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"A Great Game!"

Introduction: Dig Dug is a classic game on NES that about 90% of people in the world have played. There isnt much of a storyline but here is what is known.... Some guy went to his garden and found that it had been overrun by little creatures that spit fire and run fast. He quickly went to get his air pump and came back to obliterate those pesky little things. And thats the storyline. I find Dig Dug to be one of the most addicting and fun games of all time. Now on with the review.

Difficulty - 7/10 I bet your wondering why this game got a 7/10 on difficulty right? Well lets see....... When you get past the first couple of levels, the enemies become a lot more of a threat and are everywhere. Its pretty hard to not turn one way and an enemy is standing in front of you. This game never ends which is also a hassle all its own. The only thing not difficult is the controls. The D-Pad moves your guy and A and B uses his air pump. So its a good game to just pick up and play.

Gameplay - 8/10 There are two types of enemies in this game and those are little red guys and little dragon guys. The dragon guys move slow and breathe fire. The little red guys move faster but dont breathe anything. There are 4 levels of the ground and the deeper you go and defeat enemies, the higher your score goes. There are also some rocks on each level that you can make fall on an enemy following you. Each time an enemy gets hit by a rock, a little piece of food appears in the middle of the screen and you get points for obtaining it. That right there makes this game very addictive. Since the NES doesnt have memory capabilities on most games, the high score resets to 10,000 points when you turn the power off. So I wouldnt recommend playing for 20 hours and then just turning it off without writing down or remembering your high score.

Graphics - 8/10 For an NES game these graphics are actually good. You can easily distinguish between foes and your character. And when you pump your enemies full of air, watch out.....BOOM! They explode and you get points. Hooray for garden tools.

Sound/Music - 8/10 The music may be repetitive but I find it relaxing when your pumping your foes full of air. The sounds effects are also pretty good. When you drop a rock, it sounds like a rock just fell on them. When you pump air, it actually sounds like your pumping air. Sure the music and sounds can be annoying at times but what can you expect from an NES game?

Overall - 7.75/10 (8/10) This game is a classic and should not be overlooked. I can almost guarentee that you cant find it anywhere on the market except for maybe Ebay and yard sales or flea markets. If you find this game BUY IT IMMEDIATELY!!!!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 07/06/05

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