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"Little Mac is the Man!"

There are many classics for the Nes, but some of them are more classic than others, Mike Tyson’s Punch Out! is one of those games, one of the earliest and most entertaining games in the Nes. The game follows the story (I wouldn’t call it story but well) of Little Mac, a young boxer wannabe that will end up beating nothing more and nothing less than Dynamite Kid Mike Tyson, one of the best and by far the most infamous boxing champion of all time, that if you manage to get to him of course, which is not an easy task.

I remember having played a nice amount of boxing games in the Nes and Snes, and while they had a lot more options, impressive graphics, real fighters, and a lot more crap, they were boring as hell, Punch Out is far from being realistic, Punch Out does not feature real fighters aside from Mike Tyson is the last battle, Punch Out lacks any options, and Punch Out is for one player only, but Punch Out is going to rock your face very badly, you can bet you butt about that.

Little Mac is able to attack using both hands, with A he will use his left hand and with B his right. By pressing up or down before hitting A or B he will hit two different body parts, if we press up he will hit the opponents chin, and with down a direct punch at his belly. By pressing left or right alone Little Mac will dodge, and if we press down he will block some punches. Also sometimes when we hit the opponent in a certain situation we will win special points to do a special uppercut.
To win you will have to knock the opponent down three times or by a knockout, but we also have three minutes to win, if that time passes the referee (who is Mario by the way) will decide the winner (depending on your points). If we are knocked down we will have to smash the buttons quickly to recover, but like our opponents, if we loose three time we are done.

The gameplay is very simple but also fast, furious, and extremely challenging, one of those typical gameplays only Nintendo is able to do.

The fighters are hilarious, there are eleven contenders and each one has its own way of fighting and stupid mannerisms, like that Russian that is always drunk (odd right?) or that silly Super Macho Man. I specially liked Don Flamenco because he is Spanish, and as I live in Spain but I am not Spanish, I found very funny the way they make fun of those “sevillanas”, that horrible dance they love perform all the time, I really hate that dance. Another funny thing about them is their size, because our Little Mac really is little compared with some fighters, and it is very amusing seeing a little midget like Mac kicking the heel out of them.

The graphics are excellent because the fighter looks are very funny and their movements are also very well done, it is impossible not to love the graphics after seeing he faces of some fighters when you kick their ass. The music is also great because it is very suitable for a boxing game, the soundtrack really sets the mood, and that is the important thing, I love the music.

Something funny is that Nintendo later decided to change Mike Tyson’s name (they later released a game called Punch Out! Featuring Mr. Dream) because of his “affairs” with women, Nintendo is always afraid of anything that can hurt poor kids that play their video games (or what is the same they where afraid to loose money because of that).

Aside from Super Punch Out (the sequel for the Snes), I have never played a boxing games as good as this one, boxing purist have nothing to do here, but those who want to have some serious fun look no further, Punch Out may be old and whatever you want, but together with its sequels this is the absolute best boxing game of all time, and if not the best, by far the most entraining.

”My lack of vocabulary and grammatical errors (if there’s any) are because I’m not from an English speaking country, sorry about that.”

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 01/20/04

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