, and immediately go to 
    Subspace. Wait until about 1.5 - 2 seconds after you start 
    flashing (invincibility starting to wear off), and exit the
    door. If it is done correctly, the music of Subspace plays 
    until completion and starts again. This sounds like the 
    music of the first part.
    Different 1up location
    In World 1-1, if you don't get the 1up by the POW block, you can get 
    it in the middle plant at the left of the short cut to Birdo, on the 
    top platform.
    Skip the door in World 1-2
    In World 1-2, if you are the Princess, you can jump off the Magic 
    Carpet right when it disappears, keep going to the right and land on 
    the platform way above the door.
    Die for more coins
    If you are in Sub Space where you can die, get the coins and die. 
    You will be able to go back and get the coins again until you get 
    them twice without dying, like in World 5-1. 
    How to get more coins
    If you don't get coins in Sub Space the first time, you can get them 
    twice the second time, like in World 1-1, if you just get the 
    mushroom the first time, you can get up to 14 coins at the 
    second place, or World 1-2, you can get up to 18 coins at the 
    second place. To get the potion to appear again, just go in a door 
    and come back out. Toad is the fastest at picking up coins. 
    Get an extra POW block
    To get an extra  POW block, use the Magic Potion by a POW block. In 
    Sub-Con, get the POW block. When you leave Sub-Con, there will be 
    another one in the same place where you got the first one.
    Level tips
    Level 1-1
    In the first cave, climb the first beanstalk. Jump over the waterfall.
    Super-jump over the high spot with the pink Shyguy. Throw him 
    down the ditch (Where the ladder starts).  Then throw a bomb so 
    it will destroy the weak wall. Go in the destroyed wall. Then pick 
    up the grass near the door (a bomb). Throw it in the ditch. 
    Roast Shyguy!
    Level 1-3
    Get the second potion with the pink Shyguy on the platform. Don't 
    throw it! Go to the end of the Level with the vase. Now throw it. 
    Go in the door, then go in the vase to warp to Level 4!
    Level 4-2
    Climb the beanstalk. When you get on the ice, duck under low 
    bridge Beezos and jump over the really low ones. When Flurries 
    come, jump over them and run!!! Do the  same thing you did with 
    the last group of Beezos- what you did with the first. Get to the door. 
    Jump on the whale with grass and pick the potion grass. Throw it 
    and go in the door. Jump on the whale's tail and get the mushroom. 
    Then go in the door. Go down the line of whales until you see a 
    cherry. Get on the whale's blowhole. When he spouts,  Get the two 
    cherries. Don't go down yet. Jump on the platform and you'll 
    see another cherry. Get it. After that you'll see three platforms,
    covered with grass. The  third only has one grass. Pick it up. It's 
    potion. Don't throw it! Go down the long line of whales until you see a 
    cherry. Stand on the blowhole again, and get the cherry.  Jump on 
    the icy platform to get the other cherry wait there to get the Starman. 
    Be invincible! Go down the line of whales, destroying everything! 
    Jump to the platform with the vase. Throw the potion on the platform. 
    Go in the door. In Sub-Space, go into the vase for a warp to Level 6!
    Level 6-2
    Jump and super-jump the high walls. Get in the door. You'll see an 
    Albatoss. If you want, get the nearby grass and hit that sucker with the 
    pumpkin that comes out!! Jump on the near platform. Jump back, and 
    you'll see two Albatosses. Jump on the lower one's  back. When other 
    Albatosses come from the other way, jump on them to jump on the
    higher one that is going right. Keep going until you see two platforms 
    with grass. If you want to, jump on the platform. Pull out the right 
    grass to get the potion. Throw the potion next to you (don't throw it 
    in the pits!!) and go in the door. Get the mushroom to increase your 
    life meter. Go back in the door to go back to reality. Jump on the 
    Albatoss to go back to the beginning and repeat process. This time 
    go to the end. To beat the Ostro, get on the high platform. throw the 
    mushroom block on Ostro's head.  One hit. Go down to the floor 
    and get the other mushroom block. Throw it far, not in Ostro's 
    reach, but enough to hit him. Two hits. Jump on Ostro's head to
    reach the block  and not get hit by his fire. Pick up the block and 
    give it to Ostro. Three hits, he's out. Pick up the crystal ball. 
    Super-jump to the high platform to the Bird door.
    - - - Game Genie Codes - - -
    SZNESXVK Infinite lives 
    GZELVXSE Infinite life meter (except if you hit a spike) 
    SXUASXOU Quick pick up 
    AEUEKKGL Special "squat" high jumps 
    PPXAOIAA Princess has mega-float 
    PAXAOIAA Princess has mega-float and lunar descent 
    PESEGLGA Super moonjumps for Mario 
    AAEEZGPA Mega moonjumps for Luigi 
    PENALLGA Super moonjumps for Toad 
    PAXAPGGA Super moonjumps for Princess 
    KAXAPGGA Pogo Stick for princess 
    XAXAPGGA Super Pogo for Princess 
    AEXALGZA Speed up enemies
    YAXXIYZE Strong Tryclyde 
    YAVXVGGE Strong Fryguy 
    YAEXTPGE Strong Clawgrip 
    LEAPOT Holes 
    ELKELG Can't kill anyone 
    KIKESO Nice colors 
    OKPETZ Logs in first level are gone 
    OPEOPE Drill Mario 
    EEAPOT Badies are gone 
    EPAEPA Weird in beginning 
    EPTEPT Levels are messed up 
    EPKEPK Enemies glow 
    PXUASXOU Pick up items with legs
    YEXALGZA All sorts of funky effects 
    ANNEEGEY All characters have mega-float capability (you will float until you release the jump 
    EPZOTS Sometimes you come out a door holding an enemy 
    TEYOTA Veggies, bombs, 1-ups stick to your feet (you can throw stopwatches & 1-ups across the 
    SIPOIS You fall from the sky, Tweeter can't hop, and the underground tune is a bit messy
    ZPZOTN More time in sub-space! 
    TUNOPA Veggies fall when pulled up 
    OZKONE Randomly messed-up ground, sometimes isn't there at all  
    GOEANKAO + USEEEKKA Walk backwards 
    XVVANSZK + XVNEXSZV Super turbo running 
    AEVAVIIA + AENEEITA Permanent turbo running 
    AXSETUAO + ESVAPUEV Super fast run for Mario 
    AZEEGKAO + EIEEYKEV Super fast run for Luigi 
    AXNAIUAO + ESNEAUEV Fast run for Toad 
    AZXALKAO + EIXATKEV Super fast run for Princess 
    AXNAZSAA + EVNALSEY Super speed enemies 
    PEEPUZAG + IUEPSZAA + TEEPVZPA Start on World 2 
    ZEEPUZAG + IUEPSZAA + TEEPVZPA Start on World 3 
    LEEPUZAG + IUEPSZAA + TEEPVZPA Start on World 4 
    GEEPUZAG + IUEPSZAA + TEEPVZPA Start on World 5 
    IEEPUZAG  + IUEPSZAA + TEEPVZPA Start on World 6 
    TEEPUZAG + IUEPSZAA + TEEPVZPA Start on World 7 
    Note: There are two versions given for some of the following Codes. If one code doesn't work on 
    your game, then try the alternate Code.
    YESUAPTE / YESLPPTE Strong Wart 
    IAVENYZE / IAVEUYZE Strong Birdetta
    YEVXVYLE / YEVZNYLE Strong Hawkmouth 
    AAVENYZA / AAVEUYZA Weak Birdetta 
    TPEPLAAX / TONENYAX Birdetta spits eggs instead of fireballs (appears in late levels of the game)
    VII. Special Thanks
    I'd like to thank all the websites, companies, people, and things that made
    this FAQ possible and\or contributed to this FAQ.
    Nintendo - Made this old game, which is interestingly fun.
    Nintendo.com - I'm not sure what is there, but i figured i'd include them.
    World-Of-Nintendo.com - Found Game Genie Codes There.
    Gamesages.com - Found tips there - duh.
    People\Three Eyed Things
    Jdude84 - That would be me, i wrote this FAQ.
    EdTheMoogle - His 'Useless Game Genie Codes' are really cool, and can provide
    lots of extra fun. Check them out at 
    Jeff "CJayC" Veasy - Not only for posting all of my faqs, but for running,
    operating, and updating the best video game site around!
    You - For taking the time to read a new faq for an OLD game. Reading the 
    credits is amazing, however.
    VIII. Closing
    I hope you've enjoyed this FAQ as i start to wind down from this high on
    old games. At this rate, i'm bound to do an atari FAQ soon...
    "Things you didn't know about Pokémon #6 - In every pack of cards there is a fake ID."
    - The Late Show With David Letterman
    -End Of Document-
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