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"Still Amazing after 17 Years!"

After all these years, this game is still amazing. It is a classic for the Nintendo system, and Is overlooked by many gamers... Read this informative review for my take on this 17 year old masterpiece.

I am now 15, but I recall playing this game when I was 7 or 8. I just got the chance to play again recently, and Surprisingly, I remembered a lot of the opponents. This game truly is amazing and I will tell you why in this review.

Your the 'Small' guy who has got to work his way up. I like the vignettes in the middle of some fights where it shows Mac training and stuff. After you defeat everyone on the Minor and Major circuits you get to face Mike Tyson. This game seemed incredibly challenging to me, and it still is. When you have a challenging game that has a great story, you know it has to be good, even if its for Nintendo.

Well, this isn't for PS2, but the Graphics are still adequate. This game really isn't based on graphics, it is all about the fun you have in the game. It's always great to have a nice challenge and this game delivers just that. Graphics still deserve an 8/10, because this IS being compared to Nintendo games.

There really isn't much sound.. But this isn't supposed to be important in a game like this, so I am not going to deduct from the final rating. There are some decent, yet unrealistic sound effects through the game... and of course the Arcade type tunes that blare throughout the game, but then again, NES game sounds were never that great, seven out of ten in the sound category.

How very unique. So unique that each character has his own little pose/dance, special moves, and personality. I love this game for its witty Characters(maybe not considered witty in the ring though *wink*)... And I have to give it a ten out of ten in this certain category.

Sleek gameplay, very challenging, the buttons can be a bit confusing or unrealistic at times, but once you get the hang of it you will be hooked on to this game. The replayability isn't through the roof, but It's still a game I like to play nonetheless... easily deserving of a nine out of ten.

This is why I play games like this. The challenge is awesome! A CLASSIC NES Game. It used to be a tossup every night for me to play this or Zelda. This game is REALLY up there, and in my book, in the top 50 Video games of all time, easily. The challenge brings in the final spice that is needed... I mean, if it was easy, nobody would play it... Great challenge here.

When you've got a classic with an amazing Gameplay and Story mixed together to form one Boxing game that delivers everything you wanted since 1986, you have a 9/10. As this game is older than me, and does not show wear or boredom yet, it is brilliant... enough said.

Recommendation:BUY THIS GAME if you do not have it, You can get it for really cheap... You can probably get a package of the Nintendo and the Game on EBAY For a jaw-dropping Price... Worth every penny. 17 Years old... And is number one, currently, on the GameFAQs NES Message boards... Wow.

Some might say... Come on... NINTENDO?? Yes, I admit there have been so many video game enhancements and improvements since NES, but this game, and game of its sort, highlight the NES, and pull it up... to the plateau of Excellence classic games and systems alike this one stand proudly.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/22/03

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