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    FAQ by Jack Bando

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                  Mike Tyson's Punch Out!
    A FAQ for Gamefaqs
    By: Matt Runnels
    Stated on 7/19/1999
    Version 1.0
    This FAQ is for the classic boxing game Mike Tyson's Punch Out! After so 
    many years I still play this great game. In this FAQ you will find...
    1. Storyline
    2. Controls
    3. Strategies
    1. Storyline-  17 year old, Bronx native Little Mac(You) has decided to 
    enter boxing. His manager is Doc Lewis, a great fighter from the past. 
    Together Mac will become the champion!
    2. Controls-
    B = left body blow(heart required)
    A = right body blow(heart required)
    down = block
    right = move right
    left = move left
    up and B = left jab
    up and A = right jab
    start = super punch(star required)
    3. Strategies- Here are the boxers you will fight and how to beat them..
    #2 Glass Joe
    #1 Von Kaiser
    MINOR CHAMP Piston Honda
    #3 Don Flamenco
    #2 King Hippo
    #1 Great Tiger
    MAJOR CHAMP Bald Bull
    #5 Piston Honda
    #4 Soda Popinski
    #3 Bald Bull
    #2 Don Flamenco
    #1 Mr. Sandman
    WORLD CHAMPION Super Macho Man
    DREAM BOUT 'IRON' Mike Tyson
    #2 Glass Joe- This is the easiest guy in the world!!! His record says 
    he's 1-99. i pity the guy he beat. He is un- aggresive, slow, and weak. 
    Just pound him where he isn't blocking. If he packs up and taunts you, 
    gut punch him as soon as you can for a knockdown. 
    #1 Von Kaiser- This guy is a little bit harder than Glass Joe but is 
    still easy. When he bobs his head, he's thoring a jab, when he ducks 
    he's going for an uppercut. Just dodge it then punch him in the face. 
    You can hit him in the gut when he's winding up hisuppercut and you'll 
    get a star.(super punch) 
    MINOR CHAMP Piston Honda- It's the Minor Champ, Piston Honda! Just 
    counter his punches. When his eyebrows twitch, sidestep the jab and give 
    him shots to the head. When he puts his right(our left) down sidestep 
    the hook and give him shots to the head. When he ducks, sidestep the 
    uppercut and hit him in the head till he regains movement. When he steps 
    back and charges, pop him down with a body shot. You should be champ in 
    no time!!!!
    After you win your the minor champion of the world!!!!!! Write down the 
    pass code so you can skip these three from now on.(To be 3-0 type in 005 
    737 5423)
    #3 Don Flamenco- This guy is as easy as Glass Joe! When he tells you to 
    hit him, do it. Then sidestep the uppercut and do 
    alternating(left,right,left,right) head shots till he falls. Once he 
    gets up sidestep the uppercut and repeat the alternation.
    #2 King Hippo- This guy is somewhat tough. Dodge every punch except the 
    one where he opens his mouth. Hit him in the mouth when he does that. 
    Then keeps punching his stomach. Keep doing that till he falls down. One 
    knockdown and its over! (he's too heavy to get back up!)
    #1 Great Tiger- This guy is tough at first. When his medalion flashes 
    sidestep his jab and give him a jab. When he ducks, sidestep his 
    uppercut and jab him a few times.(or gutshot him when he's ducks for a 
    star) His main move is a doozy. A teleport spin. When he gets near you, 
    block. After five blocks in a row he'll be tired. One jab to the face 
    and he's knocked down! 
    MAJOR CHAMP Bald Bull- The major champion of the world... Bald Bull!!! 
    He's fast, powerful, and the champ! When he spins his fists, sidestep 
    his jab and give him a jab. When he puts his fists up and down, sidestep 
    the hook and jab him a few. When he ducks, sidestep quick! Then jab him 
    in the head some. His most powerful move is his Bull charge. He goes to 
    the back and charges foward. When he gets a step away from the knockout 
    uppercut, give him a gut shot so he goes to the mat.
    Your new Major Champion of the world...Little Mac!!! Write that pass 
    code down!( To be 7-0 type in 777 807 3454)
    #5 Piston Honda- He wants revenge for losing his Minor Championship to 
    you! If his eyebrow twitches, sidestep the jab and jab him. If he ducks, 
    sidestep the uppercut and jab him a few times. If he ducks for an 
    uppercut and shakes he'll do 1-3 uppercuts. Dodge em' and give him some 
    jabs. If he does the Piston Charge, gut shot him down! If you miss keep 
    blocking till he's done.
    #4 Soda Popinski- This guy is hard! If he has his left(your right) 
    pulled back, sidestep the hook and jab him a few times. If he ducks, 
    sidestep his uppercut and give him the jabs! Sometmes he'll pull a 
    right( your left) jab out of nowhere. Dodge it and give him some jabs! 
    If he starts shuffling his feet he's doing a three right(yo' left) jab 
    combo.Just dodge, dodge, dodge, then jab him a few times.
    #3 Bald Bull- He's Back! He's harder to beat and he cheats! I've hit him 
    down to no life and he was still standing! He got up on 10 once! Anyway 
    when he spins his fists, he's gonna jab. When he raises his hands fast, 
    he's gonna hook, but when he does it for a while, pop him in the face 
    for a star. When he ducks, sidestep the uppercut and jab him like crazy! 
    He still does the Bull Charge. Just pop him in the gut and he'll be 
    knocked down.
    #2 Don Flamenco- Okay, he's learned a few moves. He's got the left jab, 
    and the right hook. Sidestep it and give him the jabs. His uppercut 
    can't be alternated like before.
    #1 Mr. Sandman- This guy is very hard!!! He does Bald Bull's spin jab. 
    Just sidestep and jab him. Healso does a powerful hook. Sidestep it, 
    then give him one to the head and three to the body. On a rare occasion 
    he'll duck and do an uppercut. Just sidestep it and give him the jabs! 
    He also has a triple uppercut. Dodge all three then give him one to the 
    face and ten to the body! He does them when he gets up most of the time.
    WORLD CHAMPION Super Macho Man- It's the World Championship title bout! 
    He's got the right hook. Just sidestep and give him some jabs. When he 
    does his uppercut sidestep and jab hinm a few times. He also does a spin 
    punch. Sidestep it and give him the crazy jabs!!! When you knock him 
    down he'll get up and do the multiple(4-7) spin punch. Keep sidestepping 
    till he's done and then go for the head.
    Your new World Champion.... Little Mac. Keep the pass code(to be 13-0 
    type in 007 373 5963)
    DREAM FIGHT against Kid Dynamite, 'Iron' Mike Tyson!- This is it! You 
    vs. Tyson. For the first 1:30 he throws knockdown uppercuts so sidestep 
    for 1:30. After the 1:30 is up he'll do telegraph his body blows with 
    eyebwor twitches. At the start of round 2 he'll jab you till your out of 
    hearts. Sidestep these jabs and waste the hearts so thy're gone but your 
    untouched. Thenhe'll do more body blows and uppercuts. If his eyes 
    twitch go for them! You might knock him down. Or you will get a star. If 
    you get a star, block his shots he'll throw! Not sidestep. BLOCK! THen 
    In round 3 he'll have a new trick.... jab, jab, uppercut. Sidestep it 
    and go for the head. But the trick is you have to move fast. When his 
    brows twitch, sidestep THEN!
    YOU WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    All information on version 1.0 was found by me. E-mail me at 
    Playnin3@aol.com for info to make this FAQ better.

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