Review by Rick L

"The Gods have punished me!"

This game....*Shakes head* is another one of the crap games for the NES. This is another failure game that I just had to play to see for myself. So I checked it out.....and hell, it was pretty bad!

Graphics: 4.5/10

''Look! Jimmy made something with his watercolor paints!''

Miserable. Things felt way too cartoonish and had a lack of detail to them. Animation isn't that good either. Athena resembles something like a boulder with a stick body. It's a wonder that gravity just doesn't have her fall on her head and be one of those ''Weebles'' kid's toys. Most of the enemies are like interchangable action figures. I'll pluck the horse head off this enemy, and replace it with something who knows what! That'll stop Athena! There are some different enemies too, but most of all it's just the same stuff over and over.

Sound: -300/10

''Even deaf people are affected when the game plays the music!''

Godawful. You can't hear the sound effects very well, and you probably don't want to hear them anyway. The music is absolutely annoying, crappy, and makes me want to dig my eardrums out of my head to stop the suffering. Obvouisly the person in charge of the music did this on a lunch break. It's horrible!!

Gameplay: 0.5/10

''My, these randomly activated spring shoes work wonders!''

This is a side-scroller that doesn't even work. For one, when you jump, you have a regular jump, and a super jump. You can't control it, so you just end up super jumping randomly, resulting in frustrating control. Evem more frusterating is the way that you have no invincibility when you get hit. You just bounce about half a centimeter to the left and get hit again. Fun! Especially with those damn archers that hit you no matter what, then when you try to walk by, they shoot you again! The weapon variety is interesting, but they don't seem to do much, as most of them are still in the range of Athena's kick attack. S-T-U-P-I-D!!

Replay Value: -64775392/10

''Thou shalt not play ''Athena'' more than once.''

Don't. Never, ever ever. Only re-play for self torture. That's how bad this is. If you play this again, please see your local shrink.

Overall: 1.99/10

''More fun than swallowing a lit stick of dynamite whole!''

An awful game to hit the NES. This could've been vastly improved, but yet, some people are too lazy to do a proper job on their games. I'd reccomend that you play Beetlejuice, Tag Team Wrestling, or Where's Waldo instead of this. You'll have a blast with those games compared to this piece of junk.

This is the Rick, tellin' you to avoid even if it means your death!

Reviewer's Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

Originally Posted: 02/12/02, Updated 02/12/02

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