Review by Vegita

Reviewed: 02/06/00 | Updated: 02/06/00

Kick, Punch, it's all in the mind...


Graphics: 8/10
Sound Effects: 8/10
Music: 6/10
Play Control: 7/10
Group Enjoyment: 5/10
Individual Enjoyment: 7/10
Challenge: 8/10
Ending: 4/10
Overall: 7/10

Good Points:
You get to punch out Mike Tyson! Cool!
This is a great game! You are Little Mac, a tiny guy who wants the World Title in boxing. The problem? You have to go through so many guys, it’s scary! You have to fight guys ranging from the big Russian Soda Popinski to a whale of a fat man called King Hippo (remember “Captain N”?).

Graphics: Great graphics. All the enemies have their own distinct look, feel, and attack strategies. So do you, of course…

Sound Effects: I love hitting stuff. This sounds just like hitting stuff.

Music: It’s ok, but not super ok.

Originality: Geez, do I even HAVE to do this one? Ok…where, other than the arcade, can you find a game like it? Ok, and on the Super NES…and the Dreamcast…ok, go away.

Enjoyment: I would have loved to see a 2-player version of this game. Of course, I think ALL games should somehow find a way to have 2 players at once.

Challenge: Reflexes abound in this one.

Ending: Oh boy, you knock out Mike Tyson. Now, where’s Mister Dream?

Bad Points:
Not enough diversity in the punches, but it’s still pretty good for an early Nintendo Game. And like I said, I would have wanted a 2-player mode. Or a 3-player mode! Or 4! Or 12! In fact, I’m just going to go fight a group of complete strangers right now!

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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