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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Vegita

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    Attack of the Androids! 
    "Ok, so you're stuck on Namek. Freeza's madder than a hornet that's been 
    pegged with a rock, and Gokuu's a Super Saiya-Jin. What's a guy to do? Well, 
    Gokuu has to drop Freeza. This is a simple task, which will take a few rounds 
    of regular attacks, or 1 or 2 Ki blasts. After Freeza's hopes for life have 
    been dashed, Namek explodes... 
    "Ok, so Kakkorot didn't die. But you do need to gather the Dragon Balls so 
    God can bring everyone back to life, including Vegita. So it's time to break 
    off for: 
    The Search for the Dragon Balls: Part 1 
    "Your team consists of 6 members: Piccolo, Gohan, Kuririn, Yamcha, 
    TenShinHan, and Chao-zu. The interesting thing about this game is that you 
    will have up to 9 people in your group, but you can only use 3 at a time. The 
    other 3 are put in the rear section, but that doesn't mean they're out. 
    Sometimes, the people not on the front line will come forward and attack with 
    a speciality attack. These are as follows: 
    Kuririn launches a blast that splits and hits everything, 
    TenShinHan splits into 4 people and fires on everything, 
    Yamcha creates a Winding Sphere that blasts 1 enemy, 
    Chao-Zu performs a "Mind Stop" attack, preventing the enemy from 
    Piccolo fires a blast at 1 enemy, 
    And everyone else just fires a blast at an enemy. 
    "So as you can see, the optimal thing to do is to form a team that has strong 
    attacks, while the side line fighters are characters that have effective 
    secondary attacks. My suggestion? Piccolo, Gohan, and Yamcha should be your 
    main group. Yeah, Yamcha. He's pretty strong. You got a problem with that? 
    "Once you've formed your party, it's time to trash some bad guys! After your 
    first fight, the villains will converse with you, revealing that Freeza is 
    alive and well, and he's bringing his father to Earth to destroy everyone. Uh 
    oh! Time to get the Dragon Balls and wish Gokuu back! 
    "You come equipped with the Dragon Radar, so use it and find the nearest 
    ball. Well, let's see...it's in the desert to the East! So head off. Hang 
    on...it's in an enclosed place, and you can't get in! What's a super hero to 
    do? Well, let's try the next one. 
    "The next ball, according to the Radar, is in the north, surrounded by 
    mountains, and the only way in is blocked by a guard. Man, NO one is helping 
    you out! Well, let's go back to the town to see if anyone knows how to get 
    rid of the person up there. On heading back, you'll notice a cave to the 
    north. Enter the cave, and you'll find a man with explosives to spare! Great! 
    Now you can get that Ball in the desert! Head back to the location of the 
    first one, and you'll automatically use the bomb to blow open a cave and get 
    the ball. Great! 
    "Now, you haven't been East of here, so why not go there now? Once you do, 
    you'll discover a house, and a dinosaur next to it. The man in the house says 
    that the Dinosaur isn't feeling too good, and won't leave him alone. After 
    inspecting the dinosaur itself, though, you'll find that it's just eaten 
    something that disagrees with it. Who would know what to do? Talk to the man 
    in the house again, and he'll give you some leaves to make a special potion 
    that'll make it...well, it'll feel better. Unfortunately, you aren't a 
    chemist (Sorry, Gohan...you're not THAT good.), so you need to find someone 
    who can make the potion for you. Head to the town, there's someone there with 
    that expertise. After making the potion for you, go back to the Dinosaur. 
    "Look! The dino ate a Dragon Ball, and that's why it was so sick! Well, clean 
    off the Ball and head towards the explosives guy again. You know, it's always 
    good to have some heavy demolition equipment around...like me, of course. 
    "Now, you've got some explosives, but you need to get into the building where 
    the next Dragon Ball is. No prob! You can probably blow a hole in some of the 
    mountains with it! Travel along the southern side of the mountains until you 
    automatically set the bomb. 
    "Ok, so it didn't blow up the mountains, but it DID distract the guard. Head 
    into the building. Hey! There's someone inside! Beat him up! Now you have 3 
    Dragon Balls. Time to switch to yours truly, Vegita! 
    Let's beat up some bad guys! 
    "Now it's MY turn to play! Vegita is in the arctic north, training by himself 
    (as usual...). He needs to get to the building complex to join up with 
    everyone else. Unfortunately, the building is blocked off by a protective 
    field. So travel to the north. Hey! There's a building! Let's destroy it! 
    "Hey! There's another one of those buildings in the south! Let's trash it 
    too! NOW try to enter the building. Yep...the force field's gone. Once you 
    get there, though, there's another one of Freeza's flunkies. Drop him, and 
    the rest of the team will join up. They've already found the Dragon Balls, 
    though...no fun for Veggie... 
    "Now that you have all 7 Dragon Balls, Dende calls up Porunga, and you get 
    two wishes. You can either give one of your characters a level up, or plant a 
    Senzu plant. If you choose the latter, you have to press the A button as fast 
    as you can to make it grow. You can grow up to 5 Senzu Seeds per plant. But 
    since the baddies get even stronger, it's your choice. 
    "Now you are immediately contacted by King Kaioh, telling you that Freeza and 
    his dad are there. You immediately go to fight them...taking you to battle. 
    Just try to survive; you can't even hit these guys. After a couple of rounds, 
    a stranger shows up. He easily dices Freeza, then blasts a hole in King Cold. 
    Then he converses with the others. 
    "Uh oh! Gokuu's back! And the stranger wants to fight him! Gokuu goes SSj, at 
    his asking, and he...goes SSj too? How? After fighting a bit, Gokuu asks who 
    he is. He is Trunks, son of Vegita and Bulma, and he is from the future. In 
    his future, everyone is dead because of 2 Androids, created by the evil Dr. 
    Gero. He tells Gokuu that the reason Gokuu didn't get to fight them is 
    because he died from a heart disease. Then he gives Gokuu the medication, and 
    informs him that Freeza's brother, Coola, is headed for Earth. Time to train! 
    Preparing for the Chilly One... 
    "Vegita, realizing that he would be no contest for Coola, asks Bulma's dad, 
    Dr. Briefs, to make a room that can create a 300 G's gravity field for him to 
    train in. He does...but Vegita has to get there now! Travel northwest on the 
    map until you come across a man blocking your path. Beat him up, then 
    continue on to the building. Uh oh...someone else is in the room! And he's 
    FAR stronger than anyone else! Hopefully, you took advantage of the stronger 
    enemies, and built up some levels. 
    "Back to the B-Squad. They have to get to the building in the Southeast, but 
    there's two guards blocking the way. The first one won't fight you, and the 
    second one you can't even get to because there's a house blocking the way! 
    Visit the man in the house, and he'll tell you that the inhabitants of the 
    other houses are being held hostage by some of Coola's cronies. Visit all the 
    other houses, and exempt the baddies from them. Now, head back to the house 
    in the South East, and he'll let you through. 
    "Slight problem. You thought that guy Vegita had to fight was tough? This 
    guy's harder. Hope you got stronger, because if you didn't, you're REALLY 
    done for. Twice over. With a stick. Sideways. 
    "After (hopefully) beating that guy, head to the building. You'll find that 
    Vegita had already saved her, so the gang joins up and heads off towards 
    where Coola's scheduled to land...right where Gokuu, Gohan, and Piccolo have 
    been training! 
    "Their training is simple: You are given a row of cards, and have to pick 
    pairs of matching symbols, or card types. Once you pick a match, then you 
    pick two of the three characters, and they spar for a bit. You keep going 
    until you can't pick any more matches, or you have to pick the 'DBZ III' 
    cards. This ends the training, and you're given experience based off of how 
    much each of them fought. You get 2 shots at this. After that, it's time for 
    Vegita's training! (No affiliation with the Fanfic) 
    "Vegita's training is simple to understand, especially if you've played DBZ 
    2: Freeza, the Planet Destroyer. All you have to do is play your cards right, 
    and you'll move up to another gravity setting. Seriously. You are given 2-3 
    cards to beat, and you can draw up to 3 yourself. It's like blackjack. You 
    have to beat the dealer's cards with yours, but you can't go over 15. 
    Remember, a Z stands for 8, so you don't want to get 2 of them. After 
    Vegita's done with 300 Gs, it'll switch back to Gokuu, Piccolo, and Gohan 
    The Search for the Dragon Balls: Part 2 
    "Before you go off searching for Coola's large, not-too-well-hidden ship, you 
    should check your Dragon Radar. That's right! The Dragon Balls are up and 
    working again, so go get them! The only problem with them is, the Radar isn't 
    exact. You have to comb the area around where the Radar says they are to 
    actually find them. Once you do, Shen Long will appear and grant your wish: 
    Piccolo, Gohan, and Gokuu become Level 50 (max) warriors! Now they're ready 
    to destroy Coola! 
    "Once you've powered up major, head to the southwest. You'll find Coola's 
    ship. Enter, and you will find Coola and his croonies. You'll also find your 
    friends, ready to do battle. But Coola isn't interested in these 'Garbage' 
    level fighters, so he sends one of his flunkies to fight you. Big mistake. 
    Drop him, and Coola will realize that he himself will have to take care of 
    "But what's this? Vegita's finally shown up, and he's got a new trick up his 
    sleeve: HE can go Super Saiya-Jin! Coola's a little shaken up now, because he 
    believed that only Gokuu could do that. Show him otherwise. 
    "Great. You beat up Coola, and he reveals that HE can transform too! Well, 
    deal with his stronger form as best as you can. It'll be quite a difficult 
    battle. Hope you have some Senzus left..." 
    The Androids Surface 
    "With Coola gone, and the world in no immediate danger, it's time to relax, 
    right? After you battle with Coola, Yajirobee shows up with a Senzu plant. 
    Jam on the A button to grow some seeds, 'cause you'll need them. Suddenly, 
    Yajirobee's car explodes! Sadly, he's alright, but you need to find out what 
    blew it up! Head off! 
    "You are now in three groups, with everyone alive and well again (regardless 
    of whether or not they died against Coola). The map consists of a cave mouth, 
    a building containing Karin (who will heal you), and a King Kaioh's 
    Training/Joke Center. Unfortuantely, Gokuu comes down with the heart disease 
    (if you actually bothered to build Gokuu up a few levels...if not, he'll 
    "Every so often, you will be approached by someone, who will tell you that 
    the Androids are wreaking havoc to the (direction) of you. So you need to 
    understand Japanese to find them, right? Wrong! All you need to do is place 
    one of your characters on the cave entrance, and travel 23 spaces to the 
    north, 2 to the west. You will automatically find the androids, and get into 
    a fight with them. Now get your other teams over there quick, before they get 
    "Now that you have all three groups there, beat up # 19. He'll die easily, 
    leaving Dr. Gero scared enough to run away. At this point, Trunks shows up, 
    asking who these guys are. Gero then makes his break for his lab. After you 
    chase him to his lab, he reactivates # 17 and # 18, the REAL Android threat 
    to Trunks' future. They grow tired of Dr. Gero, since he wants them to obey 
    him. He tells them not to open up # 16, since he was unstable and too 
    powerful for his own good. They kill him off instead. Then they walk off 
    towards the East. Follow them! 
    "Your team catches up to them, and they decide to have a little fun. By 
    killing you. Hope you're ready, because now you have to deal with the 
    Androids. I suggest you keep Kuririn, TenShinHan, and Chao-Zu in the back, 
    and switch between Vegita, Trunks, Gohan, Piccolo, and Yamcha (and Gokuu, if 
    you have him) so they don't die. This will be a very hard battle... 
    "After you beat (or lose to) the Androids, # 16 decides to fulfill his 
    programming by taking out Gokuu. Gokuu now has to square off against # 16 
    alone. Good luck, there's not much I can tell you to do but hope and pray you 
    can get some healing cards. Just make sure you go SSJ; you'll do more damage 
    that way. 
    The End...? 
    "If you lost to the Androids, or if you won, then Piccolo will make a 
    decision. There is a stronger enemy out there, he can sense it. But since he 
    had so much trouble taking care of the Androids, he needs to make a VERY 
    drastic decision. He goes up to Kami's lookout, seeking his Father's other 
    half. God approaches, and decides that Piccolo is right. They fuse together 
    to become a super fighter the likes of which no one has seen! 
    "But there is a slight problem with this development...Piccolo immediately 
    discovers the strength he was sensing: Cell. They fight, but to a draw. Then 
    Cell escapes...does he get to the Androids? Or is he thwarted by Gokuu and 
    the others? And will Gokuu be able to face this new challenger? If he does, 
    will he live? Am I forshadowing the Manga any?" 
    To be continued... 
    Quick-cut Guide 
    "Ok, so I've decided to make a nice quick guide to the game, for those of you 
    who are bored with reading what I write. Here's the steps to beating the 
    With Gokuu 
    1) Take out Freeza. 
    With Z Fighters 
    2) Form your team (Piccolo, Gohan, Yamcha suggested). 
    3) Head to the cave (North); get a bomb. 
    4) Head to the desert (South); use bomb to get first Dragon Ball. 
    5) Head to the house & dinosaur (Southeast); get herbs. 
    6) Head to town; get potion. 
    7) Head to the cave (North); get another bomb. 
    8) Head back to dinosaur; give potion to it and get Dragon Ball. 
    9) Head north; plant bomb in mountains. 
    10) Head into building; defeat minion. 
    As Vegita 
    11) Head west; attempt to enter building. 
    12) Head north and south, entering small buildings. 
    13) Head into building; defeat minion. 
    As Z Fighters 
    14) Make your wishes from Porunga. 
    15) Try to beat up Freeza and King Cold. 
    As Vegita 
    16) Beat up the guard (Northwest). 
    17) Enter building; beat up minion. 
    As Z Fighters 
    18) Travel to house (East). 
    19) Travel to the two houses (North); beat up bad guys. 
    20) Travel to third house (Southwest); beat up bad guy. 
    21) Travel to first house (East); beat up guard (south). 
    22) Enter building. 
    As Gokuu, Gohan, and Piccolo 
    23) Train. 
    As Vegita 
    24) Train. 
    As Gokuu, Gohan, and Piccolo 
    25) Locate Coola's ship (Southeast). 
    26) Take out Coola's henchman. 
    27) Take out Coola. 
    28) Take out Coola again. 
    As Z Squad 
    29) Find the androids (From the cave mouth: 23 North, 2 West). 
    30) Beat up the androids. 
    As Piccolo 
    31) Beat up Cell.
    Remember, this walkthrough is also located at http://come.to/VegitaBOD along 
    with other walkthroughs and various writings by Vegita.
    This document copyright Vegita, Guardian Of Destiny 1999.

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