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"An Excellent NES Classic! A Must-Own"

Wow. Balloon Fight. This game is truly an example of Nintendo's innovation. Although there is NO plot, who needs one? All you care about is having a great 5 minutes of fun. This is the game that will provide you with those precious old-school moments of nostalgia. Some may criticize it for being a ''rip-off'' or a ''clone'' of Joust, but I feel that all Nintendo did was VASTLY IMPROVE upon it. You will not regret owning this game, and it is a staple of any good NES game collection.

In this game, you are a ''man'', lets just call him Balloon Fighter, and you go around popping these ''bird things''' balloons, making them fall. This game is fun for one, but A BLAST for two. If you are playing this, make sure a friend is nearby!

However, while it is classified as relatively common, it sometimes can be quite difficult to find. I recommend checking your local FuncoLand, or any Garage sales with people selling games that have no clue as to their funness potential. Another way of aquiring this awesome game would the the Gamecube hit ''Animal Crossing.'' If you don't already know, this awesome innovative game allows you to collect MANY NES games to put in your ''house.'' You can trade for them, buy them, or yes, dig them up or shake them out of trees. Go to the Animal Crossing board for more information.

The sound is absolutely wonderful. Actually, it conists of not much more than varying beeps and boops, but when you get a game over, the resulting music is quite good. You will find yourself humming that tune. (Doot, da dee doo, bum ba ba ba bum ba beeeeee...) sorry.

The control scheme is excellent as well, it has a rapid-fire feature on one button, and a ''button mashing'' key on the other, matching your style of play.

The graphics are very good for the NES, and for an early game it is definitely quite impressive.

The only flaws are so minor that I cannot give it a 10, but are too small to notice. Some may be a slight graphical glitch, but its gameplay that matters, right?


If you find this game in a store, BUY IT.

If you have Animal Crossing, FIND IT or DIG IT UP.

This may be the best 5 bucks you ever spend. Seriously. Also, if you own this game, do not get rid of it. Play it for a while, and it will leave you with a happy nostalgic feeling, and a charming game indeed. (Yes, popping balloons and watching bird things fall to their doom can be charming.)

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/16/02, Updated 11/16/02

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