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"A good game for the NES that has lost its charm"

Boxing games are pretty rare nowadays. Only recently have we seen new boxing games being released. All the new boxing games are fun to play, but not addictive. When Punch Out came out for NES, people were hooked because it was so addictive.
In Punch Out, you played a lame ass boxer, with hopes of winning the gold. To do this, you had to climb the ranks by beating a bunch of wacky opponents. Opponents include the Indian Tiger, Bald Bull, Super Macho Man and more. If you can beat everyone, you eventualy get a shot at the world title which is held by Mike Tyson.
Punch Out promoted individuality. Each boxer would taunt you in his way before the match by saying a few lines. Before the match, he would pose in front of you. Also, every boxer had his own special punch, which was completely wacky. The Tiger would spin around the ring, punching you while Super Macho Man would unleash a series of upper cuts. If you manage to dodge these moves, you would have a clear shot at the opponent.
These things may sound good, but the NES's weaknesses show in the game. You cannot move around the ring. You are stuck on one side and can only move one step to the left or right. You can also duck to evade moves. Also, for some reason all your opponents are three times your size.
Overall, this game was fun in its time, but games like Knockout Kings 2000 and Ready to Rumble are far more interesting.

Graphics: 6.
The characters were blocky, but they did look different and funny. Their ways of getting knocked down were simply hilarious.

Sound: 7.
There was some music in the game for specific characters. But, the sound effects didn't sound too good.

Gameplay: 6.
Its not fun anymore. You want to move around the ring, but can't. The boxers are pretty tough, especially towards the end.

Replay Value: 7.
It may be fun for those who loved the game. If you are playing it for the first time, you won't really enjoy it.

Overall: 6.
It was fun before, but isn't anymore.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 03/13/00, Updated 03/13/00

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