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"One of the system's earliest and most entertaining games."

Punch-Out!! is a favorite game of mine, dating way back to 1989. I loved beating the crap out of King Hippo, but i could never seem to get beyond him. An SNES sequel was made in 1994, and was a worthy successor to the original. I'm surprised an N64 sequel has not been thought up yet, for Ready 2 Rumble Boxing is far too annoying to be a great boxing game. See what's so cool about this game, okay? Will Little Mac win? Doesn't he look like that ''Friends'' guy? ONTO THE REVIEW!!!

GRAPHICS: Actaully, contrary to many of the games released in that timespan, Punch-Out!! has excellent graphics. As you can tell Mario makes a cameo appearance as the referee. Every boxer looks unique from the others. The boxing ring, the characters, and everything else are all distinguishable, and the life and energy bars at the top can be easily read. Different kinds of punches look great, including a hook and straight to the face punch. The expressions on sonme the boxers faces are hilarious, and they can actually clue you in on what their next move is. And Little Mac's coach looks sorta like...oh...nevermind. (9/10)

STORY: Little Mac wants to be the best. Who knew? (N/A)

GAMEPLAY: At first, the game is easy, due to you being in a minor boxing championship, but as you move up in the leagues, boxers are tougher, stronger, and have much more stamina. They can also wallop you with power punches and agility attacks. You must become a nimble and reactive player in order to be the best in this game! Although the game's lasting appeal may wear thin for a while, boxing fans can have a blast. The empty void of having only one player instead of two is a bit disappointing, but you can always take turns. Stamina and power are major factors in this game, because you have to do more than blocking in each match. If you are hit too much, you'll be incapable of reviving yourself. Of course, the lakck of energy can fall onto your opponent, therefore, you must be skillful and memorize your moves in order to handicap the other boxers. Another notable thing is weak points, such as King Hippo's (CENSORED), or the Sandman's (CENSORED), so you must try every strategy in order to win. Play control can be a little twitchy at times, but it never truly becomes a major problem. You must press quickly to avoid shots, so I suggest having good hand-eye coordination. (9/10)

SOUND/MUSIC: The music is simple, but that was a trait of the time. Quirky, but not too annoying. The sound effects are comical, since every punch sounds like you stepped on an old dog. The boxer voices are little funny grunts, and bouncing sounds like Mario brought along his jumping sound effects. (8/10)

-Players: 1
-Fun Factor: 10. Well, duh, it's fun beating people up!
-Replay Value: 8. It's novelty wears thin after too much gameplay.
-Rent or Buy: BuybuybuybuybuybuybuyBUY! Get my point?

If you've never played Punch-Out!!, I suggest you do before your NES is nothing but a heap of plastic. It's a thirll and a half when it comes to beating up the losers in the world cahmpionship, but your friends will sure be lonely. But knowing how little friends how have..err...great game!!!...heh heh...oh boy.


Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 02/23/00, Updated 02/23/00

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