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    Talis Quest Walkthrough by Juigi Kario

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 09/11/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Fire Emblem 1: Ankoku Ryuu To Hikari No Tsurugi
    (Dark Dragon and Sword of Light)
    Talis Quest FAQ
    Version 1.1
    By Juigi
    Table of contents
    1. Introduction
    2. Version notes
    3. Talis Quest Information
    4. Talis Quest Walkthrough
    5. Credits
    (Copied directly from AstroBlue's FFTA FAQ.)
    This FAQ uses Shift-JIS encoding to display Japanese kana (characters). 
    Browsers such as Mozilla Firefox (www.mozilla.org/products/firefox) support 
    CJK encoding inherently, but common browsers such as MS Internet Explorer 
    require you to update your system (windowsupdate.microsoft.com). Otherwise, I 
    recommend you download a Japanese-English word processor called JWPce. It is 
    available from: http://www.physics.ucla.edu/~grosenth/jwpce.html
    1. Introduction
    Hello. In case you don't go to the GameFAQ Boards and haven't seen my 
    contributor info or Fire Emblem 6 Support FAQ, I am Juigi, elder half of the 
    Kario Brothers, who are ripoffs of the Mario Brothers (from the Mario 
    series). My email address is juigikario@yahoo.com . But enough of that.
    Fire Emblem is a Strategy RPG series that has yet to be in America. So why 
    are Marth (from Fire Emblem 1 and 3) and Roy (from Fire Emblem 6) in Super 
    Smash Bros. Melee? Because SSBM was made in Japan. Both characters were the 
    Lord/Leader of an army in their respective games, so they needed to survive 
    for you to avoid Game Over.
    Anyway, I got a little bored and started this a quest where only characters 
    from Talis may be generally used. Then I decided to use my Talis Quest to 
    help me out.
    Oh yeah, about me:
    *RN: Not publically disclosed
    *A/S/L: 18 as of July 9/M/San Pablo (SF Bay Area), CA
    *How to contact me:
    -Email: juigi@lycos.co.uk
    -AOL: Juigi Kario
    -YIM: Not disclosed
    -MSN: figaro_brothers@hotmail.com
    -ICQ: Not used
    *Major GameFAQ contributions: Fire Emblem 1 FAQs (3-part Walkthrough, Basic 
    and Mechanics FAQ, Character FAQ, Class FAQ, Item/Weapon FAQ, Shop/Arena FAQ, 
    and Talis Quest Walkthrough) and FE6 Support FAQ
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    Excuse me if I'm being harsh; I just don't want any trouble. Strict? That I 
    have no problem with. If you want to report anything though, do so, but be 
    nice about it. Now onto the FAQ!
    Japanese text addition notes: all Japanese characters are assumed to be 2 
    characters long. In addition, I'm using "tu", "ti", and "si" in place of 
    "tsu", "chi", and "shi" respectively in case you're confused. Small vowels 
    are abbreviated as they would be in Romanji, so "jiyo" with "yo" being a 
    small vowel becomes "jo." FYI, this applies only with "shi", "ji", and "chi" 
    because they're the only convertable ones.
    2. Version notes
    *Verion 1.1 (9/11/2004) - more fixes to navigation. Since it's been 3 years 
    exactly since the 9/11 incident, don't forget to think of the people who died 
    in said indicent.
    *Version 1.02 (8/4/2003) - Personal info added.
    *Version 1.01 (4/24/2003) - Navigation made slightly easier
    *Version 1.0 (4/22/2003) - FAQ finished.
    *Version 0.4 (4/10/2003) - FAQ started. First 10 Chapters done.
    3. Talis Quest Information
    This is a quest for FE1, where you are generally allowed to use ONLY units 
    hailing from Talis. That's right. Avoid unnecessary use of anybody besides 
    Marth, Sheeda, Riff, Oguma, Saji, Maji, Barts, and Kashim. Marth has to be 
    used on EVERY map anyway while the other 7 hail from Talis. I started this 
    quest believing that there are good troops hailing from Talis. Now here are 
    some rules:
    -If Riff's Weapon Level doesn't allow him to use a particular Wand that's 
    absolutely needed for something (like getting the Angel Clothing in Chapter 
    6), then you are allowed bring in a substitute for the particular Wand, but 
    ONLY use it for the needed purposes and ONLY if no Wands have been used 
    during the phase, if Riff is in an area that is safe at the time, AND if any 
    time saved doesn't make a difference in the battles themselves. Once Riff has 
    a high enough Weapon Level (8 before getting Starlight, 9 after getting 
    Starlight), though, consider ALL other Magic Users only "time savers" for the 
    -Tomes until Riff promotes are STRICTLY FORBIDDEN! Cleric Riff can't use 
    Tomes until he promotes.
    -Non-Talis troops are allowed to handle item issues if your Talis troops 
    aren't fighting. Theives are also allowed to take the contents of treasure 
    -Do NOT use Personal Use items or anything restricted to classes not even 
    used by the above 8. EVER! This means no Mamkute Stones, Excaliber, Aura, 
    Commando's transforming, etc. You shouldn't have support from insane item 
    help or clones of Talis warriors. Nobody who uses any of the above hails from 
    Talis anyway. The Hammerne Wand counts as a Personal Use item for Rena, who 
    doesn't hail from Talis, so yes, it is banned from seeing use in the quest.
    -Do NOT have people use weapons if your troops can't use them just because of 
    the Weapon Level (or Class in Riff's case). I don't care if it is the Gladius 
    or the Partia. Sheeda and Kashim respectively should be able to use both 
    eventually if their respective Weapon Levels get high enough.
    -DO NOT CHEAT! I don't care if it is glitches (unlikely), save states, or 
    NNNesterJ codes; you're supposed to do this quest legitimately.
    Now, here are some notes about the generally allowed troops:
    *Marth - Leader of the Altean army and Prince of Altea. You have to not only 
    make sure he stays alive, but bring him onto every map anyway.
    *Sheeda - Princess of Talis. Her HP and Strength are her weakest stats but 
    they still come out good. She's the only one allowed on this Quest to use 
    *Riff - Cleric residing in Talis. He's the only Cleric (except Ellis who 
    comes in very late and hails from Altea anyway) who has HP Growth, and 
    promotion will instantly max out his Speed. Just watch out for his poor 
    Weapon Level.
    *Oguma - Captain of the Talis guards and Sheeda's sworn protector. His stats 
    should go OMG in a hurry. His only concern is Physical Defense, but he's 
    still about the best anti-Camus person for the job.
    *Saji - One of the Axe Brother twins and a lackey of Oguma's. Saji's strength 
    is raw Power.
    *Maji - The other Axe Brother twin, and also a lackey of Oguma's. Maji's 
    strength is Speed, which compensates for his class's high power.
    *Barts - The toughest of the Axe Brothers, and Oguma's second-in-command. 
    Barts has the best stats of the Axemen but has the highest starting level as 
    *Kashim - Talis Hunter who decided to work for Garuda only to get money for 
    his sick mother. Sheeda will fix this problem in a hurry, getting Kashim to 
    join. Kashim is the only ranged fighter you have for quite a while so take 
    care of him and also note that he's the only Bow user who hails from Talis, 
    so restrict Bows to him.
    Now here are some possible problems to note:
    -The number of people: Okay. So completing the game with nobody dying seems 
    insane enough as it is. Well, I got news for you: you'd always be using 10 
    people at least past the first chapter. In this quest, you're allowed to use 
    only EIGHT AT MOST FOR FIGHTING! That's right. Expect to hit the reset button 
    time and again unless you know what you're doing.
    -Weapon Levels: This doesn't apply to the Axemen as Maji has the lowest 
    Weapon Level of ALL Axe users but the only Axe he can't use right away is the 
    Devil Axe and he needs only one extra Weapon Level point to use it, not to 
    mention the Devil Axe isn't really a good Axe. Marth and Oguma aren't allowed 
    to use the Weapon Level 9 weapons right away, but Marth's equipment isn't 
    something to worry about while Oguma has great Weapon Level growth, not to 
    mention he promotes FIRST. Sheeda has good Weapon Level growth so she'll be 
    able to use the Gladius before you have to fight Camus. Riff can't 
    necessarily hit Weapon Level 9 before he promotes. However, when he DOES 
    promote, he'll have a Weapon Level of TEN. Kashim won't necessarily reach 
    Weapon Level 15 without aid from a Manual, so give it to him.
    -Stat boosters: One of the stat boosters was already explained. But although 
    all of the other stat boosters are buyable at all, they don't exactly grow on 
    trees. You can buy the "attack set" in Chapter 21's Secret Shop and the 
    "defense set" in Chapter 24's Secret Shop.
    -"Hey! Where's the next place where I can buy axes?": Chapter 1's Weapon Shop 
    sells Regular Axes while Chapters 2 through 4, as well as Chapter 20, have 
    Weapon Shops that sell all types of Axes except Devil Axes. Unfortunately, 
    other than that, only Chapters 5 through 7 and Chapter 9 have Weapon Shops 
    that provide ANY Axes, and they happen to be Hammers too. So in Chapter 4, be 
    sure to buy as many Axes, Hand Axes, and Steel Axes as you need for a full 16 
    Chapters, and then in Chapter 9, buy as many Hammers as you need for 11 
    -Storage room: Okay. So with all the Axes around, you could have problems 
    with the room in Storage. For this reason, don't buy unneeded stuff. In fact, 
    whenever you get non-Talis troops, have them take out items they can't use. 
    Also, ALWAYS get rid of Promotion items except the first Hero's Proof (for 
    Oguma), Dragon Whip (for Sheeda), and Priest's Ring (for Riff) that you get.
    4. Talis Quest Walkthrough
    Chapter 1: Marth's Quest
    First off, give anything in the posession of Kain, Abel, Jeigan, and Doga to 
    Marth and Sheeda. Sheeda should have all the Spears (since she's the only one 
    who you may use in the whole quest who uses Spears) and Marth should be given 
    the Swords.
    Now, keep Kain, Abel, Jeigan, Doga, and Gordon out of the way; the only 
    purpose of non Talis allies in the quest is to deliver items. Now, kill the 
    Theif, and have Marth and Sheeda hang around the Fort near where your troops 
    start. DO NOT WORRY ABOUT THE FIRST VILLAGE YET! You're not using much Gold 
    until you fight off the threat of 7 Pirates and 1 Hunter who will go against 
    your two warriors.
    Definately watch out for the Hunter; he does about 12 damage to Sheeda, which 
    you don't want. If you sucessfully fend off the attackers, then visit the 
    village to get the money, heal at the two east Forts, and then fight the 4 
    Pirates around Kassak. Don't forget to visit the village to get Riff.
    Once the Pirates are dispatched, take on Kassak. He has good Attack Power and 
    Physical Defense so he could take a while, unless you go careless but you 
    don't want to. Once he's dead, make sure item issues are handled and then 
    take control of the Castle.
    Chapter 2: Garuda Port
    Immediately you get half of the troops you're allowed for the quest. They are 
    Oguma, Saji, Maji, and Barts. Out of all four, only Barts can survive a 
    single Critical Hit from the boss right off the bat. So we're going to 
    concentrate on the other three first.
    Have Barts stand on the bridge west of the Fort, while Oguma stands on the 
    Fort and the other two stand just west or east of him. Meanwhile, have Sheeda 
    sit three squares east of Ogy while Marth prepares to talk to Daros. Don't 
    forget to move your troops out of the way while Riff heads for the Fort.
    After the enemy turn, just take out any living Pirates (except Daros if you 
    want him to live, but be sure to get him out of the way if you recruit him), 
    the Hunters, and one of the Theives.
    By now, the SKs and their friends will be around, so be sure to have Barts 
    stand as bridge guard and don't forget to heal the foursome with Riff and 
    block the living Theif. Also remember to build up Oguma and the Axe Brother 
    Once the SKs and the remaining pirates are dead, get ready for Kashim and his 
    Hunter friend. Make sure Sheeda is ready to recruit Kashim (he is, after all, 
    from Talis) and then have her do so then chop the Hunter to pieces with 
    Oguma, Saji, or Maji, unless all of them either are or aren't able to survive 
    a single CH from the boss, in which case, give the kill to Kashim. Don't 
    forget to let the Theif attack Riff while Riff is sitting on a Fort so that 
    Riff gains a LOT of experience.
    Next up is Gomes, the boss. Now, he has 4 Skill, so he has a 2% chance of 
    CHing whoever takes him on. Small, I know, but I've seen things that had less 
    of a chance actually happening before my eyes (Matis gaining a point for 
    Physical Defense at Level Up FOUR times in a row) so watch out. Kashim and 
    whichever characters can't survive a single CH yet are out of the question, 
    but if Gomes is weakened enough, go ahead and have whoever you want to get 
    the kill do so, and pray that the Castle Evade boost doesn't make a 
    Once he's dead, take care of item business, have somebody kill the Theif for 
    experience, and then clear the chapter.
    Chapter 3: Devil Mountains
    Have your Talis troops stand around of the fort (NOT JUST WEST OR EAST OF THE 
    FORT OR ANYWHERE NORTH OF IT FOR THAT MATTER!) while you get everybody else 
    already around to get away to the corner of the map and Julian and Rena 
    retreat. On round three, if anybody is still standing on the Fort, just east 
    or west of it, or north of those three spots, then they'll be attacked by 
    Be sure to send Sheeda to recruit Navarre, have Navarre give his Kill Sword 
    to Oguma, somebody kill the Theif, and two people stand in the way of the 
    remaining enemies. (If one of those two people happen to be Maji, have him 
    sit on the mountain.)
    Once the bunch of idiots are dead or too badly wounded, advance quickly and 
    secure the village before the other Theif can destroy it. Be sure to take out 
    the remaining immediate threats and be careful with your advance so that your 
    troops don't get thrashed.
    Watch out for the Steel Axe Axeman when you get to him; he has 2 Skill so he 
    can CH ANY of your troops. And the total damage he can do is 15 so anybody 
    may be finding themselves dead when you fight him. If you defeat him, you'll 
    get Ointment, which you should save for a rainy day.
    Haiman is just like faster version of Gomes. Since Oguma, providing you gave 
    him at least 300 experience, most likely already has enough HPs and/or 
    Physical Defense to survive a single CH, you should be able to have him pound 
    the moron to the ground.
    Once he's dead, just take care of item issues (if you want to use Regular, 
    Steel, and Hand Axes past the next chapter, be sure to buy as many of them as 
    you can and then store them or put them in the invetories of others, and fill 
    up Gordon, Julian, and Navarre's invetories too) and then clear the chapter.
    Chapter 4: Prarie Battle
    This is the first of the chapters where you can't bring in all of your 
    troops. Well, what we're going to do is bench Gordon, Julian, and Navarre.
    As your first action, have Kashim and Sheeda kill the south Theif, Kashim 
    from the NE or east two spaces and Sheeda from the North. Have Daros retreat 
    into the lake so that he can just be a spectator of the fight.
    Now those 3 Social Knights and 2 Bow Knights will be around the fort in 4 
    rounds, so we should take care of those Axemen coming toward your party 
    first. Make sure Kashim heads back for it while Sheeda heads for the Arena to 
    stop the living Theif from burning the villages. Don't forget to take out the 
    Hunter coming down the twin bridges.
    Once Matis and his friends are near enough, put Kashim barely in range of 
    BOTH Bow Knights (he should have enough Speed and HP/Physical Defense to 
    survive BOTH attacks) while everybody (including Rena if you want Matis) 
    stand just barely out of the Bow Knights' attack range. Then pound the idiots 
    as hard as you can, and recruit Matis if you want, but be sure to make sure 
    Rena never can get attacked.
    Once the SKs are dead, just take care of the Theif if you haven't, then 
    advance toward the Armor Knight and his two Archer friends, take them all 
    out, take out the SKs who will approach when you get closer to the castle, 
    and then it's just Benson and a Cleric.
    Since Benson's Knight Killer can do extra damage ONLY to Social Knights and 
    Paladins when you happen to have none for the quest and the levels of the 
    troops you are using aren't as low as normal, he's a little easier than 
    normal. Just take him and the Cleric out for experience.
    After that, train your troops in the arena (make sure Marth uses his Rapier 
    and fights Armor Knights), make sure you have Regular, Steel, and Hand Axes 
    (NOT TOO MANY OF ANY ONE TYPE) take up all but at least 4 spaces in Storage.
    Don't forget to visit both villages, trash Maric's Excaliber (since he's from 
    Khadain and he's the only one who can use it, even if any other 
    Clerics/Magicians were promoted), put his Freeze Spell in Storage, make sure 
    Marth has at least one empty space in his invetory, everybody NOT from Talis 
    except Marth (who should be armed with 3 items, at least one of which being a 
    Sword) and Daros (who should have any Spears and maybe a Sword or two in his 
    invetory) have Axes of all three types in their invetories, everybody who IS 
    from Talis carrying what they can, and then you can go ahead and clear the 
    chapter. Marth will get a Silver Sword.
    Chapter 5: Soldier Team of Orleans
    First off, for non-Talis units bring in Rena and one other unit below Kashim 
    in the unit list. I brought in Julian, but who you choose to bring in is your 
    Immediately after starting, you get 5 troops on the west side of the river, 
    but they are of Orleans' rebellion, so keep them away from the fighting. Have 
    Marth and ALL Talis troops advance toward the village while Rena and the 
    other non-Talis unit stay away from the fighting. Make sure, however, that 
    Sheeda doesn't get attacked by the pesky Archers.
    Just kill the idiots coming at your troops, and if anybody needs healing, 
    remember to have Riff cast Live. However, make sure you minimize the need for 
    healing too.
    Once the village is safe, just kill the remaining advancing morons. Try to 
    advance at a balanced rate; if you advance too quickly, you'll lose a troop, 
    but if you advance too slowly, the reinforcements will appear. Of course, you 
    will want to maximize experience while minimizing threats. So if you defeat 
    Murak and the rest of the enemies around the castle by turn 9, you're doing 
    good. Just be sure to take advantage of the Castle and Fort to heal your 
    Have Hardin, his troops, and Wendel take out items (mostly axes and the Door 
    Key if it's still in there) from Storage. Make sure that one of your melee 
    fighters at full health is blocking the path from the north fort (the one 
    near the shops, with mountains between the shops and the fort) by turn 11 and 
    make sure Kashim is sitting on the Fort by turn 13.
    Pegasus Knights will attack Kashim with their Hand Spears, but Kashim will 
    respond and snipe the idiots off. So Kashim will be scoring some rather quick 
    experience. Have everybody else take turns beating up the SKs for experience.
    Once all of the SKs and PKs are dead (and remember: on turn 17, no more 
    enemies will appear), make sure Riff has a Warp Wand in his possession, 
    another non-Talis troop has a Door Key in their possession (or Julian has a 
    Theif Key), and then take control of the castle to clear the chapter.
    Chapter 6: Fire Emblem
    For non-Talis units, bring in Riff's substitute for the Warp Wand (if Riff's 
    Weapon Level doesn't allow him to use the Warp Wand), Julian, the Door Key 
    holder, and anybody else of your choice.
    Now have the Door Key holder (who should be one of the mounted units you got 
    last chapter) bust open Ricard's cell then have Julian talk to Ricard. 
    Meanwhile, have Rena Warp Sheeda to the topmost treasure chest, move Barts 
    one South and make sure he is armed with a Hammer, and have all of your other 
    Talis troops advance into the castle, MAKING SURE THAT OGUMA MOVES AS FAR AS 
    HE CAN!
    After you end the turn, you'll notice that the Armor Knight guarding the 
    hallways aren't bothering to budge. Well, once it is your turn, just have 
    Oguma move as far west as he can, Marth, Saji, Maji, Riff, and Kashim move as 
    far toward those two Armor Knights in the north side of the castle as they 
    can, and Sheeda block the idiots coming from the courtyard. Make sure you 
    also warp Barts to the treasure chest with the Angel Clothing and move Julian 
    and Ricard onward.
    With the turn over, quite a bit of fighting will ensue. One of the attacks 
    will be from the Fire Magician on Oguma, providing he in range of attack, 
    which is close enough to the chest.
    Just have Kashim fire his Bow Gun at the Fire Magician to kick him off the 
    map and out of Oguma's way. Then move Oguma onto the chest around where the 
    Fire Magician was and Maji onto the chest in the area that Marth is now in.
    Move Marth back to where Riff can move in and heal him (since Marth should be 
    battered from all the attacks), then have Riff heal Marth. Move Saji further. 
    As for Sheeda, move her back to one south of the Treasure chest.
    After ending the turn, the Theives will advance on the treasure chest near 
    Sheeda......via the hallways where all the fighting is taking place! The 
    Archers will attack Saji and Oguma too. The Armor Knights in the south will 
    BOTH attack Barts......and die from retaliation courtesy of Barts. Geez! 
    Mariones's troops are idiots! Wait. They're idiots for attacking Orleans in 
    the first place.
    Regardless, on your turn, move Sheeda right onto the treasure chest and 
    attack the SK in range with a Hand Spear if he's about to die. Meanwhile, 
    have your troops chop those pesky Theives nearest the hallways and the pesky 
    Archers into pieces while Sheeda arms herself with a Silver Spear.
    The living Theives will now try to go around to strike the chest that Oguma 
    was guarding, while the fighting will continue. Well, finish off the living 
    enemies, including the remaining Theives and the Armor Knight if you can.
    While you're at it, be sure to move Julian and Ricard to the safe Treasure 
    chests to take their contents and make sure you don't have to guard them any 
    longer. Give the Angel Clothing to Marth; he needs it more than anybody else.
    In any case, with all of the threats gone, have your Talis troops gather with 
    Marth and then advance into the throne room. The Archers and the Thunder 
    Magician will all attack when you're close enough. They're not hard though.
    Once they're dead, just take care of Mariones and his Cleric ally. Watch it; 
    Mariones not only does a lot of damage per hit, but can also take it. Use 
    Hammers to drop him. Once you do, you can put this annoying chapter to a 
    Chapter 7: Lefcandy's Trap
    For non-Talis troops, just bring in whoever has any Ointment. Whoever else 
    you bring in doesn't really matter.
    Anyway, have the non-Talis troops gather around the fort while the Talis 
    units get ready to fend off an attack from the Dragon Knight Party. Kashim is 
    to snipe off the Dragon Knight as soon as he's close enough and everybody is 
    to keep him safe from an attack by the 2 Pegasus Knights.
    After the Pegasus Knights attack, have Kashim kill off one of the Archers 
    just on the other side of the gate to Banut's village while everybody else 
    takes out the Pegasus Knights. Now have all Talis troops advance as fast as 
    they can and kill off the Armor Knights and the Theif.
    On turn 13, the SK reinforcements should appear, so be sure to block the path 
    before then but don't block the forts or they won't appear. Instead, kill 
    them for experience. Then send Sheeda to beat down the Mercenaries. And then 
    it's just Harmain and the Cleric left over.
    Take them both out (with the same strategy that was used on Mariones), take 
    care of item issues (make sure Marth has some Ointment, his Rapier, and at 
    least one empty space in his invetory, Barts has Ointment and an undulled 
    Hammer, Sheeda has the Knight Killer, and Riff has at least one empty space 
    in his invetory) and then take the castle over to clear the chapter.
    Chapter 8: Port Town of Warren
    This is going to be an HFILish chapter, so LISTEN CAREFULLY! Send out a Warp 
    Wand user if Riff can't use Warp, as always.
    Now, have Marth stand two south of the "choke point" adjacent to where Saji 
    and Oguma start, and then move a melee fighter (prefably Oguma) northeast of 
    Marth. Send one of the Warren Guards (Raddy and Shiza) to a Weapon Shop to 
    buy 2 Rapiers and probably a Bow Gun, and the other to the north Item Shop to 
    buy a couple of Live Wands. Make sure Sheeda is somewhere near Marth and 
    Oguma, but not past them both.
    Take care of unfinished business and end the turn....what's this? All of the 
    units except the boss are advancing toward Warren!
    Well, have the Warren Guard you sent to the Weapon Shop give one of the 
    Rapiers to another unit (hopefully with an empty slot) and have that other 
    unit give the Rapier to Marth, then have the other Warren Guard give one Live 
    Wand to Riff. Then properly arrange your troops so that most of them are 
    ready to do the next thing but are also out of enemy attack range.
    Now let the idiots come......ACK! They'll have their Bow Knights in the 
    front. Well, just get rid of a couple of the Bow Knights, and if you're 
    thinking of having Sheeda attack, have her attack the one north of the other 
    guard from the east. That way, if one of them attacks Marth, the others can't 
    attack Sheeda. 
    The SKs will all gang up on Marth. Marth will be severely battered, but he'll 
    live, thankfully. Just heal him on your turn, kill the remaining Bow Knights, 
    and then bait and kill the SKs, then bait the AKs, kill all of them (if you 
    want to let Roger live, send Sheeda to talk to him once it's safe enough, 
    bait any Archers you can't kill off of her, kill off the AKs, and get Roger 
    out of the way), then pound the living Archers down. Then send the Axe 
    Brothers to the area with the two forts (if they can't make it to the range 
    of both Armor Knight reinforcements by enemy turn 11, then warp one of them 
    into the range of both Armor Knights) while everybody else tries to take care 
    of the SK and Bow Knight reinforcements.
    The SKs will prioritize your troops in this order: Marth, then Riff, then 
    Kashim, than whichever unit has lower Physical Defense out of Oguma and 
    Sheeda. The Bow Knights will use the same order, except they'll always put 
    Sheeda above Oguma, and maybe Riff and Kashim. Remember that the SKs and Bow 
    Knights have 9 movement. Also remember that Bow Knights are also long range, 
    so they can attack the same enemies that the east SKs can. 
    In any case, good luck with the SKs, Bow Knights, and Armor Knights. Once the 
    last of the reinforcements are dead, train in the Arena, kill Kanaris off, 
    take care of item issues, and then take over the castle to clear the chapter.
    Chapter 9: Prady's Red Dragon
    First off, deploy non-Talis troops with empty spaces in their invetories. 
    Now, if you want to save the village, SEND EVERYBODY TO THE EAST TO IT! Don't 
    worry about the Pirate who tries to stop you along the way. Just kill him, 
    have Sheeda block the path to the village if you can't make it to the 
    village, and watch out for and kill that pesky Devil Axe Pirate.
    Once that's dealt with, have all of your Talis troops gather around the 
    villages to break through the defenses of the Pirates, the Hunters, and the 
    Theives. Then watch out for the 34 Pirates that will come out of the Forts. 
    They WILL make good use of the terrain, and if Riff is injured enough, they 
    WILL target him over Marth if they can, getting him killed unless you're 
    lucky or something.
    Once you overcome all 34 of the Pirates, just take out the remaining Pirates, 
    the Magician, and the Cleric, then get the Treasures, use the Dragon Killer 
    to take out Manu, and use the Goddess Statue on whichever person you want 
    (most likely Riff), and then clear the chapter.
    Chapter 10: Prinecess Minerva
    If Riff can't use the Warp Wand, then deploy a substitute, as always. Anyway, 
    warp somebody (from Talis) in need of experience but still able to fight off 
    the SKs and the AKs to the entrance to the big Fortress, while another person 
    (from Talis of course) in need of experience fights off the Dragon Knights 
    and Pegasus Knights. (Just make sure that second person is strong enough to 
    survive all the brutal fighting, and let Minerva live if you want.)
    Have everybody else retreat south, but not too far, so that the SKs don't 
    attack people they're not supposed to be attacking.
    Once the SKs and AKs are dead, just have everybody get in the fort, quickly, 
    but make sure they don't get in range of the Archers or the Sniper yet. Have 
    that guy fending off the DKs and PKs do the same, stopping at the fort to 
    rest along the way too.
    Once your troops have gathered, have a strong Talis troop guard the entrance 
    while all of your other Talis troops smack down the Sniper and his Archer 
    friends. Then rush your troops to the Jail Cell, bust it open, talk to Maria 
    (the experience is pretty unneeded anyway), open the door, kill the Hero and 
    give his Hero's Proof to Oguma to promote him (since he SHOULD be at L20 at 
    this point anyway), then have Oguma slaughter everything else on the map, 
    starting with the Armor Knight, then the going on with the Cleric, then the 
    reinforcements (since they should come around), then Jorkof the boss (make 
    sure he's at full health first), and finally the Theif. Experience galore for 
    Take care of item issues (especially the Speed Ring, which should be given to 
    Saji) and clear the chapter! Oh yeah. Everybody else should be at L20 by 
    Chapter 11: Norda's Slave Market
    Bring in the Warp Wand substitute if needed. Have Hero Oguma chop the Pegasus 
    Knights into pieces, and then if needed, warp him two squares north of the 
    northmost Ruffian to drop the Ruffians, as well as any other Grunians who 
    dare tried to attack, especially the Theif.
    After that, have Oguma get any enemies left over except Shozen, Jake, and the 
    other Shooter guarding the castle to attack him and he'll be slicing, dicing, 
    and making mince meat and cheese out of those idiots. Then use the Dragon 
    Killer to get rid of Shozen, and drop the nameless Shooter while Sheeda 
    recruits Jake and gets him out of the way.
    Now take care of item issues, especially with the Power Ring (give to Maji), 
    and then clear the chapter.
    Chapter 12: Akanea Palace
    Bring in the Warp Wand substitute if needed, yet again. Then Warp Oguma two 
    south of Michelan's starting location and then move Medea's troops in this 
    Md Th Mc
    B     Tm
    D = Door
    O = Oguma
    Now have anybody in need of experience (as if there should be anybody needing 
    experience) run to the area where Oguma is, while Oguma fends off the 3 Armor 
    Knights, the 2 Archers, and the 3 Magicians. Then kill the Theives for 
    After you heal Oguma, bust open the door leading to the treasure chest and 
    have Oguma ready to fight and kill the General. Next, drop the Mamkute as 
    Marth gets the treasures (although you can go ahead and have the Theives do 
    so but make sure they don't touch the chest that is 2 North of that Sniper). 
    Then just have Oguma bait and kill the Sniper, use a Thunder Sword to blast 
    the Clerics to Kingdom Come, get healed, then chop Borzen into pieces and 
    finally stand near the door leading to the courtyard, fully healed now of 
    Now have your Theives finish looting the treasure rooms and then bust open 
    the doors, then immediately have Oguma stand on the stairs leading into the 
    courtyard. Himular and his group will attack Oguma....and get nailed.
    After Himular and his two SK friends are dead, just have Marth or a Theif 
    take the Boots from the Chest, make sure Marth uses the Boots to increase his 
    Movement Power to 11, finish up handling item issues (make sure Marth has an 
    empty space in his invetory and Kashim has used the Manual), and then take 
    over the throne.
    Chapter 13: Grunia's Wooden Horse Group
    Just have Marth head for the village while everybody else gathers. Then have 
    your Talis troops fight off the Shooters coming from the middle path, then 
    drop the 5 Shooters coming from the North and South. After that, just drop 
    Astoria's Shooter friends and then recruit Astoria and get him and Medea out 
    of the way of the fighting. Next, just advance into Gigasshu's territory, 
    dispatch Gigasshu, take care of item issues (as always), and then finish this 
    quick chapter.
    Chapter 14: Sorrow of the Land of Gra
    Send Marth to do the same things he would in a normal campaign. This time 
    he'll reach the village more quickly, and you'll want to get Paola and Katua 
    all the way to safety.
    Have Kashim snipe off the Shooter, then the Hand Spear Armor Knights. After 
    that, make the drawbridge go down and have Oguma cross it. Then have him and 
    one backup unit (prefably Sheeda) head for the throne room and storm it while 
    Kashim goes take out that Sniper, another of your Talis units take out the 
    Archers, and the other two guard the east hallway.
    After all of the enemies including the 16 Pegasus Knight reinforcements are 
    dead, take care of item issues (DON'T FORGET TO GET THE CONTENTS OF THE TWO 
    TREASURE CHESTS!) and then clear the chapter.
    Chapter 15: Evil Ways of Country Khadain
    Send Marth, Oguma, Sheeda, and Barts to get rid of the 2 Magicians, while 
    moving Saji, Maji, Kashim, and Riff into the area and anybody else out of the 
    way. Then have Kashim bait (and kill as a result) the Magicians coming from 
    the east while everybody else takes out Magicians from the north, the Dragon 
    Knights, and the Theif.
    Next, take out the Freeze Priest then get the contents of the treasure 
    chests. Give the Amulet to Riff and the Power Ring to somebody besides Sheeda 
    and Riff who is more in need of it than anybody else. Then send your troops 
    to kill the Magician, the Dragon Knights, and the Clerics. 
    After that, heal your troops and then pound the boss with everything you 
    have. After you have done so, take care of item issues and then use the 
    Castle command to clear the chapter.
    Chapter 16: Altea Battle
    Despite your Talis troops ALL being at L20, this battle could turn ugly. 
    First off, Warp Marth to kill the Theif and then have him warn one of the 
    villages. I recommend the left because you're not going to use Aran or Samson 
    except for item delivery anyway. (At least Aran is good for something if he 
    isn't already good for anything.)
    In any case, just send Oguma, Sheeda, Kashim, and Barts west. Oguma should be 
    in range of the Dragon Knights and the other three should be ready to fight 
    them. Don't move Saji and Maji; they should help against the DKs anyway, and 
    they're already in range too.
    After the DKs are dead, just move Sheeda in range of the Social Knight 
    nearest Borstatto. In the meantime, advance ALL of your other Talis troops 
    onward. Have Saji and Maji guard the south end of the two bridges leading to 
    the forts, Riff stand near them, and Oguma, Sheeda, Kashim, and Barts take 
    care of the mounted units all coming this way.
    When reinforcements arrive, Saji and/or Maji will be taking a pounding. So 
    have Riff always heal whichever one needs the healing. While the three of 
    them do this, have the others just drop that pesky Cleric, then Borstatto and 
    his General friend, then the Heros guarding Chainy's cell.
    attacked. With this handled and the reinforcements dead, give the Dragon 
    Shield to Kashim (unless somebody besides Riff and Sheeda has a lower 
    Physical Defense rating than him), make sure ALL of your Talis troops have 
    durable and undulled weapons, and then clear the chapter.
    Chapter 17: Starlord Marth
    Magic Shield Marth and then send him and everybody else except Kashim to 
    fight the idiots in the west side of the castle and get the treasures. Kashim 
    himself is to take out the west of the two Clerics so that he quickly gets 
    the Member Card.
    The Hidden Book is to go to Maji (or whichever Axeman has the lowest Skill) 
    and the Dragon Shield should be saved, along with the Devil Sword and the 
    Warp Wand. After that, just bust open the door, then send Barts (providing he 
    has 15 Physical Defense) to guard the choke point.
    The Worm Priest and Moses are both jokes if you use the proper weapons. After 
    they're both dead, bust open the door, use the Member Card to have somebody 
    buy at least a couple of Torron and Worm Tomes, at least a couple of Reblow 
    Wands and at least one or two Magic Shield Wands from the Secret Shop, then 
    take out that Cleric, then take care of item issues (being sure to buy a Door 
    Key and save it) and clear the chapter.
    Chapter 18: Grunia's Dark Knight Party
    Send everybody down the twin bridges, but don't advance too far past the 
    first set; reinforcements are ready to ambush the Talis army, and believe me: 
    not only are they tough, but they won't take prisoners either.
    Once they arrive, keep your troops at the north end of the first set of twin 
    bridges. Eventually, you'll take down the reinforcements, including the pesky 
    Paladin who tries ambushing you by appearing from the literally middle fort. 
    Est shouldn't be a problem to keep out of the way, so be thankful for that.
    After the reinforcements are dead, have your troops recover, then beat up the 
    remaining enemies and then sick Kashim on the boss. Then make sure you have 
    undulled weapons, take care of other item issues, take control of the castle, 
    blah blah blah.
    Chapter 19: Mamkute Princess
    First and foremost, open the door to the first treasure room and give the 
    Priest's Ring to Riff and promote him. Then give him a good spell (NOT TORRON 
    OR WORM YET) and some Ointment and make sure he has it ready. Then have him 
    use the Dragon Shield from 2 chapters ago.
    Next, have him pound the Hunters and Mercenaries, but make sure he can 
    survive the attacks he'll receive first. That way, he can get quite a bit of 
    experience. Have him the Angel Clothing once you get it, and once you get the 
    Dragon's Whip, have Sheeda use it to promote. As always, keep your other 
    troops around for backup.
    In any case, send your Talis troops to fight through the enemies, and send 
    Banut to talk to Tiki if you want once the only other enemies alive are the 
    Clerics and the 2 lesser Theives.
    After no more enemies are left, take care of item issues (DO NOT FORGET TO 
    OPEN THE TOPMOST CHEST TO GET THE STAR ORB!) and then take the throne. The 
    Star Orb should go to Riff, who should then get out a Torron Tome. After 
    that, just clear the chapter
    Chapter 20: Black Knight Camus
    Not good! You'll have to fend off 4 Paladins AND 2 Shooters in a short amount 
    of time. Just have Riff, with his Torron Tome which will NOT break because of 
    the Star Orb preventing it from dulling, blast the idiots to kingdom come, 
    Sheeda smack them down, and all of your Talis troops (NOT INCLUDING MARTH OF 
    COURSE) just pound the idiots with everything they have. Marth is to save the 
    village himself anyway.
    Next up is 3 Paladins, who will have little problem making short work of 
    Marth if you're not careful. Send your Talis troops to distract and pound 
    them, and then send most of your people to heal at the forts. Keep Riff and 
    Sheeda around the southeast forts, but not in range of the Armor Knights that 
    will come out.
    Soon enough, more enemies will come out. Have your other Talis troops (who 
    should be healed enough by now) help Riff and Sheeda out, but be sure to save 
    as much experience for them as you can without letting anybody get murdered.
    Once the reinforcements are taken care of, send everybody up the west path to 
    Camus, beat up his cronies, have Oguma use the Light Orb to smack Camus hard 
    and then sick Riff with Torron on him to finish him off, then train Riff and 
    Sheeda in the Arena and buy more needed Axes for Saji, Maji, and Barts. After 
    that, just take care of other item issues and then clear this difficult 
    Chapter 21: Decisive Battle of Macedonia
    Have the west and east groups retreat and stay away from the fighting (since 
    obviously none of the troops in either of them are going to be Talis troops), 
    then have Marth and your Talis troops fight the Generals, Dragon Knights, 
    Sniper, and Shooters off. This will be a brutal battle so be careful.
    After the idiots are dead, just take out the Paladins (one at a time), then 
    get rid of the Cleric and then drop Ordain the boss.
    After that, send somebody with only the Member Card and the Silver Card in 
    their invetory to buy Power Rings, Speed Rings, Mystery Books, and Goddess 
    Statues for Marth and your Talis units. If you don't have enough money to do 
    just this, make sure you can replace weapons and magics, and still make sure 
    counter any HP/Physical Defense/Magic Defense/Movement problems (as if you 
    shouldn't), then concentrate on maxing out the Axemen's Speed ratings and 
    Marth's Strength rating, and increase any low Luck and Skill ratings as well, 
    but make sure you save up enough money to keep your supplies good and ready 
    for four more chapters, as well as undoing the Defense-related problems I 
    mentioned. (You can have less money if you want, actually, but no more than 
    10,000 G less.)
    Once you're done with the Stat boosting, just take care of item issues (make 
    sure Riff has a Warp Wand and the Reserve and Recover Wands in his invetory 
    and the Star and Light orbs are either in storage or in the invetories of 
    your Talis troops) then clear the chapter.
    Chapter 22: Knights Galloping in the Sky
    Warp your highest Physical Defense unit from Talis (excluding Sheeda from the 
    list of possible choices; most likely, it would be Barts) to the village 
    gates. Then have ALL of your Talis troops go up the east path. If needed, 
    warp another Talis unit (make sure the unit has high Physical Defense) to 
    help the village guard.
    Fight your way through the Dragon Knight Party, then let the Theif move (by 
    moving your village guard off the village) and then kill him and Michael. Now 
    this is where things get REALLY tough. Reinforcements will come out like 
    popcorn, and they'll pound you hard. Have Riff alternate between Reserve and 
    Recover, depending on who is injured and how much.
    Definately protect Kashim, but not too much or your troops will get pounded 
    so hard that they'll never recover until Chapter 24.
    Once the reinforcements are dead, give the Dragon Shield to Marth, while 
    everybody else (especially Sheeda and Riff if they need experience) attack 
    and kill the boss and the 2 Clerics. Then take care of item issues (GET THE 
    FROM ARISING) and then clear this painfully difficult chapter.
    Chapter 23: Evil Priest Garnef
    Have your troops bust open the door then get the gold and the Amulet. Give 
    the Amulet to whoever has the most HP (which should be Oguma) and have Oguma 
    (who should be the Amulet wearer) fight through the enemies.
    The most vital thing to do is to make sure Riff doesn't get scratched along 
    the climb up the tower. Don't forget to heal Oguma as he gets battered from 
    the fighting.
    Once you get to the second Garnef, bait him with a full health Oguma, then 
    pound him with Riff using Starlight.
    After the real Garnef is dead, give the Falchion to Marth, then beat up all 
    the other enemies. Then make sure Riff has a Warp Wand, 2 Tomes, and a 
    Reserve Wand in his invetory, and Sheeda has only the Silver and Member Cards 
    in her invetory, then clear the chapter.
    Chapter 24: Mamkute Monarchy
    Send Oguma with a Dragon Killer to guard the opening in the high Mountains. 
    Then sneak Sheeda to the Secret Shop to get the stat boosters from the 
    "Defense Set" while having Riff warp Marth on Turn 3 to where the Theif is to 
    kill the Theif off.
    Meanwhile, send Kashim and the Axemen to fight off the enemies coming from 
    the east. Retreat Marth to the area with the opening. Don't forget to have 
    Marth use the Falchion to heal himself every so often. You'll probably want 
    to send your troops to help with the Snipers and such as well, but make sure 
    Marth is still in range of the Mamkutes' attacks.
    Once you fend off the reinforcements, just take out the remaining enemies, 
    including Zemsel, while having Sheeda deliver stat boosters to get 
    everybody's HP, Physical Defense, and Movement increased (or even maxed out 
    if you have the money) and everybody's Magic Defense maxed out.
    Once you're done, just have Sheeda get rid of the Member and Silver Cards, 
    have everybody have the needed equipment in their invetories (Kashim should 
    have the Partia, Sheeda should have the Gladius, and Oguma should have a 
    Dragon Killer), make sure the Door Key you saved (all the way back from 
    Chapter 17) is in Marth's posession, and then clear the chapter.
    Chapter 25: The Choice of Many
    Immediately bust open the door with the Door Key then send Marth and then 
    have Sheeda attack the Paladin with the Gladius from the SE. Then have Saji 
    and Riff move onward. Meanwhile, send Oguma and his group southward to kill 
    off the three enemies, saving the Shooter for last. As for the other two 
    groups, have them get as far away from the enemies as they can.
    On the next turn, Oguma's group is to finish off the Shooter, then fight 
    their way through the idiots trying to block them. In the meantime, have 
    Sheeda use another weapon to chop the Dragon Knight to pieces and the others 
    drop the Shooter, making sure Marth is near enough Oguma's group to help it.
    After this turn, just finish off the enemies trying to block Oguma's group 
    while Sheeda knocks down the Worm Priest, and Saji and Riff pounds the 
    General so hard he'll never recover.
    After that, just have Kashim stand in range of BOTH Snipers so that he can 
    get rid of them and get Marth's and Oguma's groups can safely rush to the 
    throne room. Then it's a simple job of having Oguma and Sheeda, using the 
    Dragon Killer and Gladius respectively, pound the Magic Mamkute guarding 
    Medeus, then Marth charge in and attack Medeus while the Axemen keep any 
    reinforcements from attacking Marth.
    Once Medeus is dead, you've won!
    5. Credits
    I must thank the members of the FESS Board at 
    http://fessforum.proboards11.com/index.cgi for their help, especially the 
    Fireemblem.net post.
    I'd like to thank Fireemblem.net anyway, because they provide information 
    like Weights and Required Levels and such.
    I'd like to thank Nintendo, and Intelligence Systems for this game AND SSBM, 
    and anybody else involved in making SSBM, since SSBM is pretty much the 
    reason why I even play Fire Emblem games in the first place.
    I'd also like to thank http://www.solon.org/cgi-bin/j-e for helping me 
    translate some of the things, and the Kana Books by James W. Heisig for 
    letting me navigate through the Kana. I'd also like to thank Fire Emblem 3 
    for helping me find out about the Red Dragon Stone among other things, and 
    the FE3 FAQ writer for help on FE3 as well.
    And give a good hand to AdamantNo1 for his Fire Emblem shrine at RPGC. The 
    address of the shrine is http://tartarus.rpgclassics.com/~fe1/
    This is copyright 2002 Juigi and any of the sources. If I find out you've 
    been copying or selling this without permission or doing any other illegal 
    stuff involving this, you're gone!

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