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    Vs. Mode Guide by BryGuy

    Updated: 05/31/99 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    From: B00664@aol.com
    Date: Mon, 31 May 1999 16:18:17 EDT
    Super Mario Bros 3 (NES) VS mode guide
    This is the VS mode guide.
    2.How to Win
    1.How do I get into this VS mode?
    You go to the same space your friend is on and press A.If you pass over it 
    and He\She presses A at the right time you might be pulled in.
    2.Is it always just the one with four pipes and the spinies?
     No.You may have to get 3 out of five coins, turn over boxes, and there are 
    three different kinds of enemies to destroy.
    3.What's up with that one fireball?
    I know what you mean.After 2 or 3 fireballs one goes crazy and bounces around 
    the screen.I don't know why.It just does.You just have to be extra careful.It 
    will eventually go away.
    4.When I hit the lobster it goes wild!
     Well that isn't really a question but yes you have to hit it twice before 
    kicking it away.
    5.I died and my card stayed out in the playing field where does it go?
    Well you lost it now.Unless someone collects it you will never see it again.
    6.What happens if you get three cards during a battle?
    You get the amount of lives you would usually get if you were in a level.
    2.How To Win
    I have a stragety for every battle round you go on.Here they are.
    In general you should really know your opponent,the round and your own 
    Enemy Battles.
    In enemy battles you must kill 3 of 5 enemies in order to win.
    1.You should always stay on the bottom or second to bottom platforms.Here you 
    can hit the biggest area and hit the POW block whenever you need.You can also 
    hide on the pipes so enemies can't get you.Watch out for fireballs though.If 
    your opponent comes down there just jump on his head.You and him will be 
    stuck for a while between the blocks and the floor and he will get hit by the 
    enemies when they come.A dirty stragety is to wait for your opponent to go 
    after an enemy and hit the POW block.
    2.When fighting spinies you should wait for a lot to come out and knock them 
    all over with a pow block.Then go kick them.Make sure your opponent does not 
    get more than you though.
    3.When fighting the bird things.You should hit the block under them and run 
    up to get them.They can be unpredictable when they jump but once you see the 
    pattern it will be easy.
    4.When fighting the lobsters you should use the POW and when they get fast 
    hit the block under them.
    5.When they all get mixed together, mainly just hit the block under them.This 
    can get confusing watching where they go but just stay on your feet and you 
    will be all right.
    In the coin hunt all that happens is that you are in the enemy battle round 
    but there are five coins in a star shape.Grab 3 of them to win.
    1.This is a fast moving free-for-all in which you have no time to sit and 
    think.You should get the top coins first as they are the easiest to get.Once 
    you get the top coins take a side and go down to the bottom and run for that 
    coin.Chances are that if you go down there so will your opponent.Jumping on 
    him may slow him down but don't take the time unless it is neck and neck.
    In this round you must retrieve 3 coins from a pipe.There are a lot of fire 
    balls too so be careful!
    1.My stragety here is: Don't go to the coins let the coins come to you.You 
    should only move if a fireball is coming.Also avoid jumping too much.Chances 
    are you'll hit a big ol' fireball.
    In this place you must climb the ladders and grab boxes.Some are empty some 
    have a coin.Collect 3 coins to win!
    1.Here you really have to depend on luck.Try going to the bottom row first 
    and grabbing all the boxes on that level.Then quickly jump up to the top and 
    grab any boxes your opponent didn't.
    I'd like to reconize these people for making this FAQ
    ---Me, Bryan,I did all of the typing and made most of the strageties.
    ---Kyle,my bro,He helped me develop my strageties and was my "Opponent" in 
    the FAQ
    ---Nintendo for making yet another great Mario game.                          

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