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    Item FAQ by mnb_0000

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    Super Mario Brothers 3
    Item FAQ
    By mnb_0000
    Version 1.01
    Date: 7-08-03
    WARNING: spoilers ahead!
    1) TABLE OF CONTENTS ------------------------------------------------
    1. Table of contents
    2. Legal garbage
    3. Item list
       a. Items only found inside levels
       b. Items found in levels and usable on the maps
       c. Items only usable on maps
    4. Ways of getting items
    5. Update History/Credits
    2) LEGAL GARBAGE ----------------------------------------------------
    You may read and print this FAQ. You may share this with anyone as long as 
    you don't get any money and no one else does either. You may link indirectly 
    through GameFaqs to this FAQ but you may NOT link directly. You must ask me 
    for permission if you want to use this on your website; my address if 
    This FAQ is copyright 2002-2003 Matthew Benedict. All rights reserved. All 
    copyrights mentioned in the guide belong to their respective owners.
    3) ITEM LIST --------------------------------------------------------
    Item:   Name of item
    What:   What the item does.
    Points: How many points the item gives when used (off map only)
    Where:  Where you find the item. If the item more common that 2 or 3, 
            I'll just list an example and let you find the rest :)
    NOTE: Items are listed in alphabetical order.
    NOTE: A bit of clarification of subheaders. "Items found only within levels" 
    are only found and usable within the actual levels, although some stay with 
    you from one to another. "Items found within levels and usable on the map" 
    are items which are found in levels and immediately used, but which also can 
    be found in chests in various places and stored for later use on the map only. 
    "Items usable only on the map" are items which can sometimes be found in levels, 
    but ONLY in "storage" form, and the can only be used on the map.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Items found only within levels~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    NOTE:   This also includes special types of blocks. Block types are ONLY
    included if they contain items.
    Item:   1UP Mushroom
    What:   A green and white mushroom that gives you a 1UP when you collect
            it. It is probably the easiest way to get 1UPs although there
            are many others.
    Points: Who needs points when you can get a 1UP?
    Where:  Many, many places. For example, in the first level, find the
            long straightaway with 3 goombas near the beginning. Kill them, 
            then get a leaf and fly up and to the right from the
            straightaway. The 1UP is in the lone block up there.
    Item:   Coin 
    What:   When you collect 100 coins, you get a 1UP. If you collect
            enough in certain levels, you can get special items. They are:
            1-4, collect 44 coins for P-wing              
            2-2, collect 30 coins for anchor
            3-8, collect 44 coins for P-wing
            4-2, collect 22 coins for anchor
            5-5, collect 28 coins for P-wing
            6-7, collect 78 coins for anchor
            7-2, collect 46 coins for P-wing
    Points: In normal levels, 100 points are given for each coin. In the
            N-spade game, I believe you get nothing but the coins.
    Where:  Every level except maybe a piranha plant level. If you play the
            N-spade game that appears after you get 80,000 points and every
            multiple of it, you can also get them in groups of 10 and 20. If   
            you hit a P-Switch, you can turn all blocks into coins and coins 
            into blocks for a short time. For an example, check the first ?
            box in the first level. You can also get a coin and a bunch of
            bonus points for getting the card at the end of a level while an
            enemy is there. If there are 5 enemies, you get 5 coins and a
    Item:   Kuribo's shoe
    What:   In one level, goombas use these so they can jump, but you can
            steal one for yourself if you know how :) (see where) Once you
            have one, you can jump very high and can kill, or at least
            safely walk on, any enemy in the level by walking on it. Don't 
            try walking off a cliff though. It you get hit while using the
            shoe, you go back to the way you were before you collected it.
    Points: Only the 100 that you get for killing the goomba inside it.
    Where:  Found ONLY in world 5-3, you must hit a goomba wearing one from
            underneath it to get it out of the shoe, and then take the shoe
            for your own! 
    Item:   P-Switch
    What:   For a short time, it makes all blocks turn into coins and all
            coins turn into blocks. It also makes doors appear on some
            levels (only if the switch is gray), and can make blue coins
            appear from thin air for a short time. If you hit one, all
            munchers (indestructable piranhas) become coins for a short
            time as well.
    Points: None.
    Where:  Several different levels; for example, there is one in 1-1. Near
            the end of a level, you'll see a turtle on top of some blocks. 
            Hit it and kick it to the left. With any luck you'll end up with
            a formation of blocks with one sticking out to the left. Hit
            that one and the P-Switch is under it. 
    Block:  ? block
    What:   A block with a rotating question mark on it. They always contain
            something, and it is usually either a fire flower, a leaf, a
            super mushroom, or a coin. Big ones have bigger prizes, but are
            much better hidden. This doesn't include the ones in world 4,
            where everything is big.
    Where:  The first small ? block is found in world 1-1; just go right.
            The first big ? block is, I believe, found in world 3-5. Wear a
            frog suit, keep it on, and you can go into one of the pipes with
            bubbles coming out that you can't normally enter. The ? block
            there contains 3 1UP mushrooms.
    Block:  Multiple coin block
    What:   A block that, when you hit it, gives you a coin but does NOT
            turn solid. You can hit it multiple times for multiple coins
            until it runs out; the faster you jump, the more coins you'll
            get. The maximum is around 10.
    Where:  The first one is in world 1-3; it is one of the blocks in that
            big group of blocks just to the right of the start.
    Block:  Musical note block
    What:   White ones make you jump high if you jump on them twice. Pink
            ones, instead of making you jump higher, send you to a bonus
            level with lots of coins and either a 1UP or another item. White
            musical note blocks sometimes hold items, so hit them all!
    Where:  White ones can be found in level 1-2, and should be hit since 
            one contains a leaf and another a starman. The first pink one is
            found in 1-3: Find a really big mass of blocks and hit the red 
            turtle on it to the left. When its done breaking bricks, get to
            the right of the left half of remaining blocks and jump up. 
            Double-jump on the musical note block to get to the bonus round. 
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~Items usable on the map and found in levels~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Item:   Fire flower
    What:   Gives you fire power, used by pressing B. This power can be used
            to kill many enemies as well as melt some ice blocks. I find it 
            most useful in worlds 3, 6, and 7. If you get hit while using
            this, you go back to super (big) Mario.
    Points: 1000 when you get it in a level.
    Where:  These are very common in the levels they are useful in. I
            believe the first one is found in a ? block toward the end of
            level 1-5. It is hovering over a pool of water. On the map, get
            one from one of the many mushroom houses that randomly gives
            fire flowers, super leafs, and super mushrooms and use it to get
            fire power instantly. Note that in the levels (NOT on the map),
            you MUST have a super mushroom to get this power, otherwise the
            block will give you one instead of a fire flower.
    Item:   Frog suit
    What:   A suit that gives you better control in water, as well as
            allowing you to go past some currents that no other Mario can!
            Don't bother using this on land though, since it is hard to
            control. If you get hit while using this, you go back to super
           (big) Mario.
    Points: 0?
    Where:  The first one found in a level is found in 3-9; at the end part
            with a lot of fish, swim to the left for a long way instead of
            going right. It helps to bring firepower to kill the fish. At
            the end of the path is a pipe containing a frog suit. On the
            map, the first one is found in a secret mushroom house in world
            2 (see WARP WHISTLE below)
    Item:   Hammer brothers suit
    What:   A very rare item (you can only get 1 for certain on the map and
            two in levels), this allows you to throw hammers which will kill
            almost anything, including all fortress foes. When you duck in
            it, it protects you from almost all projectiles. The problem
            with this is its difficulty in aiming and its rarity (you won't
            want to die with it on).If you get hit while using this, you go
            back to super (big) Mario.
    Points: 0?
    Where:  1. A mushroom house above world 6-5 holds the only certain
            hammer brothers suit on the map. Other mushroom houses CAN hold
            them after you get this one, but I'm not sure how this works and
            don't depend on it.
            2. This one is located in world 6-10. You'll need a fire flower.
            A couple of munchers are frozen in ice, and they are covering a
            pipe. Unfreeze them with your fire power, then go back to the 
            left and find the P-switch in one of the blocks. Hit it and RUN 
            back to where the munchers were. Get the coins and go into the 
            pipe to get the suit.
            3. In world 7-8, you can go into one of the pipes.
    Item:   Tanooki suit
    What:   This gives you the power to, at your leisure, press down+B to
            turn into an invincible statue for a short time. When you do so,
            you will fall straight down (don't do it over a pit :P). If you
            do this on an enemy, most likely you will kill it. This is the
            only way to kill some enemies. You can also press B to swing
            your tail at enemies (which only works above water), or run for
            a while (hold B) until your P meter at the bottom is full and
            then keep pressing B to fly (again, above water only). However,
            although it seems that this would be a rare item, it is actually
            quite common if you know where to look. If you get hit while
            using this, you go back to super (big) Mario.
    Points: 0?
    Where:  The first one on the map is found in the red mushroom house in
            world 4, which you need a hammer to access. After you get it, 
            other mushroom houses may hold them as well, although I am not 
            sure if there is a pattern or if its random. In levels, the
            first one is found in world 4-5. Toward the end of the level, 
            there is a short cannon with a barely visible block high above
            it. There is another, larger cannon just to the right of it. To
            get the suit, you must jump up to a bullet that comes from the
            higher cannon to the right, then bounce high off it and hit the
            bottom of the block. A vine will come out. Then, hit another 
            bullet and bounce even higher to reach the vine itself, and
            climb to the pipe containing the suit.
    Item:   Starman
    What:   Makes you invincible (excluding falling from pits) for a short
    Points: 1000
    Where:  The first one on the map is won by defeating the hammer brother
            in the first world. In the levels, the first one is found in the
            last musical note block in world 1-2; get it and run to the end!
    Item:   Super leaf
    What:   You can press B to swing your tail at enemies (which only works
            above water), or run for a while (hold B) until your P meter at
            the bottom is full and the keep pressing B to fly (again, above
            water only). If you get hit while using this, you go back to
            super (big) Mario.
    Points: 1000
    Where:  On the map, you can randomly get one from a mushroom house
            offering it, a fire flower, or a super mushroom. In levels, you
            can get them from many different ? boxes and elsewhere ONLY if
            you already have a super mushroom. This does not apply on the
            map. For example, the lone ? box just past the three flying
            turtles in world 1-1 contains a super leaf.
    Item:   Super mushroom
    What:   An item that turns small Mario into super (big) Mario. On the
            map, if you use it, you can also turn any other type into super
            Mario. The advantages to being big? You can survive an extra 
            hit, and you must be super or better to break bricks.
    Points: 1000
    Where:  On the map, you can get one from one of the many mushroom houses
            that offers super mushrooms, super leafs, and fire flowers 
            randomly. In levels, if you are small Mario, you can get them
            from many ? boxes; for example, the 4th ? box in world 1-1 
            usually contains a super mushroom.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Items only usable on the map~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Item:  Anchor
    What:  If you die in the castle at the end of the world, it will not 
           move. Thus, it will not go behind uncompleted levels and force
           you to complete them. Not all that useful for me, since I usually
           complete all the levels anyway.
    Where: Collect certain amounts of coins in certain levels: 30 in world
           2-2, 22 in world 4-2, or 78 in world 6-7.
    Item:  Hammer
    What:  Allows you to break rocks that are in the way on the map. Used to
           get to mushroom houses that cannot normally be reached and to 
           make shortcuts around levels in world 6.
    Where: You can win them from hammer brothers walking around the worlds. 
           One is in world 2, one in world 3, and one in world 6.
    Item:  Juglem's Cloud
    What:  Allows you to skip a certain level. Does not work if the level is
           one that, when you step on it, you automatically enter. You also
           cannot go past locks with it, which means you must defeat those
           fortresses. In addition, if you die on the level you enter after 
           using this, you will go back behind the level and have to play it
           anyway. Thus, it is best used to enter a pipe, since when you 
           exit, your location will be saved on the map.
    Where: You can win them from hammer brothers that walk around the world.
           They are found in worlds 4 and 6 . You also get one as a
           prize for completing world 2, and a secret one is found in world
           3-7. At a point near the middle of the level, there is a block
           with a vine in it. Go up the vine, but jump to the right instead 
           of taking the obvious path to the left. You'll land on a
           platform; jump around on it until you find a pink note block, and
           go to the bonus level. At the end is the cloud.
    Item:  Music Box
    What:  It puts hammer brothers and piranha plants to sleep so you can 
           go past them without fighting them. It is a good idea to put 
           piranha plants to sleep, but if you do so with the hammer 
           brothers, you will miss out on easy items.
    Where: Win them from hammer brothers that walk around the map, located
           in worlds 2 and world 5. You can also get one after you complete 
           world 3. One is hidden in world 5-1, but you need a P-wing to get
           it (fly up and go right a little from the beginning) so I don't
           suggest you get it. If you DO want to get it, use your P-wing and
           fly up from the beginning and then go right until you see a pipe. 
           Then you must get on one of those high platforms, go a running 
           duck, and keep pressing a, right, and up until you come out into
           a room with a treasure chest. In it is a music box, and getting
           it ends the level. 
    Item:  P-wing
    What:  A somewhat rare item that, when you use it on the map, allows you
           to fly forever in the next level ONLY. When you complete the 
           level, you will still be Raccoon Mario, but you can't fly
           indefinitely again until you use another P-wing.
    Where: There are actually many ways to get P-wings, but most are well 
           hidden. First of all, you can get them after you complete worlds
           1, 4, and 6. Second of all, you can win them from walking hammer
           brothers in worlds 4 and 5, and from the first piranha plant
           level in world 7. Third of all, if you get 44 coins in world 1-4,
           44 in world 3-8, 28 in world 5-5, or 46 in world 7-2, a white
           mushroom house will appear on the map with a P-wing in it. 
           Finally, if you beat the game once and then play again, you will
           have 28 P-wings in your inventory. 
    Item:  Warp Whistle
    What:  An item, which is very well hidden in three places, which allows
           you to warp to a certain level, depending on where you are. If 
           you warp from world 1, you can go to worlds 2, 3, or 4. If you
           warp from worlds 2-6, you can go to worlds 5, 6, or 7. If you 
           warp from worlds 7, 8, or the warp world, you can go to world 8.
    Where: 1. In world 1-3, go to the end but DON'T get the card. Instead,
           backtrack to a white platform in midair with a koopa walking on
           it. Kick the koopa off and duck until you fall through the 
           platform (if you are small, just wait there). Then hurry to the
           right; you can go BEHIND the card for a short time. A secret
           mushroom house is there somewhere; the warp whistle is inside it.
           2. In the fortress in world 1, get a leaf and hold on to it until
           the end of the first part (before the moving ceiling part). There
           is a leaf there if you need it. Crush the dry bones there, then
           fill up your P meter and start flying along the left side of the
           wall. Hold right while you're flying and if you did it right, you
           will be on top of the wall. Run to the right and at the end,
           press up to enter the door there. The treasure chest contains 
           your whistle.
           3. In world 2, one of the hammer brothers gives you a hammer.
           DON'T use it to get to the spade house! Instead, beat enough 
           levels to reach the top-right corner of the world and then use
           your hammer. It opens up a secret passage to the right with a 
           mushroom house and a hammer brother. The mushroom house contains
           a frog suit, while the hammer brothers (be careful while fighting
           them, since they are fire brothers and shoot fireballs) give you
           the warp whistle when defeated.
    4) WAYS OF GETTING ITEMS --------------------------------------------
    1. First and foremost, you can get many items from ? boxes that are just
    floating around in the levels. Just hit them from underneath.
    2. On a similar token, you can get many items from regular blocks as
    well. Even if you are small, you should hit as many blocks as you can
    from underneath, as long as it's safe. You can also hit them from the
    side if you are raccoon Mario. You can get power-ups, coins, and even
    1-UPs from blocks!
    3. Sometimes, there are secret blocks just floating in the air. These
    can be coin blocks or musical note blocks (some of which are pink). To
    find these, remember places that seem oddly placed. In cave levels, 
    secret blocks have dots that are different colors from the normal
    background, making them easy to find. If something looks impossible to
    reach, try finding a secret block to get you there.
    4. You can often get items from white musical note blocks, which is 
    accomplished by bouncing on top of them.
    5. You may or may not know that some blocks move slightly when hit from
    the side. Many times, these blocks contain items. Look for this kind of block 
    when there is a column of blocks blockading an enemy, or when one block is 
    sitting alone. The first kind is always the top block. This
    kind of block doesn't look the same as normal blocks; it looks more like
    wood that regular breakable blocks. Be careful with these as well since if 
    you hit one, it bounces you backwards a bit.
    6. Hammer brothers on the map are IMO the easiest and best way to get storable 
    items. Don't skip them unless you have to! Well...maybe not the
    EASIEST, but they give better items than mushroom houses until you reach
    higher levels.
    7. Speaking of mushroom houses, you might as well get them all, since they 
    have free items...
    8. You can get P-wings and anchors if you get certain numbers of coins
    in certain levels (see COINS) but I don't think this is really worth it.
    9. There are several huge ? blocks scattered around the game which 
    contain either 3 1UP mushrooms or a suit of some kind. To find these, 
    remember that the frog suit can go past currents protecting certain
    pipes. Also, if you don't mind losing them, use P-wings to find hidden
    pipes high in the sky. Often, you can make the screen scroll up in 
    levels that seem horizontal. Try to get to paths that look like they are
    impossible to reach. Note that in auto-scrolling levels, there are NO
    hidden ? boxes (if I'm wrong, correct me), so don't waste your P-wing on one 
    of them unless you need it to complete a certain level.
    10. If you complete a world (except worlds 7, 8, and warp), the Princess
    will give you an item, which is valuable except in world 3 when she 
    gives you a worthless music box :\
    5) CREDITS ----------------------------------------------------------
    I thank and credit:
    CJayC, for posting this FAQ and running the wonderful website known as
    Brian P. Sulpher for writing his SMB3 FAQ. I used the following info from 
    his FAQ (in my own words of course):
    Coins required in the special levels to get white mushroom houses,
    What worlds the hammer brothers give you the P-wing, Juglems Cloud, and 
    music box,
    and what Princess Peach gives you in worlds 4, 5, and 6.
    He also corrected the names of the items Kuribo's shoe and Tanooki suit 
    and corrected my mistake invilving turning into a statue. Thanks man.
    Nintendo of America Inc, for making the game,
    and mnb_0000, for writing this FAQ.
    1.0: Listing of all the items
    1.01: Fixed some mistakes. Thanks to Brian P. Sulpher for telling me
    about them.

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