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"The flying man on a balloon!"

Introduction-Not bad for the first console not bad at all.Could be better with some new adjustments but not bad at all.I think Nintendo did a awesome job on this game.There are some ups and downs but not bad.Great game for younger kids to play yet not bad to play for yourself.This NES classic is the one you are looking for.

Graphics-Well not bad considering it is one of the first games on the NES and the NES is either the first console or one of the first consoles made.They are excellent for the first console.They very easily deserve a easy ten out of ten because it is the first console.

Replay Value-I have never beaten it bt it would suck.You would be going through all the same phases and repeat all that you have done with no new levels or new items or new nothing.THe point is it sucks.If you plan to get for replay value you picked out the wrong game so you better not get it for replay value.I give the replay value a well deserved one out of ten because it would absolutely suck.

Controls-The controls are simple.Not very hard to learn.Even a three year old could master the controls in five minuted tops.SO easy that it is not very funny.It is easy that I give it a ten out of ten becaue they are nice and short and they are right to the point unlike some games.

Difficulty-The difficulty is good and hard.As you beat the phases they get hopelessly harder and harder.It would keep the kids busy for days and days even months.Maybe it would keep adults busy for a while too because the thing is very hard.If you are looking for a game to keep you busy for a while get this would be just right to buy for experienced gamers.This game's difficulty easily gets a ten out of ten.

Life Span-As it says on the difficulty this game lasts a long time.if you are impatient about beating games this game will not be right for you.The life span easily gets a ten out of ten.

Music-The music on this game is okay.The music is not the best not the worst.At leat it has music.It is okay.I give the music a five out of five.

Sounds-I love the sounds!They are everywhere.Which is a good thing.It has good sounds.I give the sounds a ten out of ten.

Overall-Thia game is okay for the NES

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 12/15/02, Updated 12/15/02

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