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Reviewed: 04/01/01 | Updated: 04/01/01

Anything that combines Mairo and Vegetables must be good.

This by all means is not your typical Mario game (any game that combines Mario with throwing vegetables is not typical, well atleast in my book). The first time you play it you might think its just a bunch of trash, but if you stick to it it'll definantly get you hooked. This is probably the only Mario game that the story line is not Bowser kidnapping the Princess. Some other Mario games dont have that story line either but they dont count because they wasnt made by Nintendo, such as Mario's Time Machine and Mario is Missing. Well onto the review!

Graphics - 7
These graphics are pretty good, definantly a step up from the previous Mario game. I would give it a higher ranking but it wasnt quite revolutionary like how Super Mario Bros and Super Mario Bros 3 was. The bosses look very cool in this game, especially the final boss......

Gameplay - 10
Wow! This is amazing! You can actually play as 4 people in this game, and each person has their own high points and low points. Theres Luigi (hes my favorite because he can jump really high), Mario, Princess, and Toadstool. Each person has multiply things that makes them unique, for instance, Luigi can jump very high, Mario can pick up vegetables very fast (you'll find out soon enough), the Princess can temporarily levitate, and Toadstool is very fast. But thats just one thing that makes them who they are while they have alot more distinct personalities. Dont ask.

Challenge - 10
While its not incredibly hard, dont expect to beat it on your first few tries. Some of the bosses are really hard to beat, if you dont know what your doing. Also some of the levels can be a real pain in the arse. Some of the levels will keep you stumped for a real long time until you figure out the secret to beat it (some levels do do that you know). Theres also quite a few maze levels, which can make you pull your hair out.

Replay Value - 10
Man, how does Nintendo come up with these things? They even included MULTIPLE pathways for this game, which is a first for Mario, which ramps up the Replay Value alot. And you get 4 charecters to play with, which can do wonders. No doubt eventually you'll try to beat the game with just using one, which is no easy task.

Overall - 10
If you can get over the quirks, this can be a really fun game. Just give it a try, and dont lose your temper, and you'll be fine. Just wait and see......

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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