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"Little Mac Vs. Mike Tyson: The fight of the century!"

Punch-Out was truly a classic. This spectacular game was one of my favorite games. The version with Mike Tyson is especially classic since after Mike Tyson's... well, we'll just call it ''problems'', Mike Tyson was later replaced with another guy named Mr. Dream. Either version you have, Punch-Out is a great game to play anytime.

Gameplay: The perspective of playing was actually that all you could see was Little Mac's back and a guy 4 times bigger than him in front of him. Simply, you had to take all of the rival's health and if he took your health out, you would have to attempt to get back up. The very unique part of this is that you couldn't move much around the ring, which made it harder. You could only punch, dodge left and right, block, and throw an uppercut. However, each boxer had their own special way of fighting. To beat them, you would need to use a special strategy. Finding the solution is the fun part, then you actually have to try out your plan. Each boxer had different moves and special signs, which gave you a hint at when they would account. Eventually, the boxers became tougher as you played along. They wouldn't be knocked out as easily either. But if you kept on trying, hopefully you would eventually beat them somehow. That's how fun this is, because it's challenging and harder than most games if you don't know the right strategy. Also, eventually, if you run out of hearts, you will get tired and not be able to punch for a while. There are about 4 cups with many boxers fighting in it, eventually leading up to the final round against Mike Tyson. Trust me, he's very hard. I'll leave it to you to find a way to beat him.

Rating: 10/10

Controls: Being a boxing game, you would obviously have to throw punches and such. They have made the controls very simple, which is not a bad thing. Simply press A to do a right jab, and B to do a left one. You can aim either upwards toward the stomach, or lower in the chest. Also, by earning a star for special reasons, you can press Start+A to perform an uppercut, which is a very special, strong move. By pressing left and right on the D-pad you would dodge for about a second towards the left and right respectively. By pressing down on the D-pad, you would block an attack. Finally, whenever you were close to becoming KO'ed, you would have to press A+B repeatedly to attempt to get back up before the countdown reached 10. Yes, these are simple controls, but these simple controls are all you need.

Rating: 9/10

Graphics: How can I put this? The graphics are truly a spectacle on the NES. For a game made on NES at the time this was made, this game has superior graphics. Each character has their own interesting look and expressions. Everything looks impressive here. Even the crowds show some neat graphics. Every sprite is also enhanced magnificently so you can see the boxers very clearly. Also, since Little Mac is literally 4 times shorter than the other boxers, you can see the boxers just fine. :)

Rating 10/10

Story: Little Mac, an aspiring young boxer boxes against other boxers 4 times his size. Eventually, all his fights soon lead him to the great boxer, Mike Tyson, but will he win? It's up to you. *cries* This is such a great story.

Rating: 9/10

Sound: The sounds are cute little cartoony sounds such as squeaks and groans, like the usual sounds for games in the NES. Also, it is very neat to actually hear some of the boxers laugh. Overall, the sound effects are just signals that someone is moving and such.

Rating: 8/10

Music: The main theme while you're in the boxing ring is some of the best music I've ever heard in a video game. Yes, it's that good. The song really gets you motivated to win. The other tunes are very superb as well. None, however, compares to the spectacular fight song.

Rating: 10/10

Replayability: You could literally keep on playing this game over and over again. Either practicing your strategies, trying to win, or just plain having fun. Even then, it is extremely hard to even get to Mike Tyson, and once you get to him, he really shows you what a real boxing match is made of. Luckily, passcodes which are awarded to you before after cup will help you get to the fight you want. So, in the end, you could be playing this game over and over again.

Rating: 10/10

Rent or Buy? I seriously doubt you can rent this anywhere. Nonetheless, this is a MUST BUY. In fact, if you can find this game anywhere, it probably wouldn't be all that expensive as it is an old game for the NES. Additionally, if you were to find Mike Tyson's Punch-Out instead of Mr. Dream's, then you should consider yourself extremely lucky. So, if you can buy this, do so, as it is a keeper.

Final Rating: 10/10

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 08/07/02, Updated 08/07/02

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