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Reviewed: 08/06/02 | Updated: 08/06/02

Awesome arcade style game.

Ah, Balloon Fight. This is truly a great game. The setup is pretty simple. First off you are some dude tied to two balloons and you must float above bad guys and pop their balloon and knock them off the landscape. This game needs to become a real sport.

This game requires no complex controls to master. And this of course is a great thing. The only controls are moving around with the D-pad, and pressing the ''A'' or ''B'' button to float. Basically all you really need to do is float over a bad guy pop the balloon, a parachute will pop out and he will start to float down to land to pump another balloon and continue floating. Don't let that sucker have the chance. As soon as you get the chance knock him off the landscape. Repeat process until all the bad guys are gone. Bonus stages involve getting 20 balloons before they float away. Get all 20 and you are awarded a bonus.

You can earthier play Balloon fight by yourself, with a friend, or something completely different called ''Balloon Trip'' and this mode makes you float along collecting balloons and avoiding lighting.

There isn't much in this game. Just the bonus stage, losing a life and Balloon Trip. Hey are you bored? Just play Balloon Fight and and even when you lose, you get a nice music clip!

Plenty of replay value. For some reason, mindless popping of balloons and watching people fall to their doom never gets boring.

Buy or Rent?
If you get a chance to buy this game. Buy it. It may easily be the best 5 bucks you ever spend.

Alone, or with another player?
Ah, so you have no friends and your wondering, ''Well is this game fun to play by myself?'' Sure it is, but the game is much more fun if you have another playing too. When you play two player, it adds more to the game, that being one more guy to help you out. Of course, you may want revenge on this guy for whatever reason. In that case you have the privilege of popping the other players balloon as well. Best of all, when you pop your friends balloon, you get 1000 points each.

In General
This arcade style game is one you won't ever want to pass up. Great Replay Value, easy controls, and it's just fun losing a life just so you can hear that 5 second tune.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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