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    Class FAQ by Juigi Kario

    Version: 1.4 | Updated: 09/11/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Fire Emblem 1: Ankoku Ryuu To Hikari No Tsurugi
    (Dark Dragon and Sword of Light)
    Class FAQ
    Version 1.4
    By Juigi
    Table of contents
    1. Introduction
    2. Version notes
    3. Classes
    4. Credits
    (Copied directly from AstroBlue's FFTA FAQ.)
    This FAQ uses Shift-JIS encoding to display Japanese kana (characters). 
    Browsers such as Mozilla Firefox (www.mozilla.org/products/firefox) support 
    CJK encoding inherently, but common browsers such as MS Internet Explorer 
    require you to update your system (windowsupdate.microsoft.com). Otherwise, I 
    recommend you download a Japanese-English word processor called JWPce. It is 
    available from: http://www.physics.ucla.edu/~grosenth/jwpce.html
    1. Introduction
    Hello. In case you don't go to the GameFAQ Boards and haven't seen my 
    contributor info or Fire Emblem 6 Support FAQ, I am Juigi, elder half of the 
    Kario Brothers, who are ripoffs of the Mario Brothers (from the Mario 
    series). My email address is juigikario@yahoo.com . But enough of that.
    Fire Emblem is a Strategy RPG series that has yet to be in America. So why 
    are Marth (from Fire Emblem 1 and 3) and Roy (from Fire Emblem 6) in Super 
    Smash Bros. Melee? Because SSBM was made in Japan. Both characters were the 
    Lord/Leader of an army in their respective games, so they needed to survive 
    for you to avoid Game Over.
    In any case, this FAQ is actually a sub-FAQ for my main FAQ/Walkthrough. It 
    will already be big enough with the Walkthrough alone. The things I was 
    planning to include, one of which being the Character lists, would make the 
    thing too big. So I'm reducing the size of the main FAQ. Besides, if I put up 
    several Fire Emblem FAQs at once, Fire Emblem should become more popular. :D
    Oh yeah, about me:
    *RN: Not publically disclosed
    *A/S/L: 19 as of July 9/M/San Pablo (SF Bay Area), CA
    *How to contact me:
    -Email: juigi@lycos.co.uk
    -AOL: Juigi Kario
    -YIM: Not disclosed
    -MSN: figaro_brothers@hotmail.com
    -ICQ: Not used
    *Major GameFAQ contributions: Fire Emblem 1 FAQs (3-part Walkthrough, Basic 
    and Mechanics FAQ, Character FAQ, Class FAQ, Item/Weapon FAQ, Shop/Arena FAQ, 
    and Talis Quest Walkthrough) and FE6 Support FAQ
    *Anything over half a Megabyte without me approving of it first. My box is 
    getting spam often enough as it stands.
    *Flames. They will not be tolerated. You will instead get counterflamed AND 
    *Criticism unless it is good enough. Since it is harsh enough on its own, it 
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    *Spam. I get enough of it already. You'll be counterspammed, flamed, AND 
    blocked all at once, and if you think of blocking me first, I'll report you 
    to your email service if you do this.
    *Prejudice. Yes, I am listing this and I'm sick of it to no end. Long story. 
    If you decide to be prejudiced, you'll be reported.
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    *Any unreasonable attempts to be funny. This includes but is not limited to 
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    Excuse me if I'm being harsh; I just don't want any trouble. Strict? That I 
    have no problem with. If you want to report anything though, do so, but be 
    nice about it. Now, without further ado, onto the FAQ!
    Japanese text addition notes: all Japanese characters are assumed to be 2 
    characters long. In addition, I'm using "tu", "ti", and "si" in place of 
    "tsu", "chi", and "shi" respectively in case you're confused. Small vowels 
    are abbreviated as they would be in Romanji, so "jiyo" with "yo" being a 
    small vowel becomes "jo." FYI, this applies only with "shi", "ji", and "chi" 
    because they're the only convertable ones.
    2. Version notes
    *Version 1.4 (9/11/2004) - Another overhauling. Since it's been 3 years 
    exactly since the 9/11 incident, don't forget to think of the people who died 
    in said indicent.
    *Version 1.3 (4/24/2003) - This FAQ got overhauled to make navigation any 
    *Version 1.2 (4/22/2003) - Mistake fixed.
    *Version 1.1 (4/10/2003) - Dates added.
    *Version 1.0 (3/2/2003) - FAQ started and pretty much done.
    3. Classes
    Lord (ロード)
    *Information: There is only one of these guys: Marth. And he's leading the 
    army you're controlling. Uses swords.
    dies, you will automatically lose! Be aware that he cannot promote. (This 
    flaw is thankfully fixed in later FEs, save for 3 where Marth is the Lord 
    *Fighting this guy: If you ask for a strategy, then I have two words for you: 
    *Promotion: If you ask about this, then I'm sending you to the trash. In other 
    words, there is none!
    *Ally units in this class: Marth
    Social Knight (S*ナイト)
    *Information: Horse rider. All around as melee attackers, but also has high 
    Movement as well. Uses swords and spears. Weak to Knight Killers.
    *Using this unit: I wouldn't know too much, except you can use him/her for 
    barricades to protect Archers, although they wouldn't be as effective at 
    stopping a mob of enemies as Armor Knights would.
    *Fighting this unit: This guy is not exactly a Theif on the killing priority 
    scale, but he's not exactly a Pirate or Axeman on that scale either. Unless 
    you barricaded your weaker characters, he'll pick them off easily and you 
    won't be able to do a dang thing about it. Luckily he can't hope to survive 
    mob tactics unless all the units that attack him are too weak.
    *Promotion: Paladin
    *Item needed for promotion: Knight Emblem
    *Ally units in this class: Kain, Abel, Marchis, Hardin, Roshi, & Birak
    Paladin (パラディン)
    *Information: More experienced Social Knight. A lot faster and more skilled 
    than Social Knights.
    *Using this unit: Yay! Everything is definately better, including Movement 
    Type. Still, treat this guy like you would a Social Knight.
    *Fighting this unit: ACK! You better have your best people and/or your ranged 
    fighters ready. This guy is deadly and can whip your team into shape if 
    you're not careful.
    *Ally units already in this class: Jeigan, Medea, and Aran
    Armor Knight (A*ナイト)
    *Information: Armored fighter. Excels at Physical Defense, but all stats are 
    so-so or worse. Uses swords and spears. Weak to Armor Killers and Hammers.
    *Using this unit: If you need to guard a unit, this unit is the one to use. 
    But be careful; Armor Knights, like nearly everybody else, is suspectible to 
    Magic because all he/she often has to survive against it is his/her HPs. Some 
    enemies have Armor Killers too, so watch out for them as well.
    *Fighting this unit: Surround and smack with an Armor Killer, a Hammer, or 
    Magic. By the time you fight one as an enemy, you will already have an Armor 
    Killer. If there's a mob of Armor Knights attacking, the Armor Killer or 
    Hammer are really your only choices.
    *Promotion: If you ask, your class is officially General of Morons. In other 
    words, there is NONE.
    *Ally units in this class: Doga, Roger, Michelan, and Tomth
    Shougun (しょうぐん - General)
    *Information: Super armored war leader. Just like Armor Knights.
    *Using this unit: You get only one unit from this class, period. So take care 
    of him once you get him. Treat him like an upgraded Armor Knight.
    *Fighting this unit: Treat these guys like tougher Armor Knights......
    *Promotion: This was assumed to be a promoted class. There's no reason to 
    suppose there's a promotion for this class, even though I just found that you 
    can't turn units from the Armor Knight class into Generals.
    *Ally units in this class: Lawrence
    Pegasus Knight (P*ナイト)
    *Information: Pegasus rider. Terrain except walls and doors have no effect on 
    the Pegasus Knight, which is good and bad. Strength and Physical Defense are 
    bad, but Speed is good. Uses swords and spears. Weak to Bow attacks.
    *Using this unit: First off, keep this unit away from ANY Archers/Hunters/Bow 
    Knights unless you have blocked them or you can take them down. Secondly, do 
    NOT make her (all Pegasus Knights are female obviously) stand on good terrain 
    unless the enemies are too far away; terrain does not affect her at all, 
    although that is good in a way, since that means movement cost is 1 on ANY 
    terrain for her, except for doors and walls which cut her off completely. 
    Third, don't have her fight strong guys; she won't deal much if any damage 
    off of a Dragon.
    *Fighting this unit: Snipe, snipe, snipe! This means attack with bows. She'll 
    likely die in no more than a couple of blows. Since you can always have an 
    Archer, the only problem is maneuvering your units so that wimps don't get 
    picked off.
    *Promotion: Dragon Knight
    *Item needed for promotion: Dragon's Whip
    *Ally units in this class: Sheeda, Paola, Katua, and Est
    Dragon Knight (D*ナイト)
    *Information: Dragon rider. Seems to have had experience with riding a 
    Pegasus. Shares the same no terrain effect as the Pegasus Knight. Much 
    stronger but easily slower.
    *Using this unit: Minerva is the only one who will suffer the Speed and Skill 
    problems. The Pegasus Knights, however, will not when they're promoted. But 
    I'll assume you just use Minerva anyway, since a great writer is supposed to 
    assume the reader may want a challenge, just like a great strategist would be 
    ready for the worst case scenario. Well, there's also the fact that Minerva 
    is your only Dragon Knight until Chapter 19. Regardless, just treat Minerva 
    like a stronger but slower Pegasus Knight, but also know that she, along with 
    promoted Pegasus Knights, also has a weakness against Dragon Killers as well. 
    *Fighting this unit: The mighty Sniper will get rid of this pest once and for 
    all! Be sure to get rid of him quickly; in swarms, Dragon Knights can kill 
    troops or even overwhelm your army if you're not careful.
    *Ally units already in this class: Minerva
    Youhei (ようへい - Mercenary)
    *Information: Employed Troop. Skilled with swords. Uses Swords, obviously.
    *Using this unit: Don't sick this unit on enemy Social Knights unless the SKs 
    themselves have Swords; Spear beats Sword (since the spear has higher reach). 
    However, you can sick on Axemen and never have to worry too much, as Sword 
    beats Axe (due to the Sword's maneuverability), so you can beat the nitwits 
    *Fighting this unit: DO NOT FIGHT THEM WITH YOUR AXEMEN! Otherwise, they'll 
    be trashed! Fight them with a mob of spear users. Use Magic users as well. 
    Under VERY few circumstances should these enemies be allowed to survive!
    *Promotion: Yuusha (Hero)
    *Item needed for promotion: Hero's Badge
    *Ally units in this class: Oguma, Navarre, Raddy, and Shiza
    Yuusha (ゆうしゃ - Hero)
    *Information: More experienced Mercenary. A lot stronger than Mercenaries.
    *Using this unit: Now this guy is REALLY deadly. With the insane base stats 
    and the fact that Heros have no weaknesses against particular weapons, a 
    certain Talis leader, a certain tough guy with some kindness, and certain 
    guards of Warren can rip battlefields to shreds, providing they're careful of 
    *Fighting this unit: Take this guy out first AND with ranged attacks, 
    especially magic incantations. He's got no weaknesses, so be careful.
    *Ally units already in this class: Astoria and Samson
    *Information: A strongman. Fairly adept with terrain. Uses Axes.
    *Note: the game calls these guys "Senshi" which translates to "Fighter", but 
    "Axeman" is a more appropriate name for these guys.
    *Using this unit: This unit is reliant on Power, but it is the only class 
    besides Pirates that can use Axes. Saving this unit for a last resort might 
    be a good idea, but you probably should try these guys out on Spear and Axe 
    users if all else fails, and if you have to fight off a mob of Armor Knights, 
    you can always use the cheap old Hammers.
    *Fighting this unit: Just attack them with Swords and they'll be taken down 
    in a matter of turns.
    *Promotion: It doesn't exist. I thought it did as the Pirate class but nope. 
    It doesn't.
    *Ally units in this class: Saji, Maji, and Barts
    Kaizoku (かいぞく - Pirate)
    *Information: Axeman prefering to live around the seas. Like the Axeman but 
    can walk on water.
    *Using this unit: You get only one unit for this class, and Eaichu doesn't 
    really like him. Well, treat him like an Axeman who can walk the seven seas.
    *Fighting this unit: *snorts* These guys are just morons. Why do they attack 
    Talis in the first place? Anyway, just treat them like Axemen who can walk on 
    *Promotion: Again, I thought this was a promoted class. The reason is because 
    this unit's movement type is better than the Axeman's, save for rocky terrain.
    *Ally units in this class: Daros
    Archer (アーチャー)
    *Information: Bow user. Relys on distance attacks to fight enemies. Uses Bows.
    *Using this unit: Keep him shielded; he cannot retaliate to a melee weapon 
    attack. Thankfully, only other bow users can retaliate to his own attacks. 
    Also, if there's a Pegasus Knight in the area, snipe it.
    *Fighting this unit: If you have your own Pegasus Knight deployed, keep her 
    away from this unit and put any enemy bow users on semi-high priority. 
    Fortunately, they can't counter a melee attack, so nail them with those 
    attacks or up close Magic.
    *Promotion: Sniper
    *Item needed for promotion: Orion's Arrow
    *Ally units in this class: Gordan and Thomas
    Sniper (スナイパー)
    *Information: More experienced Archer. EASILY better than Archers.
    *Using this unit: Now here's a unit who has been carrying the burden of being 
    a lousy Archer around. Now he'll be kicking butts and taking names! Still, 
    keep him shielded against melee attacks so that he can counter anything 
    coming his way.
    *Fighting this unit: Whether or not you have Pegasus or Dragon Knights 
    deployed, put this guy on high priority for the assassination list, and when 
    you reach him, kill him off with melee fighters in a mob mentality before he 
    can take out anybody.
    *Ally units already in this class: George
    Hunter (ハンター)
    *Information: Bow user. Like the Archer, but offensively better when 
    *Using this unit: Treat him/her like an Archer. Merely better offense and 
    movement but worse defense.
    *Fighting this unit: Again, treat him/her like an Archer with higher movement 
    and better offense. Luckily, defense is little problem.
    *Promotion: Why did I guess incorrectly there was one and it was the Nomad? 
    Promotion improves Kashim in FE3 only because it was possible to dismount 
    *Ally units in this class: Kashim
    Bow Knight
    *Information: Bow user. Rides a horse.
    *Note: the game calls this "Horseman" (with Katakana), but "Bow Knight" makes 
    more sense.
    *Using this unit: The only real difference between this unit and an Archer is 
    the easily better Movement Power and the worse Movement Type. You can guess 
    what to do.
    *Fighting this unit: See above.
    *Promotion: None. This was a promoted class in FE3 anyway.
    *Ally units in this class: Wolf and Zagaro
    Shooter (シューター)
    *Information: Chariot rider. Highest defense of long range physical attack 
    users. Can use Catapaults, but regular Bows are out of the question.
    *Using this unit: I thought before that Catapault could fire from more than 2 
    spaces away. But nothing can attack from such a high range, including Worm. 
    Luckily this unit has insane defense. Just watch out for high attack units 
    and Thunder Arches. Give your Shooters some Boots too so that they'll be 
    able to keep up with your team, but be aware that their Movement Type still 
    *Fighting this unit: Don't waste your physical weapons on these guys unless 
    the physical weapon users are strong enough! Use magic or the Thunder Bolt 
    because their Physical Defense rivals that of even a General's. Luckily their 
    Movement Power AND Type are the worst in the game, so take advantage of that 
    *Promotion: None.
    *Ally units in this class: Jake and Beck
    Touzoku (とうぞく - Thief)
    *Information: Fast person. Can open Chests and can also use Thief Keys. Low 
    power though. Uses Swords.
    *Using this unit: Give them the best weapons they can use unless they are so 
    heavy that they'll take off enough of your Speed so that the enemy gets two 
    hits on them; often, enemies will not be as fast as your Thieves, and might 
    never even get a double attack on them regardless of weight of weapons used. 
    Watch out, as if your Theives DO get hit, they can't exactly come close to 
    resisting the type of damage Armor Knights can. Sadly enough, Thieves decide 
    to pick this Fire Emblem to suck in, even though it seems Julian would beat 
    all the other Julians. (I think Pati as Deu's Daughter (FE4) or Chad (from 
    FE6) would beat him though.)
    *Fighting this unit: Usually, you should just terminate these guys with 
    extreme prejudice; they can burn villages if you haven't warned the villages' 
    residents, and you can guess what you'll lose for letting that happen.
    *Promotion: Don't I wish.
    *Ally units in this class: Julian and Ricard
    Souryo (そうりょ - Cleric)
    *Information: The indirect half of the magic users. Uses Wands for healing.
    Using this unit: Only put this unit in the front line if you want to get 
    him/her experience and you're sure he/she won't die. He/she can't survive for 
    too long, but unfortunately, he/she never gets any experience unless he/she 
    gets hit. Thankfully, it is the amount of experience the enemy that attacked 
    gives up when defeated.
    *Fighting this unit: Again, if you can't recruit them, terminate with extreme 
    prejudice; they can undo all the damage you deal if left alone. Thankfully, 
    they won't last long against physical attacks.
    *Promotion: Priest
    *Item needed for promotion: Priest's Ring
    *Ally units in this class: Riff, Rena, Maria, and Ellis
    Madoushi (まどうし - Magician)
    *Information: The direct half of the magic users. Uses Tomes that hold 
    incantations of attack spells to chant.
    *Using this unit: Be careful about using this unit carelessly; although 
    he/she can attack from close up or 1 square apart from the enemy, you 
    shouldn't let the enemy retaliate. Thankfully enemies rarely have any Magic 
    Defense, so they often get hammered.
    *Fighting this unit: Unfortunately, nobody ever gets any points for Magic 
    Defense by leveling up, and only Gato starts with any. But still, these magic 
    users can't survive Mob Tactics. If this enemy keeps on persistently doing 
    damage, just use Magic Shield and the targeted unit's Magic Defense 
    temporarily goes up by 7 points.
    *Promotion: Priest
    *Item needed for promotion: Priest's Ring
    *Ally units in this class: Maric and Linda
    Shisai (しさい - Priest)
    *Information: Upgraded Cleric/Magician, and a combination of that too. Uses 
    both Wands and Tomes.
    *Using this unit: Hahaha! This guy/gal can use Wands AND Tomes. You have 
    yourself a deadly unit, and a high Speed one at that. Unlike Clerics, don't 
    put him/her in the front line unless you want to block something or someone; 
    this unit doesn't gain experience by being attacked, although it gains it by 
    retaliating or attacking anyway.
    *Fighting this unit: Pound this unit with everything you have; he/she can't 
    be allowed to survive for long if he/she is anywhere past Chapter 5, but be 
    warned: this unit uses Magic for attacking.
    *Promotion: Already promoted from Cleric and Magician
    *Ally units already in this class: Wendel, Boa, and Gato
    Commando (コマンド)
    *Information: Unit that can turn into an ally and mimic the ally's stats for 
    5 turns. Can't use any weapons but swords when in normal state, what is used 
    by this class when transformed depends on mimicked ally's class.
    *Using this unit: Before having Chainy (the only Commando you ever get) 
    transform into anything other than a Pegasus Knight, have him/her start in 
    the back lines, move through the rough terrain while keeping it reverted, and 
    when he/she and the enemy army are close enough to each other, have him/her 
    transform into one of your powerful people. Then the Commando will pound 
    away. Chainy has to deal damage without transforming first to gain experience.
    *Fighting this unit: Chainy's the only one, and he'd rather talk to Marth....
    *Promotion: None
    *Ally units in this class: Chainy
    Mamkute (マムクト)
    *Information: Physically weak human-like being who can turn into a powerful 
    Dragon! Uses Dragon Stones.
    *Using this unit: HAHAHA! This unit may seem like crud at first, having low 
    stats, but give him/her a stone and the war becomes a massacre, with the 
    enemies being the victims!
    *Fighting this unit: Urgh! You have a powerful unit to fight. Thankfully, 
    however, it is so slow and unable to retaliate to ranged attacks that you can 
    beat it up with your Bow users (and Magic users if it's just a Fire Mamkute), 
    and then finish it off with your own Mamkute(s).
    *Promotion: As if this unit needs a promotion. Mamkutes are a *RACE* anyway.
    *Ally units in this class: Banut and Chiki
    |Class   | HP|Str|Skl|WLv|Spd|PDf|Mov|EXP|Wpn|Special notes          |
    |Lord    | 18|  5|  3|  5|  7|  7|  7|---|Swd|Marth only             |
    |SKnight | 16|  5|  2|  8|  6|  7|  9| 30|Spr|                       |
    |Paladin | 22|  8|  7| 10| 11|  9| 10| 44|Spr|                       |
    |PKnight | 16|  4|  5|  9| 11|  6|  8| 36|Spr|Flyer                  |
    |DKnight | 22|  9|  3| 10|  6| 14| 10| 44|Spr|Flyer                  |
    |ArmrKnt | 16|  5|  1|  7|  3| 11|  5| 32|Spr|                       |
    |General | 28|  9|  1| 13|  4| 14|  5| 50|Spr|Can't use Thunder Sword|
    |Mercenry| 16|  4|  8|  8| 10|  5|  7| 28|Swd|                       |
    |Hero    | 24|  8| 14| 10| 14|  8|  7| 46|Swd|                       |
    |Axeman  | 18|  5|  1|  4|  7|  4|  6| 24|Axe|                       |
    |Pirate  | 18|  5|  1|  5|  6|  4|  6| 24|Axe|                       |
    |Thief   | 16|  3|  1|  2|  9|  2|  7| 40|Swd|May open chests        |
    |Archer  | 16|  4|  1|  9|  4|  5|  5| 28|Bow|                       |
    |Sniper  | 24|  7| 10| 10| 14|  7|  7| 42|Bow|                       |
    |Hunter  | 18|  6|  1|  5|  5|  3|  6| 26|Bow|                       |
    |BowKnt  | 16|  4|  1|  3|  7|  4|  9| 30|Bow|                       |
    |Shooter | 20|  5|  1|  8|  3| 14|  4| 38|Sht|                       |
    |Cleric  | 16|  1|  1|  7|  1|  3|  5| 30|---|May use Wands          |
    |Magician| 16|  1|  1|  7|  5|  3|  6| 32|Tme|                       |
    |Priest  | 22|  3|  1| 10| 14|  8|  6| 44|Tme|May use Wands          |
    |Commando| 16|  1|  1|  2| 10|  4|  6| 40|Swd|May mimic ally stats   |
    |Mamkute | 18|  1|  1|  7|  1|  3|  6| 42|DSt|                       |
    *Str = Strength
    *Skl = Skill
    *WLv = Weapon Level
    *Spd = Speed
    *PDf = Physical Defense
    *Mov = Movement Power
    *EXP = Experience value of class
    *Wpn = Weapon Type of the class
    *Swd = Sword
    *Spr = Spear (but all classes with this may use Swords too)
    *Sht = Shooter (or Catapault)
    *Tme = Tome
    *DSt = Dragon Stone
    *Flyer = Flyer type class, which are vunerable to Bows and unaffected by 
    outdoor terrain
    4. Credits
    I must thank the members of the FESS Board at 
    http://fessforum.proboards11.com/index.cgi for their help, especially the 
    Fireemblem.net post. I'll also thank Kenshin Zlash for providing enemy stats 
    and not even noticing a pattern in them.
    I'd like to thank Fireemblem.net anyway, because they provide information, 
    albeit in Japanese.
    I'd like to thank Nintendo, and Intelligence Systems for this game AND SSBM, 
    and anybody else involved in making SSBM, since SSBM is pretty much the 
    reason why I even play Fire Emblem games in the first place.
    I'd also like to thank http://www.solon.org/cgi-bin/j-e for helping me 
    translate some of the things, and the Kana Books by James W. Heisig for 
    letting me navigate through the Kana. I'd also like to thank Fire Emblem 3 
    for helping me find out about the Red Dragon Stone among other things, and 
    Vengeance the FE3 FAQ writer for help on FE3 as well.
    And give a good hand to AdamantNo1 for his Fire Emblem shrine at RPGC. The 
    address of the shrine is http://tartarus.rpgclassics.com/~fe1/
    This is copyright 2002 Juigi and any of the sources. If I find out you've 
    been copying or selling this without permission or doing any other illegal 
    stuff involving this, you're gone!

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