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"Literally, the best game of all time."

If Super Mario Brothers 2 was the half-brother, then Super Mario Brothers 3 was the big daddy. Released in early 1990, SMB 3 quickly became the best selling game of all time. It returned to the roots of the original SMB to help draw in some of the older fans of the Mario games. Superb graphics, huge worlds, and fantastic adventures led this on to go triple platinum, in record terms. Across the globe, this game sent chills down every gamer's spine. This new quest for the bros only stars the two of them, out to defeat Bowser once again through eight humungous worlds, each toting an airship with one of the Koopa's deranged children. Will Mario and Luigi stop this menace? Will the mystical Warp Flutes ever be found? Why doesn't the Princess just buy a security system? Find out for yourself! ONTO THE REVIEW!!!

GRAPHICS: Some of the greatest available for the system. Impressive animation and characters moved across huge and vast worlds. The backdrops were creative and gorgeous, along with many new foes for our heroes to deal with. Creative stages and big puzzles were across every stage. All of the special suits available to the brothers look great and exactly as they should. The over world map is creative and easy to understand. There is no slowdown whatsoever. The menu ''scoreboard'' at the bottom of the screen is necessary for your travels, so it is also easy to read. Each stage is beautiful looking and has been secrets. Even the giant enemies in World 4 look impressive! These are the best 8-bit graphics around. I can't think of enough positive descriptive adjectives (try saying that three times fast) to compliment the game with, so we'll just leave it at that. (11!/10)

STORY: This is so great of a game, but the story is a bit on the generic side. Mario and Luigi have taken a vacation to get the burden of their earlier adventures off of their shoulders. Meanwhile, Princess Toadstool is peacefully residing in her palace in the Mushroom Valley, when Bowser suddenly bursts in. He was sick of Mario and Luigi screwing him up in the first game, so he was back to get what he wanted: the princess as his wife! Knowing the brothers would chase after him sooner or later, he sends out his seven children to take over the neighboring kingdoms so the brothers would be too held up to save the fair princess. Transforming the kings residing over the kingdoms, the Koopalings take the royal wands and cause havoc across the world. Mario and Luigi have to put off their vacation for now, because this is their biggest challenge yet! Before taking off, they are informed by Toad that his brothers across the kingdoms will give them helpful suits in order to even the balance. So the adventure to save the Princess and end Bowser's reign begins... So I poured in some personal sentiment, but hey, it's the frickin' greatest game of all time, people! (10/10)

GAMEPLAY/CONTROL: With a variety of stages like this, there will definitely always be a challenge! Each world presents a basic theme, i.e. the desert, the ocean, piranha plant vineyards, etc. Within those worlds are creative and comical stages that are always different from the ones before them. There are moving stages, in which the stage is constantly moving, so you must decide on your actions quickly. Also, in one of the more innovative stages, you are running thoruogh a bunch of bobbing islands while trying to avoid a hungry fish nipping at your ankles and ready to chew you up. There's the ocean swims, the desert treks, a race against an evil sun... there is just so much to mention! You sometimes have a choice of where you want to go in a world when the path forks on the map, meaning you don't have to fight through every stage if you don't want to. The only letdown to this system is there is no battery back up feature so you can save your game. These worlds are so huge, it will take you quite a while to beat the game. Many new abilities have been added to this chapter of the Mario Bros. series. You're not limited to a fire flower any more- you now have a leaf that transforms you into Raccoon Mario, where you can use your tail to whip baddies or fly high into the air. Some of the more rare items are the Frog Suit (you swim fast and hop like a frog), the Tanooki Suit (a cousin of the raccoon with the same abilities, but can also turn into an invurnerable statue), and the Lakitu Cloud, which allows you to skip over stages on the world map. Believe me, you'll want it in World 6! Everything in the game is unique from the others. There is just so much to mention about this game to write down, so go buy it and play it for yourself. (10/10)

SOUND/MUSIC: Most of the tunes in stages are used often throughout the game, but each over world has a new theme and fortresses and airships have their own songs, along with the bosses and other foes. This game has the most tunes out of any of the earlier Mario games. Sounds are bouncy and comical, which is pretty standard for everything in the age of the NES. (10/10)

-Players: 1-2. I actually forgot to mention something...
-Fun Factor: 10. You'll eat it all up.
-Replay Value: 10. You'll never play the same game twice, and the secret Warp Whistles will...oops! Said too much...
-Rent or Buy: Try to buy it, I beg you! If you can't get it, buy it for the SNES on Super Mario All-Stars.

I swear, THIS IS THE BEST GAME OF ALL ETERNITY. It may not seem like it at first, but it will draw you into its captivating world and innovative adventure that you'll never drop the controller until you free that princess. Buy this as soon as possible- at a bargain bin, at Fincoland, at eBay...just buy it! You won't regret it. That is, unless you don't own an NES- then it could be a problem.

OVERALL: 10/10

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 02/27/00, Updated 02/27/00

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