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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Kaitou KiD

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 08/29/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                        CAPTAIN TSUBASA Vol. II - SUPER STRIKER
                                    Present by TECMO
                            FAQ & WALKTHROUGH Version 0.60
                                      by Kaitou KiD
    You may copy and distribute this FAQ/Walkthrough Freely as long as the content
    remain unchanged. If you want to use any contain of this FAQ, ask me first.
    All credits should be given to me (except the one I mentioned to whom the
    credit should be given).
    Version 1.0 (8.29.02)
      First release of Complete version FAQ. Added Direct Free Kick and Penalty
      Kick command in Game Controls section. FAQ until Brazil(last match) finished.
    Version 0.7 (8.19.02)
      First release of this FAQ. Still incomplete. Only until Asian Cup finished.
    This is my first FAQ/WALKTHROUGH I ever made. So please forgive me if some of
    my word doesn't suit well. I write this FAQ/WALKTHROUGH on my own. It's tiring
    to Read all the text and find the cheat code.(I'm no good in Japanese reading
    and writing).
    About this game
    Game Controls
    The Games:
        Part I  : Rio Cup
        Part II : Japanese High School Tournament
        Part III: Sao Paolo's Friendly Match
        Part IV : Asian Cup
        Part V  : Japan Youth's exebition match
        Part VI : World Cup Youth
    This game is based on anime titled Captain Tsubasa. After graduated from Junior
    High-School, Tsubasa Ozora went to Brazil to meet Roberto. He is Tsubasa's
    private trainer when he still Elementary School student(IMO ... CMIIW).
    Currently, Tsubasa playing on Sao Paolo FC, with Roberto as a Coach. and the
    stories goes on.
    In this game, each player has GP(Guts Point). Regular Player has regular GP,
    and some players (who have Special moves) have
    more GP. any move will use GP. Passing, shooting, tackling, blocking, etc.
    Everything consumes GP. Each Player also have value number on each variables
    (Shot, pass, dribble, etc). I still don't know how this value effect the GP
    needed for each player. But it's about 20 until 50 GP per move. normal
    dribbling cost 3 GP and it depleted so fast(3 GP/sec). BEWARE of that. Some
    players have Special Moves which cost a lot of GP. For example, Tsubasa's Drive
    Shot is consumes 200 GP (Tsubasa's max GP is about 730-800). So you can't use
    Special moves so often. If the player doesn't have a ball, he will replenish
    his GP (but not much, about 4 GP/sec for level 1).
    That's all about the explanation. If you want to know more, why not just try
    this game ;)
    D-Pad for movement or menu selection
    B to call menu (if you posses the ball)
    A confirm selection
      any activities of the players are based the selection you choose on the menu.
    for example, if you posses the ball near opponent's net, and you want to
    shoot, press B to call the menu, select シュート/Shutto (Shoot), then press A
    to confirm.
      when you loose the ball, A and B is cycle the cursor of the player you want
    to control. D-pad use to move him.
    All the menu are:
    >>On Possession (when you press B or when opponent(s) near you) :
      * Left - Pass / Pasu / パス
        To pass to your friend. There is three condition of pass. Free through pass
        no obstacle at all, Opponent try to steal, and Opponent try to intercept.
        for intercept case, it will do automatically. You can't order your player
        to intercept a pass. Special Pass selection should popped up if there any.
      * Up - Dribble / Doriburu / ドリブル
        Dribble the ball by yourself. If you're free, you just continue dribbling.
        If you're marked, you'll dribbling through the player who marks you. BEWARE
        that you can't dribble through 4 or more player consecutively unless you're
        have a big luck. Special Dribble also popped up if any.
      * Down - One Two / Wan.Tsuu / ワン・ツー
        Same as passing, but it'll return to current player again. However, you
        can't do this unless you have near player around you. Special One Two are
        called Combination or Combi.
      * Right - Shoot / Shuuto / シュート
        As you can guess, it's Shoot to the goal.
    >>On Defend :
      * Left - Pass cut / Pasukatto / パスカット
        As the name, prevent oppenent to pass. Most effective when your opponent
        choose to pass the ball (including one-two).
      * Up - Tackle / Takkuru / タックル
        Tackling the opponent. Most effective when your opponent choose to Dribbling
        through your player.
      * Down - Do Nothing / Ugokanai / うごかない
        If you didn't know what it means, well ... I don't have any word which can
        explain this ;p
      * Right - Block / Burokku / ブロック
        Block an opponent shot. Most effective when your opponent choose to Shot.
    >>On Possession :
      * Left - Pass / Pasu / パス
      * Up - Trap / Torappu / トラップ
        Trap the ball. This is used when you want to dribble the ball.
      * Down - none
      * Right - Clear / Kuriaa / クリアー
        Clear the ball away. More effective than Pass, but less accurate.
    >>On Defend :
      * Left - Pass cut / Pasukatto / パスカット
      * Up - Follow / Foroo / フォロー
        Follow the opponent player. I still don't know what used for.
      * Down - Do Nothing / Ugokanai / うごかない
      * Right - Clear / Kuriaa / クリアー
    >>On Possession :
      * Left - Pass / Pasu / パス
      * Up - Trap / Torappu / ドリブル
      * Down - Through / Suruu / スルー
        Act as if you want to take the ball, but let it through. useless if you
        don't have players in it's direction.
      * Right - Shoot / Shuuto / シュート
    >>On Defend :
      * Left - Pass cut / Pasukatto / パスカット
      * Up - Follow / Foroo / フォロー
      * Down - Do Nothing / Ugokanai / うごかない
      * Right - ?!?! / Sariau / せりあう
        Block opponent's action. It didn't give you the ball though. Just change
        it's direction. If you have player(s) near you, There's a possibility
        that player got the ball.
    >On Direct Free Kick, There are 2 option like this:
        Left / Hidarisumi / ひだりスミ
        Right / Migisumi / みぎスミ
     It select the direction to shot/block between the wall.
    >On Penalty Kick, There are 3 option like this:
        Left / Hidarisumi / ひだりスミ
        Middle / Shoumen / しょうめん
        Right / Migisumi / みぎスミ
     It select the direction to shot/block.
    *** Read this command like tree view ***
    >Free Kick or Corner Kick :
       No Change / Kaenai / かえない
       Change Position / Kaeru / かえる
          Change / Chenji / チェンジ
          Done / Owari / おわり
    >Main Menu :
       Information / Jouhou / じょうほう
       Password / Sukoamemo / スコアメモ
       Team Data / ChiimuDeeta / チームデータ
          Formation / Foomeeshen / フォーメーシェン
             Formation :
             4 : 3 : 3
             4 : 4 : 2
             3 : 5 : 2
             Brazil Type / Burajiru Taipu / ブラジル タイプ
          Defense Type / Difensutaipu / ディフェンスタイプ
             Normal Type / Nomaru Taipu / ノマル タイプ
             Press Type / Puresu Taipu / プレス タイプ
             Counter Type / Kauntaa Taipu / カウンター タイプ
          Change / Chenji / チェンジ
          Level / Reberu / レベル
          Done / Owari / おわり
       Kick Off / Kikkuofu / キックオフ
    Since They're lots of characters, I'll mention it in the Walkthrough Section.
    This game it self has 6 parts. Rio Cup, Japanese High-School Tournament, Sao
    Paolo's Friendly Match, Asian Cup, Japan's Friendly Match, and the last,
    World Cup.
    Part 1 and 3 : You Controlling Sao Paolo.
    Part 2       : You Controlling Nankatsu, one of National Tournament contestant.
    Part 4, 5, 6 : You Controlling Japan Youth.
    Character map for password :
    a  ka  sa  ta  na  ha  ma  ra  ga  za  ba  pa  ya
    i  ki  si chi  ni  hi  mi  ri  gi  ji  bi  pi  yu
    u  ku  su tsu  nu  hu  mu  ru  gu  zu  bu  pu  yo
    e  ke  se  te  ne  he  me  re  ge  ze  be  pe  wa
    o  ko  so  to  no  ho  mo  ro  go  zo  bo  po  E
    Your Default Team :
    11. Platon
    10. Tsubasa
     9. Gil
     8. Babington
     7. Tahamata
     6. Batista
     5. Dotoru
     4. Amaral
     3. Marini
     2. Lima
    GK. Renato
    Your Special Skill - Name(GP needed):
     Tsubasa Ozora:
       Heel Lift(90)
       Drive Pass(40)
       Drive Shot(200)
       Overhead Kick(160)
       Drive Overhead(320) - obtained when vs Gremio
    > Sao Paolo vs Fluminense :
      Password    > No Password needed.
      Difficulty  > Easy. Just for training.
      Stars       > None
        An easy match. It's impossible to lose this match if you do it normally.
      Just train your control. Try every condition on control section above.
      So ... how much did you win ?!?! ;)
      My Best Win > 10 - 0
    > Sao Paolo vs Corinthians :
      Password    > tabakeshira ruhenobuchi zegokeribi yotopu
                    たばけしら  るへのぶち  ぜごけりび  よとぷ
      Difficulty  > Easy
      Stars       > Satrustegui(#9)
                     *Dynamite Head(Heading)
                     *Banana Shot
        Not so serious match. But be careful. If you not pay attention, you might
      lose here. Satrustegui's Dynamite  Head is the most powerful shot until now.
      Even if it's not unstoppable, but it really difficult to stop. So use Pass
      Cut before any pass come to him. Guard Riberio before he use Banana Shot.
        Use Tsubasa, Platon, Gil, Babington, Batista, and Tahamata to bombard their
      net. You may didn't need any Special Shot anyway. When I got 6 goal bellow,
      I never use Special Skill at all. And ... don't run near Riberio if you have
      the ball. He's as good as Interceptor.
      My Best Win > 6 - 2
    > Sao Paolo vs Gremio :
      Password    > rusotegapu inujitogo guoroana kemako
                    るそてがぷ  いぬじとご  ぐおろあな  けまこ
      Difficulty  > A little hard
      Stars       > Da Silva(#9)
                    Claudio Meao(#GK)
        Well ... This is a challenging match to beginner. Meao is really strong as
      goalkeeper. Before Tsubasa use his Drive Overhead, attack Meao with other
      player. When Meao blocked 2 or 3 times, an event will occurred. Tsubasa will
      determined to doing Driver Overhead. After this Event, just posses the ball
      (any player will do). Then let Tsubasa enter Gremio's penalty area, another
      event will occur. Drive Overhead used, and you got extra point (this Drive
      Overhead didn't consume your GP. That's why I say extra goal). But, if this
      event didn't occur until 1st half done, on the 2nd half, Tsubasa already
      have Drive Overhead, but you didn't get the extra goal.
        And ... Da Silva is very good at dribbling and shooting. If he got the
      ball, it's hard to take it back. So just pound him with everything you've
      got, even if it's mean to be a fault. There's no cards anyway ;p
      My Best Win > 4 - 2 (including extra goal)
    > Sao Paolo vs Palmeiras :
      Password    > monosomue mozainebo bofugeharo kekei
                    ものそむえ  もざいねぼ  ぼふげはろ  けけい
      Difficulty  > Normal
      Stars       > Nei(#11)
                     *Kieru Feint(Dribble)
                     *Booster Shot(with Tony Nio)
                     *Drive Shot
        After had a hard time with goalkeeper from Gremio, you can breath a little
      since Palmeiras goalkeeper is not that good. So just bombard him and you got
      goal easily.
        The problem is our defense. Nei and Toninho really trouble. Average
      dribble, but great shot, also have Drive Shot, that's you should worry about
      Toninho. But don't get panic, Drive shot can stopped easily. The real trouble
      is when Nei is on possession. He can avoid most of our tackles using Kieru
      Feint (Special Dribble). And his Booster Shot is something.
      My Best Win > 5 - 2
    > Sao Paolo vs Santos :
      Password    > agokohana sakazagama hamiyapowa higeno
                    あごこはな  さかざがま  はみやぽわ  ひげの
      Difficulty  > Normal
      Stars       > Zagalo(#9)
                     *Gouinna Dribble
                     *Double Eel(Shot)
                     *Power Tackle
                     *Power Block
                     *Cannon Head(Heading)
        Well ... Dirceu is good at defending, and also had Cannon Heading which a 
      little troublesome if he use it. But his position is DF, so he is rarely
      using his shot.
        Zagalo is the main problem. His Double Eel is very powerful. His Gouinna
      Dribble also really bad for us. So intercept before he get the ball.
        As usually, use standard shot (shot, header, volley) to bombard Santos'
      net. Their goalkeeper isn't good at all.
      My Best Win > 7 - 1
    > Sao Paolo vs Flemengo :
      Password    > hasuuchiza komorikebu gutsunibuho tsuhowa
                    はすうちざ  こもりけぶ  ぐつにぶほ  つほわ
      Difficulty  > A little hard
      Stars       > Carlos Santana(#10):
                     *Bunshin Dribble(Clone Dribble)
                     *Overhead Kick
                     *Mirage Shot
                     *Banana Shot
                     *Drive Shot   
        Carlos is very annoying if you take him easily. If Carlos had the ball,
      Use Babington or Marini or Amaral cover him quickly before he unleash Mirage
      Shot. And don't even think to make a foul near your penalty area. If that
      happens, Carlos will surely unleash his  Mirage Shot. Just be careful with
      his Bunshin Dribble. It's really annoying, but not strong.
        The only problem in Flemengo other than Carlos is Santamaria. His Banana
      Shot still give trouble to Renato, but not often. Don't worry about Jettorio.
      His position is in back line (DF). Just don't get near him when you dribble.
        Tsubasa's Drive Shot maybe useful here. I got 2 goals using Drive Shot from
      the corner kick.
      My Best Win > 5 - 2
    Your Default Team :
    11. Kisugi
    10. Misaki
     9. Nitta
     8. Izawa
     7. Taki
     6. Urabe
     5. Takasugi
     4. Ishizaki
     3. Nakayama
     2. Kishida
    GK. Morisaki
    Your Special Skill - Name(GP needed):
     Tarou Misaki:
       Overhead Kick(160)
       Jumping Volley Shot(250)
     Shun Nitta:
       Hayabusa Shot(200)
       Hayabusa Volley Shot(240)
     Ryou Ishizaki:
       Gammen Block(400)
    Notes : Next to opponent's special moves(Nankatsu part only), I put GP needed
            since they will be your players at Japan Youth part.
    > Nankatsu vs Kunimi Gakuin :
      Password    > kazorobete zorumoreu fuhoipepi yotsupo
                    かぞろべて  ぞるもれう  ふほいぺぴ  よつぽ
      Difficulty  > Easy !!!
      Stars       > Hiroshi Jitou(#4):
                     *Sano to no Combination Play(200)
                     *Gouinna Dribble(80)
                     *Power Tackle(200)
                     *Power Block(180)
        Not Hard at all. As long as you can keep the ball away from Jitou and
      Sano, you won't have any major problem to Morisaki. If one of them has
      the ball, quickly mark them and take or sweep the ball away. If Jitou near
      you penalty area and has the ball, he'll use "Sano to no Combination Play",
      and that's a major problem for Morisaki. Also watch out for Sano's Overhead
      Kick. Even if not powerful, Morisaki still can't deal it. Bomber their net
      with Misaki, Nitta, and Izawa.
      My Best Win > 7 - 1
    > Nankatsu vs Akita Shoukou :
      Password    > gezobekewa tozetototo hororopopa yonimo
                    げぞべかわ  とぜととと  ほろろぽぱ  よにも
      Difficulty  > Not that hard if you know what to do
      Stars       > Kazuo(#11) & Masao(#9) Tachibana(Twin):
                     *Twin Shot(180)
                     *Gemini Attack(80)
                     *Sky Lab Hurricane(200)
                     *Sky Lab Tackle(200)
                     *Sky Lab Block(180)
                     *Sky Lab Pass Cut(180)
        Watch out with Tachibana brothers. Their Twin Shot is troublesome. Sky Lab
      Hurricane is not that good. But for Morisaki, still a little annoying. Just
      prevent them use that skills, or put as much as possible in front of your
      net. Their GK is standard GK. You won't have any problem with him.
      My Best Win > 5 - 3
    > Nankatsu vs Tatsunami :
      Password    > kikagaahi apimajimo chipuubego yochiso
                    きかがあひ  あぴまじも  ちぷうべご  よちそ
      Difficulty  > A little difficult
      Stars       > Makoto Souda(#4):
                     *Kamisori Shot(200)
                     *Kamisori Tackle(200)
                     *Kamisori Pass(40)
        Well ... nothing can expected from this one. Souda's Shot isn't that good.
      (Except if he do it very close to your GK ^^'). And don't dribble through
      Souda. His Kamisori Tackle is a bit annoying. Even if their GK has a name, He
      isn't as though as Meao (Gremio's GK). Just use your heading or volley shot,
      and use your specials.
      My Best Win > 4 - 1
    > Nankatsu vs Musashii Daifuzoku :
      Password    > bonunesuse kopehomeo warebegehi kegase
                    ぼぬねすせ  こぺほめお  われべげひ  けがせ
      Difficulty  > Difficult
      Stars       > Jun Misugi(#10)[2nd Half]:
                     *Hyper Overhead(250)
        Even if Misugi only plays in 2nd half, This isn't an easy match. Their
      strikers and defenses is good. When Misugi show up, It even worse. Try to
      score as much as possible in 1st half and defend in 2nd half. Use pressure in
      1st half and counter at 2nd half. This will help a lot.
      My Best Win > 4 - 3
    > Nankatsu vs Furano :
      Password    > kopehapuho buoanuza izukahemu zezase
                    こぺはぷほ  ぶおあぬざ  いずかへむ  ぜざせ
      Difficulty  > Not hard ... not easy either
      Stars       > Hikaru Matsuyama(#10):
                     *Eagle Shot(200)
        They are fast. Their midfielders is very good. Matsuyama's Eagle Shot also
      hard to stop. If he did it, 90% will score a goal. Prevent him from doing it.
        We're lucky ... Their defense isn't good (just average ... you even can
      dribble through their GK).
      My Best Win > 5 - 3
    > Nankatsu vs Touhou Gakuen :
      Password    > giahakiyu kepanutsuho iroruzeza zeopa
                    ぎあはきゆ  けぱぬつほ  いろるぜざ  ぜおぱ
      Difficulty  > Very hard
      Stars       > Kojirou Hyuuga(#9):
                     *Tiger Shot(240)
                     *Neo Tiger Shot(370)
                     *Overhead Kick(160)
                     *Gouinna Dribble(60)
                     *Tiger Tackle(180)
                     *Touhou Combination(80) [With Sawada]
                    Takeshi Sawada(#6):
                     *Touhou Combination(80) [With Hyuuga]
                    Ken Wakashimatsu(#GK):
        This is the hardest game until now. Touhou's Strikers are good. Hyuga is
      hard to stop. He use Gouinna Dribble often. He rarely pass to others (only
      a few times, except for doing Touhou Combination with Sawada). If he use Neo
      Tiger Shot, you're finish (except if you use Gammen Block in the right time).
        Touhou's defenders are good. And Wakashimatsu is really hard to beat. When
      he use Sengakutobi, he even can stop your special moves. I really have a hard
      time with him.
      My Best Win > 4 - 3
    Your Default Team :
    11. Platon
    10. Tsubasa
     9. Gil
     8. Babington
     7. Tahamata
     6. Batista
     5. Dotoru
     4. Amaral
     3. Marini
     2. Lima
    GK. Renato
    Your Special Skill - Name(GP needed):
     Tsubasa Ozora:
       Heel Lift(90)
       Drive Pass(40)
       Drive Shot(200)
       Overhead Kick(160)
       Drive Overhead(320)
    > Sao Paolo vs AS Roma :
      Password    > suzumunugo guheguashi uhanamenu gufuzu
                    すずむぬご  ぐへぐあし  うはなめぬ  ぐふず
      Difficulty  > Just 1st game. won't be hard.
      Stars       > Rampion(#9):
                     *Rocket Head(Heading)
        As I say before, this match isn't hard at all. Rampion's Rocket Head isn't
      unblockable. Put some players in the path and you can block it. Their GK just
      an average. But sometimes he can block your shot. If you had Tsubasa alone in
      their midfield, past the middle circle, and no opponents in front (or if you
      sure the opponents can't block it from their position), use Drive Shot. It's
      had a high chance to score.
      My Best Win > 5 - 2
    > Sao Paolo vs Uruguay :
      Password    > puherizutsu boaeruo yokopukoku yokosa
                    ぷへりずつ  ぼあえるお  よこぷこく  よこさ
      Difficulty  > Not hard either
      Stars       > Da Silva(#9)
                    Ramon Victorino(#11):
                     *Overhead Kick
        Basically, this match isn't hard. The only problem in this team is Da Silva
      and Victorino. So don't lower your guard with them. Victorino's Overhead Kick
      is also problem for Renato.
        Their GK is a little above average. Just make sure you very close with them
      when shot. And, like always. Drive Shot still give you a chance to score
      (when I win 6 - 3, I did 2 drive shot and all score).
      My Best Win > 6 - 3
    > Sao Paolo vs Hamburg SV :
      Password    > anuifushi kefuzumihe nugabizupa niguza
                    あぬいふし  けふずみへ  ぬがびずぱ  にぐざ
      Difficulty  > Hard
      Stars       > Capellmann(#7):
                     *Sidewinder Shot
                    Herman Kaltz(#10):
                     *Harinezumi Dribble
                     *Top Spin Pass
                    Genzou Wakabayashi(#GK)
        Darn, Capellmann's Sidewinder Shot is a problem. But if you can block it,
      it won't threat you that badly (if 2 men block it before it reach Renato,
      even if failed and pushed away, you had a chance to block this attack). And
      Kaltz's shot and dribble really make me mad. Just regular shot and he can
      score so easily.
        Wakabayashi is THE MOST person you most concern. Overhead Kick, Drive Shot,
      Drive Overhead, all almost useless. Don't ever think to shot if you didn't
      really close to the net. If I mean close it means very close. Try to shot
      from side too.
      My Best Win > 3 - 2
    > Sao Paolo vs Zen Nihon (Japan) :
      Password    > zurebuzuya totobechiro fururimapi nehaji
                    ずるべずや  ととべちろ  ふるりまぴ  ねはじ
      Difficulty  > Prepare a headache medicine ;p
      Stars       > Shun Nitta/Jun Misugi(#11)
                    Tarou Misaki(#10)
                    Kojirou Hyuuga(#9)
                    Kazuo Tachibana(#8)
                    Mazao Tachibana(#7)
                    Takeshi Sawada(#6)
                    Hikaru Matsuyama(#5)
                    Ryou Ishizaki(#4)
                    Hiroshi Jitou(#3)
                    Makoto Souda(#2)
                    Ken Wakashimazu(#1)
                     *for special moves, just review the Nankatsu part.
        This match is almost unbelievable match. all of the opponent's players
      have special moves. Mark every player carefully. Do your strategy just like
      when you against Touhou. Don't shot except you're close to the net. Just
      Be careful with the opponent's positions. They can tackle you easily. Don't
      EVER think to dribble through them. They also good at pass cutting, so
      BE CAREFUL with your pass line.
      My Best Win > 4 - 2
    Your Default Team :
    11. Nitta
    10. Tsubasa
     9. Hyuuga
     8. Misaki
     7. Kazuo
     6. Masao
     5. Matsuyama
     4. Ishizaki
     3. Jitou
     2. Souda
    GK. Wakashimazu
    Subtitute :
    Your Special Skill - Name(GP needed): ==> Only new moves. For other moves, see
     Tsubasa Ozora:
       Twin Shot(180) [With Misaki]
       Golden Combination(120) [With Misaki]
       Drive Tiger Shot(200) [With Hyuuga/Not Listed]
     Tarou Misaki:
       Twin Shot(180) [With Tsubasa]
       Golden Combination(120) [With Tsubasa]
     Kojirou Hyuuga:
       Drive Tiger Shot(200) [With Tsubasa/Not Listed]
     Kazuo & Masao Tachibana(Twin):
       Sky Lab Twin Shot(380) [With Jitou]
    > Zen Nihon Youth vs Syria :
      Password    > guyashifune yayobiteri yakuhozopi zatsuyu
      (Lv.15)       ぐやしふね  やよびてり  やくほぞぴ  ざつゆ
      Password    > kamuimeso kobagizake kisabogiji ozoni
      (Lv.30)       かむいめそ  こばぎざけ  きさぼぎじ  おぞに
      Difficulty  > Easy
      Stars       > None
        An Average match for Asian Cup. This is just a beginning. But if you not
      careful, they can easily score a goal. Their shots is good. The GK also
      sometimes can block your special moves. Their pass cut also good. My
      suggestion, only shot when near the net.
        My tactic in this game and for the rest of the game is use Wakashimazu
      until his GP(Guts Point, read above) is out. Then replace him with
      Wakabayashi. On the 1st half, use Nitta's Special moves until he run out
      of GP. then in the 2nd half, replace him with Misugi(don't let his GP goes
      bellow 100 or he will have 0 GP on the next match). Or, Use Matsuyama in
      front and Misugi in back.
        This match is the best time for level up your players. That's what I'm
      doing until I got the level 30 password above. Win against Syria and loose
      against China. Do it over and over (If you have plenty of time ;p)
      My Best Win > 7 - 0
    > Zen Nihon Youth vs China / Chuugoku :
      Password    > chihanayote jiomopii mubobisoto guwaku
                    ちはなよて  じおもぴい  むぼびそと  ぐわく
      Difficulty  > Easy
      Stars       > Lee Hanne(#11) & Lee Bankun(#9):
                    Shouryuukyaku Shot
        Another normal match. The only problem here is Lee brothers. Whenever they
      use their Shouryuukyaku Shot, even if I use Senkakutobi, sometimes you still
      miss it. Wakabayashi also can block it with normal punch(only a small chance
        Their Defender is that good. Be careful with them, though. Try to not pass
      over them too often.
        Their GK is average, but he can block some of your special shot if you
      didn't do it very close. If you got a corner kick, try to use Tsubasa's
      Drive Shot. when I do this 4 times, I score 3 times. Worth for a try.
      and Tsubasa's tactic I mentioned above(use Drive Shot when no opponents in
      the way). It still useful.
      My Best Win > 7 - 3
    > Zen Nihon Youth vs Iran :
      Password    > popuniogi oherorahi mikimejiro zashiho
                    ぽぷにおぎ  おへろらひ  みきめじろ  ざしほ
      Difficulty  > A little hard
      Stars       > None
        A rough, good skilled, hard to beat team. That's what I say when I play
      this match. Their shots is good. They'll score if you not careful. Their pass
      is damn good. Their pass cut is good. don't try to pass over them.
        Their tackles is horrible. Don't ever think to dribble through them. it's
      useless. Pass the ball if they near you. Their block is also good. Watch out
      with your shot.
        Their GK is also good one. Even if sometime miss some shot, he can block
      some of special shot. Also he is good at one on one. Try to get your strikers
      closer but try to avoid one on one condition occur. Tsubasa's tactic is
      still useful here. Worth for a try(but don't hope to much). If you do some
      level up like I mentioned before, this won't be hard.
      My Best Win > 5 - 1
    > Zen Nihon Youth vs China Tai-pei / Kitachousen :
      Password    > chisereseyo megewapibe katobopaso mikute
                    ちせれせよ  めげわぴべ  かとぼぱそ  みくて
      Difficulty  > A little hard
      Stars       > None
        No great player didn't make this team easy. Their striker has precise shot.
      Even Senkakutobi sometimes misses this shot. Wakashimazu's normal punch isn't
      work much. When you use Senkakutobi a lot, Wakashimazu will run out his guts
      a lot. Change him with Wakabayashi quickly.
        Their midfielders also problem. Their pass and pass cut is awesome. Try to
      avoid them when you pass. Their defender is the one you need to pay much
      attention. Their tackle, pass cut, and block is great. Sometimes they can
      stop Hyuuga's Gouinna Dribble. Their GK also good. I've try to dribble him
      but only a few times successful. Tsubasa's tactic(shot from outside penalty
      area and corner) isn't work here. Just bring your striker near the net and
      blast your best shot there and hope this didn't hit the post.
      My Best Win > 4 - 2
    > Zen Nihon Youth vs Saudi Arabia :
      Password    > hehihogira jishiiou naninapiho sueo
                    へひほぎら  じしいおう  なになぴほ  すえお
      Difficulty  > A little hard
      Stars       > None
        Their players are a little above average. The most thing you must concern
      is their GK. He is quite good. You can't dribble him a lot. And he can stop
      your special shots if you not careful. Just bring Tsubasa and Hyuuga in front
      of the net and blast him with your best shots. Since he can block a lot of
      shots, maybe Tsubasa and Hyuuga can use their Twin Shot(I've got the event,
      but never succeed doing so. I don't know why). Just use Tsubasa, Hyuuga, and
      probably Nitta / Misugi to attack. For the rest, concentrate on defending.
      My Best Win > 3 - 0
    > Zen Nihon Youth vs Korea / Kankoku :
      Password    > zopiyotowa tepabomure posazehipa mikuke
                    ぞぴよとわ  てぱぼむれ  ぽさぜひぱ  みくけ
      Difficulty  > Hard!!!
      Stars       > Kimu(#10):
                     *Twin Shot [With Sha]
                     *Twin Shot [With Kimu]
                     *Gouinna Dribble
        This team is really a great team. Their defenders and midfielders are good.
      Kimu and Sha also great. Their shots is good. Specially their Twin Shot. When
      I try to stop it with Senkakutobi, within 5 tries, only succeed 1. At least
      try to prevent them using it. Be careful with their pass cut. They're good
      at it. Their DF's tackle also rough, but not impossible to dribble them.
        Luckily, their GK is average, but don't underestimate him. He can block
      your special shots if you're not careful. Just as before, use the best shots
      you got near the net. Don't use Tachibana's shots though. you need their guts
      to perform Sky Lab Tackle.
      My Best Win > 4 - 3
    Your Default Team :
    No change
    Your Special Skill - Name(GP needed):
    No change
    > Zen Nihon Youth vs Vasco Da Gama :
      Password    > zobomeguke sabomahama bubayunaza mizechi
                    ぞぼめぐけ  さぼまはま  ぶばゆなざ  みぜち
      Difficulty  > Very Easy!!!
      Stars       > None
        No need to worry. An Easy game. exelent match for level up.
      My Best Win > 7 - 0
    > Zen Nihon Youth vs Polland Youth :
      Password    > sokehesano mojimogibo hiboseguta supisa
                    そけへさの  もじもぎぼ  ひぼせぐた  すぴさ
      Difficulty  > Hard
      Stars       > Maher(#11)
                     *Rolling Save
        Maher doesn't have special moves. But his speed is incredible. Put all your
      best DFs to mark him. Use all special tackles you have. His shots are trouble
      for your GK. If he shot, Use Senkakutobi. Don't bother to use normal catch.
      It almost useless(except if you use Wakabayashi).
        Yaisch's Rolling Save is hard to beat. Face him one on one and use all your
      special shots there. With this, he can't use his Rolling Save. If they got
      a corner, put one of your player in front of the net. when you got the ball,
      quickly pass to him. Trap the ball, and dribble until one on one condition
      occur. This is very useful.
      My Best Win > 4 - 3
    > Zen Nihon Youth vs England Youth :
      Password    > shipuzehomo hasorebime wazairiki gemuzu
                    しぷぜほも  はそれびめ  わざいりき  げむず
      Difficulty  > Hard
      Stars       > Lorimar(#9)
        Both players doesn't have special moves. But you have to pay attention to
      them. Lorimar's skill is great. Specially dribble and shot. Be careful with
      him. Robson's DF skill also good. His tackle and pass cut is good, and his
      block is great. Don't ever shot near him. He'll block your shots for sure.
        If you really want to know how powerful they are, use cheat code bellow and
      see it yourself ^^'.
      My Best Win > 6 - 4
    > Zen Nihon Youth vs Soviet Youth :
      Password    > nekuzotari ihebowape souenoki resate
      (Lv.21)       ねくぞたり  いへぼわぺ  そうえのき  れさて
      Password    > youitsushi funirumizu gipubiberu bihopa
      (Lv.30)       よういつし  ふにるみず  ぎぷびべる  びほぱ
      Difficulty  > Hard
      Stars       > Beraev(#9)
                     *Bunshin Saving
        Again, no special moves, but powerful attack skill(dribble, pass, and shot)
      even more dangerous than Lorimar. Make Ishizaki to mark him and use Gammen
      block if necessary. Use Tsubasa and Misaki to mark Beraev from middle field.
        Rashin's Bunshin Saving is as effective as Yaisch's Rolling Save. Try to
      avoid him with one on one condition. Use Matsuyama and Hyuuga for this.
      My Best Win > 5 - 3
    > Zen Nihon Youth vs France Youth :
      Password    > fuwahogumi warutsusayo pugokuhia terese
                    ふわほぐみ  わるつさよ  ぷごくひあ  てれせ
      Difficulty  > Very hard!!!
      Stars       > Lui Napoleon(#9):
                     *Cannon Shot
                     *Slider Cannon Volley Shot [With Pierre]
                     *Eiffel Kougeki
                     *Gouinna Dribble
                    El Sid Pierre(#10):
                     *Slider Shot
                     *Slider Cannon Volley Shot [With Napoleon]
                     *Eiffel Kougeki
        Pierre's Slider Shot is a threat, Napoleon's Cannon Shot is dangerous, and
      their Slider Cannon is near invisible. Even Senkakutobi almost can't stop it.
      Wakashimazu will run out of Guts very fast since you have to use Senkakutobi
      more often. Their pass and pass cut is great. It's hard to take the ball from
      them. And whenever they enter your penalty area, they always use their Slider
      Cannon and if that happens, I don't know how to stop them ^^'. Prevent before
      that happens.
        Their GK and Defenders is quite problems. But not that hard if you do some
      level ups before. With normal level, this match is incredibly hard. If you
      can't win this one you better do some level ups.
      My Best Win > 5 - 4
    Your Default Team :
    No change
    Your Special Skill - Name(GP needed):
     Tsubasa Ozora:
       Cyclone(400) - Obtained before vs Argentina Youth.
                      Event after each match(Mexico, Italy, Holland) showing
                      Tsubasa learning Cyclone.
    > Zen Nihon Youth vs Mexico Youth :
      Password    > kezoremoka gejichizewa ufureupi gekuga
      (Lv.21)       けぞれもか  げじちぜわ  うふれうぴ  げくが
      Password    > suchitamiha girabizayu pakuiepo biuku
      (Lv.30)       すちたみは  ぎらびざゆ  ぱくいえぷ  びうく
      Difficulty  > A little easy
      Stars       > Espana(#10)
        An easy match. Normal volley and header may score here. Hyuuga's Gouinna
      Dribble is useful here. Bring him one on one with GK, and his dribble have
      high success rate. The only problem here is Espana which has great skills.
      Mark him with everything you got. Using Wakabayashi instead of Wakashimazu
      is good idea. Since his skill is above average even without special save.
        Again, good match for level up some more.
      My Best Win > 6 - 2
    > Zen Nihon Youth vs Italy Youth :
      Password    > kononeniwa rehiniyape jibarotabi tepuho
                    このねにわ  れひにやぺ  じばろたび  てぷほ
      Difficulty  > Hard
      Stars       > Rampion(#9):
                     *Rocket Head(Heading)
        Their attackers are good. But not good enough against Wakabayashi. Only
      Rampion's Rocket Head is major threat for your defense. The main problem here
      is Fernandez. He even can stop Neo Tiger Shot if you're not close enough. Use
      previous strategies for facing a great GK. After leading 2 or 3 goals, defend
      yourself. Pass the ball around and around and wasting time. Drive Tiger Shot
      is a great solution here ^^'.
      My Best Win > 3 - 0
    > Zen Nihon Youth vs Holland Youth :
      Password    > monomehano kachibuniha maposerasa tebise
                    ものめはの  かちぶには  まぽせらさ  てびさ
      Difficulty  > A little hard
      Stars       > Isurasu(#9):
                     *Overhead Kick
                     *Kousoku Dribble
                     *Gouinna Dribble
                     *Power Tackle
                     *Power Block
        Isurasu is great striker. His shot is powerful, and his Kousoku Dribble is
      unstoppable if you use normal tackle. Be careful with him. Ributa is great
      Defender. He can stop your special shot if you're not careful. Try to avoid
      this guy as far as possible. Their GK only a little above average. Won't be
      hard to score against him.
      My Best Win > 4 - 0
    > Zen Nihon Youth vs Argentina Youth :
      Password    > fuowahaki hipagoeji shibopogaji yutoshi
                    ふおわはき  ひぱごえじ  しぼぽがじ  ゆとし
      Difficulty  > Hard
      Stars       > Alan Pascal(#11):
                     *Golden Combination[With Diaz]
                     *Dynamite Head(Heading)
                    Van Diaz(#10):
                     *Drive Shot
                     *Overhead Shot
                     *Zenten Shot
                     *Golden Combination [With Pascal]
                     *Gouinna Dribble
                     *Power Tackle
                     *Power Block
        Pascal is a good striker. He is a great support for Diaz. Like Tsubasa and
      Misaki, they also have Golden Combination. Diaz's Drive Shot is a threat, but
      his Zenten Shot is nearly unstoppable with normal level. His pass cut is
      good. Don't pass through him.
        Satrustegui and Babington, I think you've meet them before. Babington is
      Tsubasa's teammate in Sao Paolo. And Satrustegui is Corinthians' striker.
      Galvan is good DF. His pass cut, tackle, and block are incredible. Don't try
      to shot near him. The GK is above average. Matsuyama's Eagle Shot isn't work
      at all against him. When one on one, it's success rate is only 30% - 40%.
      Hyuuga's Tiger Shot success rate when one on one is 60% - 65%. Do his Neo
      Tiger Shot only when near the net. Tsubasa's Cyclone Shot is Great. He can
      score a goal almost everywhere around opponent defend area. But it cost too
      much Guts(400).
      My Best Win > 5 - 3
      An Event will occur. World Cup Youth semifinals are Japan, France, Brazil,
      and Germany. The chart are :
       France vs Brazil      Japan vs Germany
    > Zen Nihon Youth vs Germany Youth / Deutch Youth :
      Password    > puriayozo boyuhemasa tsururafupa yupage
                    ぷりあよぞ  ぼゆへまさ  つるらふぱ  ゆぱげ
      Difficulty  > Very Hard!!!
      Stars       > Karl Heinz Schenider(#11):
                     *Fire Shot
                     *Overhead Kick
                    Herman Kaltz(#8)
                    Notes: For special skills, look at Sao Paolo vs Hamburg SV game
        Schneider's Fire Shot isn't as good as it's name. Even Wakabayashi's punch
      sometimes can stop it. However, don't underestimate him. His shot still give
      you a threat. Margus is a good striker mark them well. Schester, Kaltz, and
      Copellmann are good MFs. They have good skill in dribbling, passing, and pass
      cuting. Be careful with them. Mezza, I think you've meet him before when you
      play against Hamburg SV(same as Copellmann and Kaltz).
        Muller is the main problem here. He is really strong as GK. It won't be
      easy to score against him. But he doesn't have special save. My strategy are:
      - When you get the ball for the first time(kick off or steal from opponent),
        wait until Tsubasa near penalty area(inside is better though) then pass to
        him. Use his Cyclone and hope it didn't hit the post or the ball blown up.
        That's one goal.
      - After that, don't use him to attack. just defend and recharge his guts.
        while doing this, you can strike with Hyuuga and Matsuyama(I put Misugi in
        the sweeper).
      - In second Half, Tsubasa's Guts should be around 800 again. Use his Cyclone
        again as soon as you get the ball(same as first half). After that, make him
        defend again and strike with other striker.
      - At the last minute(I'm wait until the time goes to 0:0), use Cyclone once
      By doing this, as long as your defense is good enough, You will win for sure.
      When I win 5 - 2, 2 goals from Cyclone(Tsubasa), 2 goals from Neo Tiger Shot
      (Hyuuga), and 1 goal from Eagle Shot(Matsuyama). And, don't ever use Eagle
      Shot without one on one condition, it's nearly useless.
      My Best Win > 5 - 2
    > Zen Nihon Youth vs Brazil Youth :
      Password    > ozepuyowa kijihegohi uzezosazu zogufu
      (Lv.24)       おぜぷよわ  きじへごひ  うぜぞさず  ぞぐふ
      Password    > yorogimumu giyubunanu pokekefuyo bipapi
      (Lv.32)       よろぎむむ  ぎゆぶなぬ  ぽけけふよ  びぱぴ
      Difficulty  > Extremely Hard!!!
      Stars       > Nei(#11)
                    Riberio(#10)[1st Half]
                    Arthur Anchinos Coimbra(#10)[2nd Half]:
                     *Mahha Shot
                     *Overhead Kick
                    Carlos Santana(#9)
                     *Dark Illution Catch
                    Notes: For special skills, look at it's own club(see Rio Cup
                           part of this Walkthrough
        Except Amaral, Dotoru, and Coimbra, all are your opponent at Rio Cup. You
      should already know their characteristic. There are a little different.
      Santamaria, Toninho, and Jetorio like to shot(Banana Shot and Drive Shot)
      from distance(around middle circle).
        I do the same thing like when vs Germany. If you're lucky, you'll score 3
      from Cyclone. If you manage to score using Neo Tiger Shot(once or twice),
      at least you won't lose even if they score 3 or 4. Be careful with Coimbra's
      Mahha Shot. It's nearly Unstoppable. Even Wakabayashi at level 32 still have
      a hard time with it. If you win using level 24 characters at your first try,
      you're the BEST ;)
      My Best Win > 5 - 3
    CHEAT :
    If you're play this game using NESTen, you use cheat game. How to use it ?!?!
    read the manual ;p
    If you want to use it with JNES, change the digit into hexadecimal first(you
    can use windows calculator), then convert it to Game Genie code. How, I don't
    know either ^^'.
    Ex: Change the level of player number 11 into level 16:
        - change the digit to hexadecimal: lv.16 -> digit == 15 -> hex == 0F
        - put the address and digit side by side: 037B0F
        - convert it to GameGenie if you have the converter
          (I don't know where, tell me if you had information about it)
    (and ... the digit is in decimal)
    Here are the addresses list :
    Player's GP (Guts Points) :
    Player's number 11 - $037A
    Player's number 10 - $036E
    Player's number 09 - $0362
    Player's number 08 - $0356
    Player's number 07 - $034A
    Player's number 06 - $033E
    Player's number 05 - $0332
    Player's number 04 - $0326
    Player's number 03 - $031A
    Player's number 02 - $030E
    Player's number 01 - $0302
      *Set the digit to 2 to make it never goes below 511.
    Player's Level :
    Player's number 11 - $037B
    Player's number 10 - $036F
    Player's number 09 - $0363
    Player's number 08 - $0357
    Player's number 07 - $034B
    Player's number 06 - $033F
    Player's number 05 - $0333
    Player's number 04 - $0327
    Player's number 03 - $031B
    Player's number 02 - $030F
    Player's number 01 - $0303
      *The digit of level: 0 == Level 1, 15 == Level 16
       NOTE : If you turn off the code, It'll change back to normal.
    Player's Modifier:
    Player's number 11 - $0378
    Player's number 10 - $036C
    Player's number 09 - $0360
    Player's number 08 - $0354
    Player's number 07 - $0348
    Player's number 06 - $033C
    Player's number 05 - $0330
    Player's number 04 - $0324
    Player's number 03 - $0310
    Player's number 02 - $030C
    Player's number 01 - $0300
    *Player Digit (used on Player's Modifier):
    Format: Digit - Name(Uniform) [GK.Name means this player is a GK]
     01 - Tsubasa(SP)        11 - Platon(SP)         21 - Nitta(N)
     02 - GK.Renato(SP)      12 - Urabe(N)           22 - Kisugi(N)
     03 - Lima(SP)           13 - Kishida(N)         23 - Masao(J)
     04 - Marini(SP)         14 - Nakayama(N)        24 - Kazuo(J)
     05 - Amaral(SP)         15 - GK.Morisaki(N)     25 - Sano(J)
     06 - Dotoru(SP)         16 - Takasugi(N)        26 - Hyuuga(J)
     07 - Batista(SP)        17 - Misaki(N)          27 - Souda(J)
     08 - Tahamata(SP)       18 - Izawa(N)           28 - Jitou(J)
     09 - Babington(SP)      19 - Taki(N)            29 - Matsuyama(J)
     10 - Gil(SP)            20 - Ishizaki(N)        30 - Sorimatsu(J)
     31 - Sawada(J)          41 - Zagalo(S)          51 - GK.Nakanishi(Ts)
     32 - Misugi(J)          42 - Dirceu(S)          52 - Misugi(M)
     33 - GK.Wakabayashi(J)  43 - Carlos(F)          53 - Matsuyama(Fu)
     34 - GK.Wakashimazu(J)  44 - Santamaria(F)      54 - Hyuuga(To)
     35 - Satrustegui(C)     45 - Jetorio(F)         55 - Sorimatsu(To)
     36 - Riberio(C)         46 - Jitou(Ku)          56 - Sawada(To)
     37 - Da Silva(G)        47 - Sano(Ku)           57 - GK.Wakashimazu(To)
     38 - GK.Meao(G)         48 - Masao(A)           58 - Rampion(Ro)
     39 - Toninho(P)         49 - Kazuo(A)           59 - Victorino(Uru)
     40 - Nei(P)             50 - Souda(Ts)          60 - Da Silva(Uru)
     61 - Copellmann(HSV)    71 - Kazuo(J)           81 - Maher(Pol)
     62 - Kaltz(HSV)         72 - Jitou(J)           82 - GK.Yaisch(Pol)
     63 - Mezza(HSV)         73 - Ishizaki(J)        83 - Lorimar(Eng)
     64 - GK.Wakabayashi(HSV)74 - Souda(J)           84 - Robson(Eng)
     65 - Hyuuga(J)          75 - Matsuyama(J)       85 - Beraev(Sov)
     66 - Nitta(J)           76 - GK.Wakashimazu(J)  86 - GK.Rashin(Sov)
     67 - Sano(J)            77 - Lee Hanne(Chn)     87 - Napoleon(Fra)
     68 - Misaki(J)          78 - Lee Bankun(Chn)    88 - Pierre(Fra)
     69 - Misugi(J)          79 - Sha(Kor)           89 - Espana(Mex)
     70 - Masao(J)           80 - Kimu(Kor)          90 - Rampion(Ita)
     91 - GK.Fernandez(Ita) 101 - Kaltz(Ger)        111 - Toninho(Bra)
     92 - Isurasu(Hol)      102 - Mezza(Ger)        112 - Dotoru(Bra)
     93 - Ributa(Hol)       103 - Schester(Ger)     113 - Amaral(Bra)
     94 - Pascal(Arg)       104 - Copellmann(Ger)   114 - Dirceu(Bra)
     95 - Satrustegui(Arg)  105 - GK.Muller(Ger)    115 - Jetorio(Bra)
     96 - Diaz(Arg)         106 - Carlos(Bra)       116 - GK.Gertize(Bra)
     97 - Babington(Arg)    107 - Zagalo(Bra)       117 - Coimbra(Bra)
     98 - Galvan(Arg)       108 - Riberio(Bra)	
     99 - Schneider(Ger)    109 - Nei(Bra)		
    100 - Margus(Ger)       110 - Santamaria(Bra)	
    *) ==> (SP) == Sao Paolo          (N) == Nankatsu
      (J) == Japan Youth              (C) == Corinthians
      (G) == Gremio                   (P) == Palmeiras
      (S) == Santos                   (F) == Flemengo
     (Ku) == Kunimi Gakuin            (A) == Akita Shounen
     (Ts) == Tatsunami                (M) == Musashii Daifuzoku
     (Fu) == Furano                  (To) == Touhou Gakuen
     (Ro) == AS Roma                (Uru) == Uruguay
    (HSV) == Hamburg SV             (Chn) == China
    (Kor) == Korea                  (Pol) == Poland
    (Eng) == England                (Sov) == Soviet
    (Fra) == France                 (Mex) == Mexico
    (Ita) == Italy                  (Hol) == Holland
    (Arg) == Argentina              (Ger) == Germany
    (Bra) == Brazil
    TECMO      - For this great game
    My Brother - For help me finding the address of the code
    NESTen     - Provide an emulator with cheat option. With this we
                 (I and my brother) can Find this code
    NJWP       - Provide a Japanese Word Processor, so I can write all
                 command and passwords in this FAQ
    Any comments/suggestions/information about the game: kaitoukid@plasa.com

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