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    FAQ by Kenshin Zlash

    Updated: 02/23/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                                 Fire Emblem FAQ
                       For the Nintendo Entertainment System
                      By Kenshin Zlash(Kenshin_zlash@juno.com)
    I. Legal
    II. Introduction
    III. Controls
    IV. Menus
    V. World Map
    VI. Battles
    VII. Other Hints
    VIII. Closing
    Version Info
    2/23/03--Started and finished this FAQ.
    I. Legal Info
    This FAQ is property of Kenshin Zlash.   This FAQ is only allowed to be put up
    on: (1) gameFAQs.com, (2) Any site owned by the author.  No one except the sites
    listed may use this FAQ.  PERIOD!
    You are allowed to print and distribute this FAQ freely
    as long as no money is paid for it.  If anyone makes money off this FAQ, it
    better be me.    Anyone caught taking this guide as their own at any time
    will be severely punished.
    II. Introduction
    For about 10 years, Fire Emblem has been on my shelf collecting dust.   I've
    beaten the game about a bazillion times and all this time I have no idea what
    some of the things on game say.  I gave a whack at the Full FAQ/Walkthrough
    for the bounty, but I wasn't up to the challenge.   So I just decided to make
    a Basics FAQ for those of us out there who want to play this game, yet have
    no skills in Japanese.  Unless your a collector, or already have the cartridge,
    then you'll be stuck playing this game on an emulator or something.  But that
    also means you don't have any instruction manual or anything like that...(but
    you wouldn't be able to read it because you don't know Japanese, remember?)
    So this FAQ is just to teach you the basics and help you with some menu 
    III. Controls
    Button        Function
    ------        --------
    A             Select (selects things on menus); Confirm
    B             Cancel
    Select        Brings up menu
    Start         Appears to do nothing
    D-Pad Up      Moves cursors up
    D-Pad Down    Moves cursors down
    D-Pad Right   Moves cursors right
    D-Pad Left    Moves cursors left
    IV. Menus
    Main Menu
    This is the first menu you'll see.  Its when you press A during the opening
    Continue (only appears when you have a saved game; Starts exactly where you
              left off.)
    Begin -----> Set1:MAP --
            ---> Set2:MAP --
    These are your save games.  Pick either one if your beginning a new game, if
    you have save data, then pick it to pick up where you left off.
    Map Screen
    This menu appears when you click anywhere on the map except where your soldiers
    are standing.   Also when you press Select.
    Unit(1st Choice)- This brings up a list of all your soldiers, their names, 
          and their amount of HP.  Select one of them to have you cursor on that 
          soldier.  Great for finding the soldier you want fast.
    Storage(2nd Choice)- This tells you all the items your party has.
    Info(3rd Choice)- Tells how much money you have, what map your on, and what
                      turn your on.
    Quit(4th Choice)- Ends the game.   The game is frozen until you reset or turn
                      off the system.
    Switches(5th Choice)---->Sound- Turns the music on or off
                         --->Anime- Turns the animations of the battles on or off.
                        |           This means you'll just have the text telling
                        |           you what's going on.
                         --->WaitTimer- Pick a number from 1 to 5.  This makes the
                                        messages on the battles go either fast or 
    Finish(6th Choice)- Ends your turn.   The enemy will now take its turn.
    Action Menu
    The small menu that appears when you select one of your soldiers.   Also 
    appears after you move.
    Fight(first choice)- Appears only when you are near an enemy.   Begins a 
    Talk(appears when on a house)- You can talk to whoever's in the house.
    Take(when on destination point)- You now take control over what you were 
                                     trying to take over.
    Item(First choice when not near enemy, second when fight option appears)
         This equips some stuff.   I never use it since I never know what I'm 
    End(last choice)- Ends the soldier's turn.
    V. World Map
    To move, simply highlight a soldier, and press a direction on the D-Pad.  The
    cursor will now be red, and you can move it where ever and press A to have
    the soldier move there.  You cannot move to a spot where another soldier is
    standing.  Only certain characters can move through water.   Only certain
    soldiers can move on trees and mountains.
    Being within one "square" of the opponent will give you a chance to fight.
    If the enemy moves into your own soldier, a fight may begin.   Only certain
    situations will start a fight.
    Situation one:      
                    You--->| X |
                  enemy--->| O |
    If you are in the square either up, left, down, or right of the enemy, a fight
    will begin.
    Situation two:
                       You---> |X|
                     Enemy--->   |O|
    The enemy is diagonal to your soldier.   A battle will not initiate.
    Situation three:
                    Archer---> |X|
                     Enemy--->   |0|
                     Enemy---> |0|
    Archers are able to attack 2 spaces away from the enemy, or when diagonally
    one space from it.
    When you are standing on a house, you can talk to whoever's inside.  These
    houses are usually worth going to, since they can offer helpful hints(but 
    still, for those of us who can't read Japanese...), give you money, offer you
    a chance to go into an arena, or you may even get a new party member.
    Forts allow you to heal. Simply move your soldier on to one to be healed. It
    takes one turn to heal a certain amount of HP.
    Forts are also bad since enemies spawn from them when you are not occupying
    them.  Be sure to finish your quest quickly.
    Doors can be opened by Theives.   You'll only get about 2 theives during the
    game, so you'd better take care of them.
    Also only opened by theives.  They contain items inside.
    VI. Battles
    When you get into a battle many things may happen:
    You Attack- You attack the enemy.  Your character just does his basic attack.
                Your character may occasionally miss.
    Enemy Attacks- The enemy attacks you.  Same as above.
    Special attack- Marth will sometimes do this flashy attack which does
                    critical damage.
    Counter Attacks- When attacked, either you or your enemy will hit back.  Does
                     not count as your turn or their turn in battle.
    Critical Hit- Sometimes your characters will do tons more damage than usual.
    Leveling Up
    If you win, you will gain a certain amount of EXP.   Getting 100 EXP will 
    give you a level up and make you stronger.   If you don't beat the enemy, 
    you will receive as much EXP as you did damage to the enemy (ie. You 
    inflicted 20 damage, you recieve 20 EXP)
    If you get to a high enough level, weak enemie's attacks won't even hurt
    you.  When you level up, stats go up, making you stronger.   Level 20 is the 
    Max level.
    Weapon Shops
    You should stop by stores frequently to buy weapons.  If I can, I'll get an
    item translation.  You must have weapons to attack people with, because if
    you don't, you simply will not be able to attack. 
    Item Banks
    This is my own term for the triangle shaped shops.   The first choice is to
    drop off an item which you do not want anymore (a weapon your character can't
    use, or is almost about to run out).    Since your character can only hold
    so many weapons, this is a great place for emptying some slots when you
    need to, and then you can stop by an Weapon Shop and refill your stock.  You
    can always come back to an Item Bank for an item you left there.
    When one of your characters dies (he has lost all HP), he dissappears from 
    the map.   If Marth dies however, the game is over.
    VII. Other Hints
    -Archers CANNOT attack when they are to the direct left, right, up, or down
     spaces from someone.
    -Use an archer's range to your benefit.  For example, have him attack behind
     a wall, behind an armored knight, etc.
    -Someone has told me Social Knights can upgrade to Paladins at level 10, but
     I have no idea how to do that....
    -Magic users are weak against physical attacks, physical attackers are weak
     against magic.  Keep that in mind.
    -Don't waste a magic user's healing spells when there is a fort near.
    -Try not to lose your best party members early in the game!
    VIII. Conclusion
    This game is just plain cool.    Its so much better than a certain other
    series *cough*Shining Force*cough*.    Here are some people I'd like to 
    Me-For writing the FAQ
    Me-for getting this game for my birthday some time ago
    Cyriades-For helping some with the translations
    GameFAQs-for posting up this FAQ.

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