Review by Blackjack4x

Reviewed: 11/01/99 | Updated: 11/01/99

Interesting idea but hampered by spotty control

Balloon Fight could have been a very fun game. The basic idea isthat you're a boy, with two balloons strapped to you that allow youto float through the air. There are enemies, also equipped with aballoon, and they're trying to pop yours and make you fall to yourdeath. You would be wise to do likewise to them. You do this byflying above an enemy, and coming down on his head. If he lands onthe ground, you have to land on him again, or left alone he will pumpup another balloon and be back in the fray. The game contains manylevels, and each one gets progressively harder with more enemies,faster enemies, more lightning bolts (which mean instant death whenthey hit you) and unpredictable rotators that could throw you intothe pool of water (where you'll be eaten by a big fish) or intoan enemy. Every few stages you are rewarded with a bonus stage, inwhich several pipes line the bottom of the screen with balloonsfloating up from them, and you have to try to pop as many as you can.Another option is the Balloon Trip, during which you float througha maze of electric dots while trying to pop as many balloons as youcan. This game is for one or two players.

Graphics: 4/10

The game was made in 1984, and it shows. Simple sprites, simplecharacters. On par with the time period.

Sound: 4/10

Again, 1984-ish sound. It's the type of music you would call very"video gamey".

Gameplay: 5/10

Here's where the game could have been better. You see, momentum playsa HUGE part in this game - too huge. If you fly at an enemy and miss him,you keep going and going, and it's usually too late by the time you get turned around, because he's moved. If you try to land on an enemyand he moves, it takes too long to stop, and forever to reversedirections, leaving you in a very vulnerable position. This lack ofcontrol causes massive frustration in the Balloon Trip, where controlmeans everything - sometimes you have to maneuver between very thingaps. I would only recommend playing the Balloon Trip if you havelots of patience. The difficulty progresses accordingly. The AI of the enemies is decent for a game of this time.

Replay: 5/10

A little fun, but you'll nearly always die in a way that frustratesyou. Over time, this tends to turn you from the game. The BalloonTrip is not a reason to play this game - it seems pointless, unlessthe idea of it was as practice for the real game.

Overall: 6/10

A fun little game in the early levels, when mistakes don't cost you as much, but in the higher levels when any error usually means a life,then you'll begin to see the glaring control mistakes in this game.You could try it out - but you won't be tempted to buy it.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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