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    Two World Challenge FAQ by StarFighters76

    Version: 2.0 | Updated: 10/23/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    |  -----------------------------------------------------------------  |
    | |  /--  | | |-\ --- |-\     |  | /-\ |-\  ---  /-\       -----    | |
    | |  \--\ | | |-/ |-  |-/     |\/| |-| |-/   |   | |      /     \   | |
    | |   --/  -  |   --- | \     |  | | | | \  ---  \-/             \  | |
    | |                                                              /  | |
    | |  ----  ----     --  ----- -   - ----- ----    ---           /   | |
    | |   |  \  |  \   /  \   |   |   |  |     |  \ /           ----    | |
    | |   |  /  |  /  |    |  |   |   |  |     |  / \               \   | |
    | |   |--   |--   |    |  |   |---|  |--   |--   ---             \  | |
    | |   |  \  |  \  |    |  |   |   |  |     |  \     \            /  | |
    | |   |  /  |   \  \  /   |   |   |  |     |   \    /     \     /   | |
    | |  ----   -   -   --    -   -   - -----  -   - ---       -----    | |
    |  -----------------------------------------------------------------  |
        F  O  R    T  H  E    8  -  B  I  T    N  I  N  T  E  N  D  O
                         V  e  r  s  i  o  n   1 . 0
                  M a d e  B y  S t a r F i g h t e r s 7 6
    Welcome all to my walkthroughs on this very popular game called Super 
    Mario Brothers 3. I hope this walkthrough helps out as much as possible. 
    Below is nothing but spoilers on the game, so if you don't want to be 
    spoiled, please take a detour and hit the Back button now. However if 
    you want to be spoiled or need some help, please scroll down as far as 
    you need to. Consider this as your Spoiler Warning!
    PLAYER'S NOTE: This walkthrough will only cover World 1 (Grass Land) and 
    World 8 (Dark Land), and World 9 (Warp Land) if you wanna count that as 
    a world.
    SECTION 1: Intro 
      A: Version Guide
      B: The Story Of Super Mario Brothers 3
      C: What Is Super Mario Brothers 3
      D: About This Walkthrough
      E: Control Configuration
    SECTION 2: Walkthrough 
      A: World 1 - Grass Land (Part 1)
         (World 1-1 through World 1-4)
      B: World 1 - Grass Land (Part 2)
         (World 1 Fortress through World 1 Castle)
      C: World 9 - Warp Land
      D: World 8 - Dark Land (Part 1)
         (Doom Tanks through Fast Moving Air Ships)
      E: World 8 - Dark Land (Part 2)
         (World 8-1 through Bowser's Castle)
      F: The 1 1/2 World Challenge
    SECTION 3: The Goodies
      A: Items
      B: N-Spade Bonus
      C: Mushroom Houses
      D: Spade Panel
      E: White Pirate Ship
    SECTION 4: The Baddies
      A: Basic Enemies
      B: Fortress Enemies
      C: Military Enemies
      D: Bosses
    SECTION 5: In Conclusion
      A: What's To Come
      B: Special Thanks
      C: The Disclaimer
      A: |Version Guide|
         Version 1.0: Just finished making the walkthrough for the game, 
         and submitted it to GameFAQS. (11/05/03)
         Version 2.0: Decided to update this some by adding a new section 
         called "The 1 1/2 World Challenge". It's right below the initial 
         walkthrough. (10/16/04)
      B: |The Story Of Super Mario Brothers 3|
         Taken from the Super Mario All Stars manual:
         The Mushroom Kingdom has been a peaceful place thanks to the brave    
         deeds of Mario and Luigi. The Mushroom Kingdom forms an entrance 
         to the Mushroom World where all is not well. Bowser has sent his 7 
         childern to make mischief as they please in the normally peaceful 
         Mushroom World. They stole the royal magic wands from each country 
         in the Mushroom World and used them to turn their kings into  
         animals. Mario and Luigi must recover the royal magic wands from 
         Bowser's 7 kids to return the kings to their true forms. "Good-bye 
         and good luck!" said the Princess and Toad as Mario and Luigi set 
         off on their journey deep into the Mushroom World.
      C: |What Is Super Mario Brothers 3|
         Super Mario Brothers 3 is the 3rd side scrolling game of the Super 
         Mario series for the Nintendo Entertainment System, not to mention 
         one of the best Super Mario games ever. You play as Mario or 
         Luigi, who must save the Mushroom Kingdom again from Bowser Koopa, 
         but this time you have to fight his 7 kids as well. New surprises 
         wait for you as you get help from brand new power ups, such as the 
         Super Leaf. New things await you in this wild adventure, so get 
         ready for Super Mario Brothers 3.
      D: |About This Walkthrough|
         Okay this is important. This is a special walkthrough, which only 
         tells you how to get through World 1 (Grass Land) and World 8 
         (Dark Land) ONLY. Because of that, this walkthrough is known as  
         "2 World Challenge". What makes this a challenge? Well you will be 
         beating the game with as few lives and items as possible. Most of 
         the stuff you would see in the game (or in other walkthroughs) I 
         will leave out, because I'm mainly focusing on the stuff you will 
         come across in these 2 worlds alone. I hope this helps out as much 
         as possible. 
      E: |Control Configuration|
         |    -                                 |    
         |   | |                                |
         |  -   -    ------   -----    -    -   |
         | |D-PAD|  |SELECT| |START|  |B|  |A|  |
         |  -   -    ------   -----    -    -   |
         |   | |                                |
         |    -                                 |
         D-PAD         : Moves left, right, up, down
         SELECT BUTTON : No effect
         START BUTTON  : Pauses games
         'B' BUTTON    : Throw fireballs (Fire Mario), use tail attack 
                         (Raccoon Mario), and allows you to run/Brings up 
                         Item Screen on World Map.
         'A' BUTTON    : Jumps/Uses Items on World Map
         I assume you have an idea of all the button combination in the 
         games, so I won't explain any of them.
         Before we get started, each level I described (except the first 
         one) will be given the assumption you start the level with Super 
         Mario or higher.
      A: |World 1 - Grass Land (Part 1)|
         This part will cover information on World 1-1, World 1-2, 
         World 1-3 and World 1-4, as well as the Mushroom House and Spade 
         | W O R L D  1 - 1    |
         | TIME LIMIT: 300     |
         | REQUIRED  : Nothing |
         Let the adventure begin! Start off by killing the Goomba that 
         comes towards you. You should see 4 different blocks. Hit the very 
         last block on the upper row to reveal a Mushroom. After you get 
         it, to be come Super Mario, make your way past the Pirahna Plant   
         in the tube. You should see a Red Koopa Troopa. Use the Koopa 
         Troopa to kick open the '?' towards the right to reveal a Raccoon 
         Leaf. Get that to become Raccoon Mario. Now on the platform where 
         you got the Raccoon Leaf, you should see 2 Goombas and a Para-
         Goomba. Kill them, and now you are left with two choices. One you 
         can continue onward through the level, or two you can go find the 
         secret coin room. Let's continue the level first. 
         Jump over the pit, and you will see some Para-Troopas coming down 
         off the different color platforms. Ignore them, and stay 
         underneath the platforms and continue onward. Watch out for the 
         Koopa Troopa that's walking around. You will see another '?' 
         Block. It's just another Raccoon Leaf. Get that if you want, then 
         jump over the next couple of pits, and you will come across a 
         couple Pirahna Plants. Avoid those then jump over them and you 
         will see a bunch of blocks. Hit the upper right block of the first 
         set to reveal a P-Block. Hit that, and get the coins and continue 
         the level (watch out for the Koopa Troopa). You will then see some 
         pipes. Get past them, and the goal will be in sight. Hit it and 
         it'll be off to World 1-2.
         Now if you're going after the secret coin room, this is what you 
         do. On the platform where you killed the Goombas, turn around and 
         head back to the block where you got the Raccoon Leaf. Now with 
         the path clear. Run as fast as you can to get your P Meter lit up. 
         Once that happens, start flying towards the upper right. You 
         should see a block, some clouds (as a platform) and some coins. 
         Hit the block to reveal a 1-UP Mushroom. After that, you can get 
         the coins if you like. But if not, build up some speed and then 
         start flying towards the right. You should see a pipe sticking 
         straight up. Go in it, for a bonus room with 12 coins in it. Get 
         to the other side and go back up the other pipe. Once you are back 
         in the overworld, head right and you will see the goal. Hit the 
         goal, which completes World 1-1. Now onto World 1-2.
         | W O R L D  1 - 2    |
         | TIME LIMIT: 300     |
         | REQUIRED  : Nothing |
         This is a simple stright-forward type level. If you are still 
         Raccoon Mario, then this should be really esay. Start off by 
         running up the hill, then jumping on to the pipes. After which, 
         jump up and float over to the next pipe. Don't worry about the 
         '?' Block, it just has a Raccoon Leaf in it. Once on the next 
         pipe, float over the Para-Goomba and jump over the next pipe. Go 
         down this hill and you will see 2 blocks (as well as coins) and a 
         pipe hovering over it. Hit the left block to reveal a P Switch.    
         Jump on it and the coins will turn into blocks and vice versa. 
         While this is going on, jump on the blocks and make your way onto 
         the pipe. While standing on it, stand on the right part of it and 
         jump up, to reveal a 1-UP. 
         If you don't want it, then go down the pipe and you will be in a 
         bonus room of 20 coins. Get them and head out the sideway pipe. 
         This will take you to the pipe before the P Block. Once back on 
         the overworld, continue your journey. Once on the other side of 
         those 2 blocks, climb up and then jump over the two Note Blocks 
         (one of which has a Raccoon Leaf in it), then slide down the hill 
         killing the Goombas. Watch out for the Pirahna Plant that spits 
         fire. Once it's gone, jump on the pipe then on the three note 
         blocks. The last one has a Starman in it. Get that and you will be 
         able to get through the remaining of the level easily. Hit the 
         goal, which completes World 1-2. Now onto World 1-3.
         | W O R L D  1 - 3    |
         | TIME LIMIT: 300     |
         | REQUIRED  : Nothing |
         Ok the beginning of this level could be a bit of a pain, since you   
         have a Boomerang Brother to deal with. But no worries, just stomp, 
         then kick the Green Koopa Troopa towards him and he will be easily 
         defeated. Just watch out for the shell when it comes flying back 
         at you. After that, you should see severeal blocks. Jump on top of 
         them and kick a Red Koopa Troopa towards the left to clear most of 
         them out. With whatever was left behind, stand next to the left 
         set of blocks, jump up and a pink Note Block will appear. Now you 
         have a choice to make, jump on the block or continue with the 
         level. Well if you jump on the block, it will take you to a coin 
         heaven bonus area, where you can get lots of coins and a 1-Up 
         (Raccoon Mario needed for that). Or you can choose to continue the 
         level. Let's choose the latter. 
         Continue your way through the level normally. You will first see a 
         Goomba, and some Para-Goombas. Kill them if you wish, but be 
         careful because there is another Boomerang Brother just past that, 
         and this time there isn't a Koopa Troopa to help. Kill the 
         Boomerang Brother and continue onward. Now you will see different 
         color platforms. If you continue past that you will find the goal, 
         but for this particular way to play the game, you don't need the 
         goal. Instead stay at the platforms. Kill off any enemy in the way 
         and get the coins if you want. Notice the white platform? Well get 
         on it, and press down for 5 seconds, and you will drop through,   
         causing you to be BEHIND everything. 
         Now this lasts only for a short bit, so you gotta be quick. Make 
         your way through the rest of the level, avoiding what enemies 
         there are (you can still take damage while behind the scenory). 
         You will see the goal, but what you're going to do is go BEHIND 
         the goal. Do that and after wiggling around back there, you will 
         go through a door that will take you to a Mushroom House, with a 
         lone chest. Go up to the chest and low and behold, it's a Warp 
         Whistle! Don't worry after getting the Warp Whistle you will be 
         taken back to the World Map. Now if you went to the bonus area, 
         get as many coins as you can. At the end, will be a pipe. Take it 
         and you will land somewheres close to the goal. Now onto 
         World 1-4.
         | W O R L D  1 - 4          |
         | TIME LIMIT: 300           |
         | REQUIRED  : Raccoon Mario |
         Before we get to World 1-4, let's go to the Mushroom House first 
         and get an item. Either a Mushroom, Fire Flower or Super Leaf can 
         be received in here. After getting whatever item you got, head to 
         World 1-4.
         Now for World 1-4. This is what I call a "push-over" level, 
         because you can only go in the direction the level pushes you in, 
         which is right. Now for most beginners this level is a pain in the 
         butt, but after playing it for a while, you'll get use to it. 
         Being Raccoon Mario would be very helpful in this case. Also, it's 
         important to get ALL the coins in this level, because of something 
         special. Actually you need to get only 44 coins, but to be safe, 
         get them all. A way to know, keep track of how many coins you 
         started the level in, and subtract the number you end up with. If 
         it's 44 or higher, you did it! So with that, from the starting 
         point, make your way through the level carefully. The first thing 
         you should notice is two rows (one above the other). Get on the 
         lower row and hit the second block from the right to reveal a 1-
         Up. Chances are you may not get this, if not, don't worry. 
         Now continue onward until you see a tiny 'L' Shape set of blocks, 
         and a couple of rows of blocks right with it. The lower part of 
         the 'L' contains a Super Leaf, but don't worry about that. Instead 
         the row of blocks next to it, hit the very first one for as many 
         coins as you can get, then jump above it and continue on. Make 
         sure you tread carefully because there are some Koopa Troopas that 
         will sneak out on you and get you. Notice the backward 'L' set of 
         blocks? Get up to that, and break open the top block to reveal 
         another 1-Up. Get this and continue onward. You will see several 
         coins in a row vertically. Get on the drop platform, and get those 
         coins, then jump on the lower block next to it. Jump up, break 
         that brick, then jump up again and get as many coins as possible 
         out of that. Continue on, getting the remaining coins, then enter 
         through the pipe. 
         On this new screen, to the right is the goal and to the left is a 
         Boomerang Brother. Ignore him, and go to the goal. Hit the goal, 
         which completes World 1-4. Now on the World Map if you got all the 
         coins like I said, a White Mushroom House will appear. This is 
         simply called, the White Mushroom House. Go up to it, and you will 
         be taken into a Mushroom House with a lone chest. Go to the chest 
         and receive a P-Wing! Now with that, you will be on the World Map 
         once again. Now go down to the Spade Panel, and chance your luck 
         on getting some extra lives. After doing that, head over to the 
         World 1 Fortress.
      B: |World 1 - Grass Land (Part 2)|
         This part will cover information on World 1 Fortress, World 1-5, 
         World 1-6 and World 1 Castle, as well the Mushroom House and 
         Hammer Brother.
         | W O R L D  1  F O R T R E S S |
         | TIME LIMIT: 300               |
         | REQUIRED  : Raccoon Mario     |          
         Welcome to the World 1 Fortress. This is a fairly simple one to 
         get through. Here's what you need to do. From the start, keep 
         going until you come across a '?' Block, which contains a Fire 
         Flower. Get it to become Fire Mario then keep going. Watch out for 
         the Roto-Discs that are in the way because they will be 
         troublesome. Keep going, jumping over the lava pits, making sure 
         you don't get hit by the Podoboos. Now soon as you get on this 
         next stretch of land, stay on it. You will see a lone block. Jump 
         up and hit it and a Super Leaf will appear. Get it to become 
         Raccoon Mario. Now here's the tricky part. Stomp on the Dry Bones, 
         but do not go in the door at the end. Instead, turn around, build 
         up speed and fly upwards alongside the wall. Continue flying up 
         and towards the right until you are on a secret platform. 
         The screen won't show you where you are (I wish it did), but 
         you'll know you're up there because the screen will move. Now, 
         continue all the way right until you can't go anymore. Once there, 
         press UP and you will enter a door which will take you to a secret 
         room. Inside here a small chest will appear. Get it and a Warp 
         Whistle will be inside. This will complete World 1 Fortress, now 
         onto World 1-5. Now you will be taken back to the World Map. On 
         the World Map, you will notice that the Fortress will crumble, but 
         the locked door will remain locked, that's because you did not 
         beat Boom Boom at the end of the Fortress. Don't worry though, you 
         don't need to defeat him to complete this game (in the sense of 
         following my FAQ).
         | W O R L D  1 - 5    |
         | TIME LIMIT: 300     |
         | REQUIRED  : Nothing |
         You start off in this level on a slope. My advice is to hit the 
         Down Button so you can slide down it, that way you can take out 
         the 4 Buzzy Beetles in the way. Once at the bottom of the slope, 
         go through the water and get the coins then up the next slope. As 
         you go up the the slope, you will see a Pirahna Plant and another 
         Buzzy Beetle. Take these out as they will be in your way, and get 
         to a 3-way type intersection. Now you are left with a few choices. 
         You can either take the upper path, or the lower path. Take the 
         upper path and there will be choices you can take that way. The 
         lower path is filled with coins, water and a '?' Block which has a 
         Fire Flower in it (don't worry about it though), and a slope 
         leading upwards. The upper path has some more slopes and a few 
         Koopa Troopas. 
         Also if you take the upper path, halfway up the first slope you 
         come across, jump up and a pink Note Block will appear. By jumping 
         on it will take you to the same coin heaven bonus area as you seen 
         in World 1-3. Take any path, and you will end up in the same 
         place. Once there, continue onwards down the next slope and down 
         another slope. Watch out for the two Pirahna Plants along way 
         though. Make your way to the end, and go up the pipe, and you will 
         be in the overworld. Hit the goal, which completes World 1-5.
         Back on the World Map, you should have racked up somewheres 
         between 75,000 to 80,000 points. If so an N-Spade will appear (See 
         'N-Spade Bonus' below). Go up to it to play the memory game, but 
         be careful because this is the only time you will be able to do 
         this (unless you can rack up another 75 to 80 thousand points in 
         one level). Given this, I can't really say what board you'll be 
         uncovering, since it's random, so I really can't help you there. 
         After successfully beating it though, head onto World 1-6.
         | W O R L D  1 - 6           |
         | TIME LIMIT: 300            |
         | REQUIRED  : Raccoon Mario  |
         Get ready to do some major jumping, because that's pretty much the 
         highlight of this level. If you're Raccoon Mario great, if not, 
         don't worry you will be. From the start, jump from platform to 
         platform carefully. You will instantly come across a '?' Block 
         with a Koopa Troopa below it. Take care of the Troopa and get the 
         block, which has  a Super Leaf in it. Get the leaf to become   
         Raccoon Mario, then continue onwards with the level. You will soon 
         see some blocks on a platform and another Koopa Troopa. Get down 
         there, take care of the Troopa. Now with the row of blocks above 
         you, there is a 1-Up in the 2nd block from the right. With the 
         blocks on either side of you, they contain some coins. After 
         getting those, proceed with the level. 
         You should see some good size platforms up ahead. Now if you're   
         still Raccoon Mario, try to build up some speed and fly up and 
         towards the right because there are about 21 coins up in the sky. 
         This will actually be easier. However if not, drop down below on 
         the lower platform and it will take you near another platform. 
         Don't worry about the Para-Troopa in the way. Jump off to the next 
         platform and wait for another one to appear. Then basically 
         leapfrog from one to another until you see a long platform on the 
         ground. When seeing this, time it right and run/jump to the 
         platform. Keep going, and you will see the goal as well as a Koopa 
         Troopa. Don't worry about it, and hit through the goal, which 
         completes World 1-6. Now onto World 1 Castle.
         | H A M M E R  B R O T H E R |
         | TIME LIMIT: 200            |
         | REQUIRED  : Nothing        |
         Now I'm not exactly sure where to put this part, because the 
         Hammer Brother does move around the World Map alot, but let's just 
         assume he will be after World 1-6 (though it don't matter where he 
         is, it'll still be played the same way). Anyways here is what you 
         will be doing. Very simple task, you will be face to face with a 
         Hammer Brother, and about 7 blocks. Surprisingly if you're Small 
         Mario, you have a better chance of winning, but if you're 
         something else, it's cool. Make sure the Hammer Brother is ON TOP 
         of the blocks before making your move. 
         Get underneath the blocks, and hit the one it may be standing on. 
         Careful, it will move about between 2 to 3 blocks and jump, so it 
         can make this a bit difficult. Defeat the Hammer Brother and a 
         small chest will appear, which will contain a Starman. Now, also 
         once in a while if you're lucky, and you hit the last block, a 
         Fire Flower will emerge, but this DOESN'T happen all the time, so 
         keep that in mind. Now back to the World Map. Before we get to 
         World 1 Castle, let's go to another Mushroom House first and get 
         an item. Either a Mushroom, Fire Flower or Super Leaf can be 
         received in here. After getting whatever item you got, head to 
         World 1 Castle.
         | W O R L D  1  C A S T L E |
         | TIME LIMIT: 300           |
         | REQUIRED  : Nothing       |
         Well it seems there is a bit of a problem now. It seems that the 
         king was transformed into a dog, and it's up to you to change him 
         back. After the cinema takes place, you will be taken onto the 
         Doom Ship. For beginners I would suggest being Super Mario or 
         higher. Once on board of the Doom Ship, it will become a push-over 
         level, so be ready to move. From the start, just make your way 
         through the level, avoiding Cannonballs and Bullet Bills. The ship 
         will also be moving up and down as well, making things a bit more 
         challenging, but not too hard. You will only see one lone '?' 
         Block, which contains a Fire Flower in it.  Get it to become Fire 
         Mario if you like. Either way continue onwards. Continue dodging 
         the bullets and cannons launched at you, and at the end you will 
         see a pipe which you will drop into. 
         Once inside you will be faced with a boss, Larry Koopa! Very easy 
         to defeat, either stomp on him 3 times or launch 10 - 15 fireballs 
         at him. Just watch out for the magic he will shoot at you (see 
         'Bosses' below). After defeating him, grab the wand, and your 
         surrounding will disappear. You will fall down what seems like a 
         bottomless pit, but no fears you will eventually be in the castle. 
         The king will be turned back to his old self, and after thanking 
         you, you will receive a letter from the Princess, who in this 
         letter, gives you another P-Wing! This concludes World 1.
      C: |World 9 - Warp Land|
         After beating World 1, you will now be in World 2, which is known 
         as Dessert Land. Don't worry, you won't be doing anything in here.   
         Instead, use a Warp Whistle, and it will take you to the infamous 
         World 9, which is known as Warp Land. Many don't consider this a 
         world simply because there is really nothing to it. However I 
         consider it a world because it says "World 9" in the bottom left 
         corner of the screen. Anyways, once landing in World 9, you will 
         be on the middle row facing World 5, 6 and 7. Don't worry about 
         those, instead pull out the second Warp Whistle, and use it, this 
         time you will be taken to World 9 once again, but you will be on 
         the bottom row, facing World 8, which is where you need to be. 
         Enter the World 8 Warp Pipe, and indeed you will be in World 8 
         which is known as Dark Land. Also note, you are about halfway 
         through the game now.
      D: |World 8 - Dark Land (Part 1)|
         This part will cover information on the Doom Tank, Doom Boat, 
         Hammer Brother Hand Trap, Podoboo Hand Trap, Cheep Cheep Hand Trap 
         and the Fast Moving Air Ships.
         | D O O M  T A N K    |
         | TIME LIMIT: 300     |
         | REQUIRED  : Nothing |
         Welcome to the first level of Dark World. As you will notice, it 
         is made up of a bunch of tanks. This (like many other levels) is 
         another push-over level, but there's really nothing to it. The 
         only set back would be all you have to face in this level, which 
         are Rocky Wrenches, Cannonballs, Bob-Ombs and Flamethrowers. Take 
         note that once you stomp on a Rocky Wrench, they won't come back. 
         All you need to do is make your way through the level, carefully. 
         You may get hit by an attack if you are not careful, be proceed 
         with caution. I would also not suggest picking up any Bob-Ombs 
         because that would be pretty dangerous. 
         Only one '?' Block in this level, and that has a Super Leaf in it 
         (get it if you like). Also that would be the halfway point 
         roughly, so keep that in mind as well. Continue your way towards 
         the end, but be careful because there will be a Giant Cannonball 
         shooting out at you, so try and get above that thing as much as 
         possible. Once at the end, go down in the pipe and you will be 
         against a Boomerang Brother. Defeat it, and a small chest will 
         appear with a Starman in it. Get that and that will complete the 
         Doom Tank level. Now onto the Doom Boat.
         | D O O M  B O A T    |
         | TIME LIMIT: 300     |
         | REQUIRED  : Nothing |
         The Doom Boat is a bit more tougher than the Doom Tank level. This 
         is another push-over type level, with a twist. You start off like 
         normally, nothing big. Continue your way avoiding/killing the same 
         enemies as before (this time the Rocky Wrenches will regenerate 
         after you kill them). You will also see a '?' Block as well. 
         Ignore it completely, it has a Fire Flower in it, but it won't 
         matter because no matter how fast you go, you won't get it. Now 
         here's the thing, at the end of the first boat, you can continue 
         going through the level by boat, OR you can take a shortcut which 
         is going UNDER the boat. This way is kinda tricky because you have 
         to make your way under the boat without sinking (it can be done,  
         I've done it many times), but you have to repeatedly press A and 
         RIGHT at the same time to stay afloat. 
         The boat will move up and down, but so long as you continue 
         pressing those two buttons, you'll stay alive. Now you have to 
         make your way past the second and third boat, because at the end 
         will be a pipe you can go down. Make your way to the end of the 
         third boat, wait till it sinks down, then jump up on it. Now if  
         you rather take the dry route, that's fine, it'll just be as 
         tricky because of all the enemies in the way. Whichever you do, go 
         down the pipe and you will face against Boom Boom. Defeat him the 
         same way and you will have complete the Doom Boat level. Now onto 
         the Hand Trap levels.
         Go through the pipe at the end of the 1st World Map, and you will 
         end up on the 2nd World Map. Once on the 2nd World Map, you will 
         see 3 strange looking spots. Those are Hand Traps. Now you can 
         either play them or not. The way to know, is if you pass over them 
         and a hand reaches up to grab you, you have to play it. If it 
         doesn't you can pass by without playing it. However if you want to 
         play it, and the hand doesn't grab you, just enter it like a 
         normal level. These can be optional, unless the hand grabs you, 
         this is why they are called Hand Traps. Each one contains a Super 
         Leaf at the end.
         | H A M M E R  B R O T H E R  H A N D  T R A P |
         | TIME LIMIT: 200                              |
         | REQUIRED  : Fire Mario                       |
         Although the 3 Hand Traps are fairly easy to get through, I would 
         say this one is the "hardest" of the 3. It's probably best you go 
         in this level with Fire Mario. You start off this level with a 
         Fire Brother greeting you, already launching fireballs at you. 
         Just throw one back at him to kill him, then continue onward. Next 
         you will come across a classic Super Mario Brothers scene, two 
         Hammer Brothers and 2 rows of blocks. Take these guys out, and on 
         the bottom row, the 3rd block from the right is a Super Leaf, 
         which you need to get. Continue onwards and you will see a 
         Boomerang Brother, which should be easy to take out. After that, 
         there's a Sledge Brother. Be careful when approaching this thing, 
         because you will be paralysed if it jumps. After that, go up the 
         pipe and you see a small chest appear. Go to it and it will be a 
         Super Leaf. By getting that, ends this level. Now onto the Podoboo 
         Hand Trap.
         | P O D O B O O  H A N D  T R A P |
         | TIME LIMIT: 200                 |
         | REQUIRED  : Nothing             |
         This is the easiest of the 3 Hand Traps (except for maybe the 
         end). All you have to do is jump from platform to platform, 
         collecting coins and avoiding the Podoboos. time your jumps 
         carefully though. Close to the end however, there is a pretty big 
         gap between two of the platforms, so you will need to do a 
         run/jump combo to get across. Raccoon Mario would be great here, 
         however it is not at all necessary to be that, so might as well 
         just save your Super Leaf for later levels. Once you get to the 
         end, jump up the pipe and you will be in new room, where a small 
         chest will appear. Go to it and it will be a Super Leaf. By 
         getting that, ends this level. Now onto the Cheep Cheep Hand Trap.
         | C H E E P  C H E E P  H A N D  T R A P |
         | TIME LIMIT: 200                        |
         | REQUIRED  : Nothing                    |
         This is the last of the Hand Traps, and it's fair on difficulty,  
         that is if you recall the classic stages of Super Mario Brothers 
         where the Cheep Cheep flew through the sky making things difficult 
         for you. Well, you got that here as well. From the start, quickly 
         and carefully make your way through the level trying to dodge as 
         many Cheep Cheeps as possible. You will come across two '?' 
         Blocks. Ignore those, those are just coins. Keep going and you 
         will come across another '?' Block. Get it if you want, it don't 
         matter, it's just a Fire Flower. Right next to that, do a run/duck 
         combo to get past that small gap under those blocks. Continue 
         onwards dodging and jumping until you reach the end.  Once there, 
         go up the pipe and you see a small chest appear. Go to it and it 
         will be a Super Leaf. By getting that, ends this level. Now onto 
         the Fast Moving Air Ships.
         | F A S T  M O V I N G  A I R  S H I P S |
         | TIME LIMIT: 300                        |
         | REQUIRED  : P-Wing Mario               |
         Before starting this level, make sure you use a P-Wing, because it   
         is a total must for this level, especially for newbies. Now enter 
         the level and you'll see why. I call this level "Fast Moving Air  
         Ships" because it lives up to the name. The moment the level 
         starts, and you land on the first small air ship, everything will 
         move FAST. It may not seem like it as P-Wing Mario, because you'll 
         be in the air, but if you're using something else, it will appear 
         to be fast. Here's the deal, if you're P-Wing Mario, this level is 
         a breeze, just keep flying until you reach the end, but stay on 
         the left side of the screen (if you happen to fly above the 
         screen, you should be okay). Once at the end, you will be able to 
         drop down on the last air ship with no problem, if you stay on the 
         left side like I said.
         Now if you're something else, I would suggest you be Raccoon Mario 
         because it will help you get from one air ship to another, and 
         trust me there are some pretty good size gaps. Think it would be 
         that easy, well there are some Rocky Wrenches and Flamethrowers to 
         get in your way, so be very careful. Also something to note, when 
         you make it to an air ship (whether flying or jumping) that is a 
         fairly good size one, with a lone crate on it, you're about 
         halfway through the level. However when you get to the end, go 
         down the pipe and you will be faced with Boom Boom. I'm sure you 
         know how to defeat this character by now. If you're P-Wing Mario, 
         obviously you will have a slight more advantage over him. Defeat 
         Boom Boom and this level will be complete, and the locked door on 
         the World Map will be unlocked. Head through the pipe on the 2nd 
         World Map, where you will be on the 3rd World Map, then head onto 
         World 8-1.
      E: |World 8 - Dark Land (Part 2)|
         This part will cover information on World 8-1, World 8-2, 
         World 8 Fortress, Super Doom Tank and Bowser's Castle.
         | W O R L D  8 - 1          |
         | TIME LIMIT: 300           |
         | REQUIRED  : Raccoon Mario |
         Now this level is pretty hard to get through, but being Raccoon 
         Mario (since P-Wing Mario powers has worn off) makes it slightly 
         easier here. First off, build up some speed on the area you're on 
         alone. Soon as you do that, fly straight up and you will see a P-
         Switch. Hit it, then drop right below and coins will appear. Grab 
         as many as you want until the P-Switch wears off. Now, on the same 
         area you started on, build up some speed again, and this time fly 
         up and right as far as you can into the sky, and you will come 
         across a pipe. Go into it and you will be in a secret room, where 
         a giant '?' Block sits. Hit it and 3 1-Ups will appear. Get them 
         then follow the path to the end, and go down the tube, and you 
         will be back in the overworld. 
         The way I just described is actually easier than had you went 
         through the level normally, because you would of had to deal with 
         Pirahna Plants and Bullet Bills, and trust me, that's not fun. 
         When back on the overworld however, you still have some more 
         obsticles to go. Carefully make your way right, and there will be 
         more Bullet Bills, with a pit and a Koopa Para-Troopa. Time your 
         move right and jump on the Para-Troopa then jump over on top of 
         the cannon. From there, jump as far as you can over to the next 
         cannon. It gets more tricky after this. Carefully walk over a bit 
         and you will see a Note Block. Use that to jump over to the pipe 
         standing in the pit. Watch out the Bullet Bills will probably 
         launch at you making this VERY difficult.
         From that pipe, jump over to the next pipe (watch out for the 
         Pirahna Plant), and it should be easy from here on out. Continue 
         the rest of the way and you will see the goal, which you will jump 
         through to finish this level. Now onto World 8-2. On the World 
         Map, if you're not Raccoon Mario after beating World 8-1 (which 
         you probably aren't), go ahead and use one of your Super Leafs you 
         received from beating the Hand Traps, and enter World 8-2.
         | W O R L D  8 - 2          |
         | TIME LIMIT: 300           |
         | REQUIRED  : Raccoon Mario |
         Believe it or not, next to the 3 Hand Traps, this is the easiest 
         level in World 8, and here's why. First off, being Super Mario or 
         Raccoon Mario will be VERY crutial to playing this level. You will 
         notice your surroundings is nothing but a desert. Make your way 
         until you see a yellow pit of sinking sand. Now at this point you 
         have two choices, go in the sand, or continue the level as it is. 
         It's probably alot easier to go in the sinking sand, so do that. 
         Don't worry you won't die, instead you will be taken to a 
         shortcut. When at the bottom of the sinking sand, drop down to the 
         ground below. 
         Notice you can take one of two ways. The left will lead to a room 
         which has a block that has a Super Leaf in it, and the right will 
         take you to a room which has 100 coins in it. Whichever way you 
         choose, complete that room, and you will be back on the overworld. 
         Once on the overworld, you will be on a slope. Be careful though 
         because there are Pirahna Plants on either side of you. Make your 
         way upwards and over the hill. Now as Raccoon Mario, run down the 
         hill as fast as you can, building up enough speed and right when 
         you get close to the edge, fly towards the right (watch out for 
         the Para-Troopa), and keep going until you reach the other side. 
         Do so, and continue onwards through the goal, which completes 
         World 8-2.
         Now if by some chance you didn't the shortcut, here's what you 
         would be facing. Make your way over the next few small sand traps 
         until you reach the slope (there will be a Para-Goomba and Pirahna 
         Plants along the way). As you go down the slope, you will see a 
         lone block. Hit it and it will be a P-Switch. Hit that, and 
         continue on. You will notice some blocks, that were once coins. 
         Leapfrog from block to block carefully and quickly because the 
         Angry Sun will come out and chase you down. After all that, head 
         up the slope on the other side, and finish the level as is. Either 
         way, you will finish with World 8-2, and now onto World 8 
         Now on the 3rd World Map, move over to the 3-way intersection 
         (don't worry about the pipe), then go up one space and enter the 
         level. This is where the fortress is.
         | W O R L D  8  F O R T R E S S |
         | TIME LIMIT: 400               |
         | REQUIRED  : Nothing           |
         This is World 8 Fortress, and it's not so much tough, but it is a 
         giant maze, in which case you have a time limit of 400 seconds to 
         get through it. I will cover only the solution to this maze 
         (although there are a few 1-Ups lying around here), so here is 
         what you need to do. From the starting point, make your way until 
         you reach a doorway covered by blocks. There are some Roto-Discs 
         that will be in your way. There is also a Fire Flower in 
         the lone block on the way. I should say that every power-up is 
         important to get, because it will keep you alive, so getting them 
         (whether it's a Fire Flower or Super Leaf) is very helpful. Now, 
         break the blocks and get into the doorway and you will be on the 
         second screen (there will be a Dry Bones and Roto-Disc here).
         On the second screen, be quick, because you'll be on a conveyor 
         belt. Make your way to the next door or the one after that (it 
         doesn't matter), avoiding Podoboos. Then enter and you will be 
         back on the first screen. On the first screen, there will be 
         several Thwomps around here so be careful. Make your way to the 
         very last door of this section and enter through it, and you will 
         be back on the second screen. Now once on the second screen, this 
         will very tricky. You'll be on a conveyor belt which will take you 
         back some, and you will land on another conveyor belt, which will 
         take you forward. On that second conveyor belt, run jump over to 
         the other side where there is a platform in the air. There will be 
         a Podoboo here making this VERY difficult, so be ready.
         On the platform, there will be a doorway. Enter it and you will be 
         on the first screen. Once on it, go up a ways and you will see a 
         P-Switch. Hit it then run back to the doorway you came through. 
         Back on the second screen, run as far right as possible. Do not go 
         in that gap you will see. Continue and you will see a '?' Block. 
         Hit it and grab the Starman, and continue racing while the P-
         Switch is active. Go through the coins after that, and just 
         continue onwards while invincible. You will see another '?' Block, 
         which if you're still invincible, it will be another Starman. Get 
         it, then continue onwards until you reach the end of the section.
         At the end, your invincibility may of worn off. Either way, there 
         is a Thwomp here. Drop down, and avoid the Thwomp. Now while on 
         the lower level, back track some to the 2 blocks besides each 
         other. Hit one of them to reveal a P-Switch, and the other is just  
         a block. Hit the P-Switch, and enter the first door you see 
         appear. In here there is a '?' Block which will have a Fire Flower 
         in it. Use that to power yourself up as Fire Mario. Now go through  
         the door and make your way to the last door and enter it. When in  
         here, you will drop down. The P-Switch is still active I'm sure, 
         so just duck down and STAY DOWN. When it wears off you will be 
         taken under all those spikes. Once at the other side, you will 
         come across Boom Boom. Defeat him and you will have beaten World 8 
         Back on the World Map, move over one, and up one to the 3-way 
         intersection. Now from here head left all the way to the pipe and 
         enter it. Get through to the other side and you will be on the 
         final World Map of World 8 (not to mention of the game). Now head 
         over and begin the Super Doom Tank level.
         | S U P E R  D O O M  T A N K |
         | TIME LIMIT: 300             |
         | REQUIRED  : Nothing         |   
         We are getting ever so close to the end. This level is just like 
         the Doom Tank level you played earlier in World 8, except the 
         tanks are a bit bigger as well as the level. But everything else 
         is the same pretty much. If you're Raccoon Mario, you can chance 
         flying up and right above the tanks if you want, to avoid any 
         hits. If not however, just keep going through the level as before. 
         Your enemies, Cannonballs, Rocky Wrenches and Bob-Ombs. Nothing 
         really much to say except be careful. At the end, go through the 
         pipe and you will be faced with Boom Boom again. Defeat him and 
         you will have completed the Super Doom Tank. Now onto the final 
         level, Bowser's Castle.
         | B O W S E R ' S  C A S T L E |
         | TIME LIMIT: 400              |
         | REQUIRED  : Nothing          |
         This is it, the final level, and it's a doozy. Once again you are 
         given 400 seconds to complete it. Also if you wanna use up your 
         second P-Wing here, that would help, but Raccon Mario will do 
         nicely as well. From the start, make your way past 3 statues. Now 
         try to fly above them if at all possible, because these 3 statues 
         will spit out laser attacks at you, which will hurt badly. After 
         that, climb the stairs, and go to where you see a gap going up. 
         Stand there, and an elevator will lift you upwards. Once at the 
         top, get off and continue the path over until you see a Donut 
         Lift, which will cause you to fall. Stay on it until you see a gap 
         towards the right, then jump through to it.
         Continue this path and you will see a Hot Foot. Avoid that and 
         climb the staircase, avoiding the Roto-Discs. Once at the top, 
         stand against the right wall and jump up for a hidden 1-Up. After 
         getting that, drop down the second set of stairs until you reach 
         the bottom. Once there, continue right until you reach the edge. 
         You will notice everything is all lava and Donut Lifts. At this 
         point, when making it to the other side, there are 4 different 
         paths you can take, an upper path, 2 middle paths and a lower 
         path. Don't take the lower path, because it will take you back to 
         the beginning of the level. So of the three, make your way across 
         the lava pit (watch out for Podoboos) and go whichever way you   
         choose. My advice is to do this. 
         Take the 2nd path from the top first. Make your way to the '?' 
         Block where there is a Super Leaf in it. Get that, and stand on 
         the Donut lift. Once you drop down, go right, and (while avoiding 
         the Thwomp), go down that small gap, but push over to the right. 
         Do so and you will be on another platform. This part is fairly 
         simple, just make your way and leapfrog from platform to platform 
         until you reach a doorway. Enter through it. Now on this screen, 
         make your way through the level carefully. The first statue will 
         spit a laser beam at you. Jump over that and you will see a lone 
         '?' Block. Hit it for another Super Leaf. Now just make your way 
         through the level. If you're Raccoon Mario this next part is 
         slightly easy. Jump from each narrow platform to another. Simple? 
         Well there's some fireballs coming at you which will make this 
         VERY difficult. Once you get past that, enter the doorway at the 
         end, and get ready for the final fight.
         Now before that, let's say you went through the top path instead. 
         Pretty much the same thing, except no '?' Block, and all the 
         platforms are Donut Lifts, which would make that area more 
         difficult. Anyways, now you are in for the biggest fight of your  
         life, so see below on the "Bosses" section to know how to beat  
         Bowser. Once you do that, enter through the door and there will be 
         the Princess waiting for you! Congradulations, you have just beat 
         Super Mario Brothers 3. Oh and for beating it, you will receive 28 
         P-Wings when you start over. Once again, congradulations on 
         beating this challegne version of Super Mario Brothers 3!
      F: |THE 1 1/2 WORLD CHALLENGE|
         Was that challenge too easy for you? Awww, guess I should try 
         harder then, to make it harder for you. I know, how about a newer 
         challenge that I like to call "The 1 1/2 World Challenge"! So what 
         makes this one any different? Well here's how it works. Beat World 
         1-1, 1-2, 1-3 and World 1 Mini-Fortress, then after getting the 
         2nd Warp Whistle, warp straight to World 8. Meaning you play half 
         of World 1 and all of World 8. Sure, you're thinking "this will be 
         a breeze, just rack up the points, and get the N-Spade". Nope, 
         don't even think about it. The object of THIS challenge is to go 
         through the game with the following: 1 P-Wing (from World 1-4), 
         whatever item you get from the Mushroom House, 1 Starman (from the 
         first Doom Tank) and 3 Super Leafs (from the Hand Traps). That's 
         right, 6 items and whatever lives you may have. Can you do it? 
         Now because of this, I'll have to revise some of my strategy a 
         little in my FAQ. Whatever I said that is perferred to use when 
         playing a certain level, well, ignore that. I'm gonna leave it up 
         to you on what you do. I figure, there is no point of holding your 
         hand through this challenge, so you make the call. It won't be 
         easy at all, but if you're an experienced player, go for it! Why 
         did I come up with this idea? Well, I'm sure you all know about 
         the 11 minute speed run video (DO NOT EMAIL ME ASKING FOR IT 
         PERIOD!). Sure we all know that that is fake, but I thought, what 
         a great challenge that would make! So I present to you my new 
         challenge. Oh and don't worry, you don't have to beat this in 11 
         minutes, figure I wouldn't make it THAT hard for you, not yet 
         atleast hehe. Think you be up to it? Go on, if you think you can 
         do it, give it a try, IF YOU DARE! :)
      A: |Items|
         1. MUSHROOM: Turns Mario into Super Mario.
         2. FIRE FLOWER: Turns Mario into Fire Mario.
         3. RACCOON LEAF: Turns Mario into Raccoon Mario.
         4. P-WING: Turns Mario into P-Wing Raccoon Mario.
         5. STARMAN: Turns Mario into Invincible Mario
         6. WARP WHISTLE: This is probably the most popular item of the  
            game. This will allow you to warp from your current world, to a  
            different world. Use 2 Warp Whistles to go straight to World 8.  
         7. 1-UP MUSHROOM: Get this to receieve an extra life.
         8. COINS: Collect 100 of these things to receive an extra life.
      B: |N-Spade Bonus|
         You know those things that pop up periodically throughout the 
         game, that looks like a Spade Panel, but it has an 'N' in it? Well 
         those things are called N-Spades. About every 75,000 to 80,000 
         points you earn, one of these things pops up. Basically you got to 
         match up two cards exactly alike to win whatever it is. There are 
         8 boards (they are random), and you have only two chances to win 
         everything. But if you don't, the game you are currently working 
         on, will be carried over to the next time an N-Spade appears. 
         Please refer to other FAQs on the solutions for the different 
      C: |Mushroom Houses|
         These are houses where you can get certain items from. In this 
         case, Super Leafs, Fire Flowers or Mushrooms. If you beat a 
         certain level with so many coins, you will get a White Mushroom 
         House which has a P-Wing in it.
      D: |Spade Panel|
         Here's a chance to get some extra lives. It's basically like a   
         spinning wheel type game. The object here is to line up the 3 
         wheels to where it makes a picture of either a Mushroom, Fire 
         Flower or Starman. Do so and you will get extra lives:
         Mushroom picture will get you 2 extra lives.
         Fire Flower picture will get you 3 extra lives.
         Starman picture will get you 5 extra lives.
      E: |White Pirate Ship|
         These are a fun little deal you can play if you pull it off right. 
         Basically you have to have your coins at a point where it's 
         multiple of 11 and the 2nd to last digit of your score has to 
         match it. Do so and the Hammer Brother (on the World Map) will 
         turn into a white boat that looks like a Pirate Ship (which is 
         where I came up with the name). On it, the objective is simple.  
         This is a push-over level. Collect all the coins on the boat (it 
         is very possible to do) and you will get 2 or 3 extra lives. Close 
         to the end of the boat, between two circular windows, jump up an 
         reveal a 1-Up hidden in an invisible block. Get it and go down the 
         pipe and you will be faced with two Boomerang Brothers. Defeat 
         them to get the item. If you get killed because of them, the White 
         Pirate Ship will turn back into a Hammer Brother. Have fun!
      A: |Basic Enemies|
         1. Goomba - Basic evil walking mushrooms.
         2. Green Koopa Troopa - Turtles that walk around, and can fall off 
            the into a pit. 
         3. Red Koopa Troopa - Just like the green ones, except they don't 
            fall off into the pits.
         4. Buzzy Beetle - Armored shell beetles that are tough to defeat. 
            Fire Mario can't even phase them.
         5. Pirahna Plant - Plants that pop in and out of pipes. Some spit 
         6. Green Koopa Paratroopa - A turtle with wings that tries to fly, 
            instead it jumps up and down and in one direction.
         7. Red Koopa Paratroopa - Just like the green ones, except this 
            stays in one place and makes a better effort of flying.
         8. Para-Goomba - A Goomba with wings, which flies better than the 
         9. Para-Goomba With Kids - Just like the Para-Goombas, except this 
            will launch small mushrooms which will trap you if they hit 
            you, causing you not to jump so high.
        10. Cheep Cheep - Fishes that can be seen in the water, or jumping  
            out of the water flying straight at you.
        11. Hammer Brothers - A hammer throwing turtle.
        12. Boomerang Brothers - A boomerang throwing turtle.
        13. Sledge Brothers - A hammer throwing turtle than when it jumps 
            and hits the ground, it'll cause the ground to shake and you 
            not to move.
        14. Fire Brothers - Turtles that spit out fireballs.
        15. Angry Sun - This evil sun will chase you around, so be careful.  
      B: |Fortress Enemies|
         1. Thwomp - A living stone rock that will try to crush you if you 
            get too close to it.
         2. Podoboo - A fireball that will pop up and down out of the lava, 
            but it can't be killed by hardly anything.
         3. Boo Diddly - A very popular ghost, that if you look at it, it 
            won't come at you. Turn away however and it will follow you.
         4. Hot Foot - Just like Boo Diddly, except this is a small flame 
            that resides in candles.
         5. Rotodisc - Discs that will encircle a brown box. Try to avoid 
            these at all times.
         6. Dry Bones - A skeleton turtle. You can stomp on it yes, but 
            after a few seconds it will come back to life.
      C: |Military Enemies|
         1. Rocky Wrench - These pop in and out of the tanks and airships 
            throwing wrenches at you. 
         2. Bob-Omb - These will walk around and after a few seconds will 
            explode. Stay as far as way as possible.
         3. Bullet Bill - Bullets that shoot out from cannons.
         4. Cannonballs - Small cannon balls that shoot out from cannons.
         5. Giant Cannonballs - Bigger version of the Cannonballs, and when 
            they shoot out, they shoot out fast, so be careful.
         6. Flamethrowers - Flames that simply comes out of cannons and 
            goes back in. Time yourself to get around these things.
      D: |Bosses|
         1. Larry Koopa - This is the one controlling the Doom Ship in 
            World 1. To defeat him you can either stomp on him 3 times, or   
            if you're Fire Mario, launch 15 fireballs at him, or you can do 
            a combination of both jumping on him and throwing fireballs. 
            It'll take less from each if you go that route. Be careful, 
            he's pretty slow, but he will shoot out magic from his wand, so 
            try to avoid that if you can.
         2. Boom Boom  - The easiest of the 3 bosses. This one is the boss 
            of the fortresses and some Doom Tanks. It can be a pain 
            depending on what style he uses to fight with. You can take him 
            out by either stomping on him 3 times, or if you're Fire Mario, 
            throw out 5 fireballs at him, or a combo of both. Now he 
            becomes quite tougher and quicker each time you stomp on him, 
            so proceed with caution.
         3. Bowser Koopa - The final boss of the game, and he can be a pain 
            if you're not careful. You will see a whole floor of bricks, 
            and a giant Bowser Koopa. This time you can't jump on him like 
            other bosses, well you can, but it won't do any good. Bowser 
            will shoot 2 or 3 fireballs at you, then jump. He will land 
            depending on where you stand. You have two choices, move out of 
            the way before he lands, or duck down and he won't harm you 
            (it's been rumored that he can't see you when you duck). When 
            he lands, he will destroy some bricks. He needs to destroy 3 
            groups of bricks in the same row vertically. Soon as the third 
            set is destroy, he will fall into the "basement" (another 
            rumored detail), and with that he will be destroyed. Now if you 
            can get to him as Fire Mario, you can throw fireballs at him, 
            but you have to throw 30 - 35 fireballs before he's defeated 
            (all you'll get is a lousy 100 points for doing this).
      A: |What's To Come|
         With a game as big as this, who knows what else is to come. But I 
         will keep this open if anything new develops.
      B: |Special Thanks|
         First off, I wanna dedicate this to my grandma and (late) grandpa, 
         whom back in 1990 bought me this game for Christmas. Since then, I 
         cherish this game, more than any I have because of this. It makes 
         me feel very good knowing I'm making an FAQ for the very game they 
         bought me, so this FAQ has some personal meaning behind it as 
         well. So it gives me great pleasure to dedicate this FAQ to them 
         (This FAQ is for you guys!! ^_^). 
         Personal Thanks To:
         ExoSquad18: Simply because of his confidence and belief that I 
         will be very successful at this stuff ^_^.
         On-line Thanks To:
         To GameFAQS for hosting my walkthroughs, as well as many more.
         To all my friends I've made on GameFAQs. Hey look, I made 
         something that isn't a mapthrough for once ^_^
         To anyone who help made this game possible. Thanks! ^_^
      C: |The Disclaimer|
         What can one say about Super Mario Brothers 3, besides that it is 
         the best Super Mario game for the NES, and one of the best Super 
         Mario games of all time. So it goes without saying that this game 
         is one of my personal favorites as well. I mean, come on, it's 
         Mario at his finest, what can you not like about that ^_^. Anyways 
         I made this walkthrough the best way I can and I hope it helps out 
         in every way possible. Now here comes the important stuff you need 
         to read.
         Ok, I'll make this quick and simple. This walkthrough is my work.
         I've made this walkthrough, describing the game the best possible 
         way I can. You can use whatever info you want, so long as you give 
         me credit and don't alter anything. All you have to do is email me 
         at StarFighters76@hotmail.com if you're gonna do anything with  
         this walkthrough. And to show that I'm not a complete selfish 
         bastard, if you have something you wanna add, email me and I will 
         give you full credit ^_^. This walkthrough, like many others are 
         intended for GameFAQs ONLY. You want it on your site, well you 
         better start emailing me. Failure to comply with this, and I will 
         be mad, among other things. 
         Email me at StarFighters76@hotmail.com
         Copyright (C) October 16th, 2004
         Mike Leatherwood AKA StarFighters76 
         Super Mario Brothers 3 (C) Nintendo 1990

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