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Reviewed: 02/08/00 | Updated: 02/08/00

I'm 23 and I don't have my own game yet :(

Yup, Iron Mike was 21 when this game came out. I had the fortune of being in a Burger King in upstate New York when Mike Tyson actually came in with his entourage and ordered food. They were a bunch of scary guys, all dressed in gold chains and long trench coats. Then a few months later I had the priviledge of cutting Mr. Tyson's lawn at his estate in Farmington, CT. Lucky me, huh? too bad he wasn't there, I could have told him how I pounded him to the mat in his NES game...hehe, right to his face. Sure--as long as I had a good dental plan!
Anyway, this is a solid game and a classic for the NES. In it you battle large, well animated boxers from around the globe. Most have very strange names and quirky taunts as well as the same bodies with different heads but hey, this is only 8-bit! You play as a 17 year old, 107 lb. kid who is coached by Louis Armstrong. Besides boxing a bunch of weirdos, you also get to train in your pink sweat suit at Battery Park in NYC. My guess is little Mac is running away from all the people ready to beat him up for wearing a pink sweat suit-- Maybe that is why he is so tough.
I understand why Nintendo had to tone down this game from the arcade version, which I loved! I wish Pizza Pasta and Bear Hugger had made it into the home game-- Oh well.

Graphics=8.8 For big animated guys, your opponents look pretty good. From the mighty king Hippo to the boob-flexing Super Macho Man, the enemies all have distinct personalities and weird taunts. Tyson looks pretty funny too!

Sound=8.7 Only a few songs in this one, but they are catchy and hard to forget! The intense ''you've been knocked down'' music is right in line with the way you feel after getting punch-drunk!

Play Control=9.0 Surprisingly tight! One of the few games that makes use of the start button as an attack! The quick dodge feature allows you to show off your reflexes.

Storyline=7.5 You are a puny runt of a kid whose goal in life is to knock out Mike Tyson. Pretty ambitious if you ask me! You also enlisted the help of the most useless coach in history, known as Doc.

Challenge=7.6 Not too hard, once you get the hang of it. Even Tyson isn't too tricky once you see what he has. A good idea when fighting him is to drain his energy really low at the end of the 1st round then knock him out quickly in the 2nd and go for the TKO!

Overall=8.9 A very fun game with high replay value! If you own an NES you must have at least seen this game floating around. A must have and an exceptional boxing game!

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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