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"A Fun, Addictive Arcade-Type Game."

Well, earlier today, I pulled out my old NES. I smiled as memories of past times returned to me, and hooked the old guy up to my television. I then searched for my old NES games but, alas, I could not find them. Feeling sad and rather depressed, I returned to my room. I sat contently on my bed for a while, staring at the NES. Then, in a hopeless attempt, I opened the tiny hatch, which the games reside behind, praying desperately that there would be a game inside--and there was! I quickly pulled the game out, and read the label: ''Balloon Fight'', it read. I quickly blew the dust out of the cartridge, and the NES, popped the game in, and started playing...

Game play 8/10

The game play is simple, yet it is very fun. You are, um, we'll call him Fred. You are Fred. Fred has two pretty red balloons tied to his back. You have to move around with the D-Pad while tapping the 'A' or 'B' button as fast as you can. As you float through the air, there will be bad guys trying to pop your balloons with their long, sharp, pointy noses (looks like their noses, anyway). Now, you mustn't let them burst your balloons, for if you do, you shall fall and lose a life. To keep them from bursting your balloons, you must bust theirs first! It's quite simple to do, just fly into their balloon, then--pop! Once you do that, they will start falling with a parachute. Destroy them before they hit the ground to get bonus points, or quickly destroy them when they land, or they will blow up another balloon and commence their attack.

There is also a nifty little bonus stage. In this stage, there are a few pipes located at the bottom of the screen. After a few seconds, balloons will start coming out of these pipes at random--you have to catch them before they float off of the screen. You get one point for each balloon you catch; at the end of the bonus level, the points will be added up, then multiplied by 300.

There are also two other modes; multi player, in which you can play with a friend, and balloon trip. In the balloon trip mode, you float around trying to collect balloons, while avoiding the lighting balls bouncing around the screen. Great fun!

Audio/Video 5/10

For an NES game, the sound and graphics are good, I suppose, but by todays standards they just don't compare. Anyway, the visuals are nice (a good change from the flashy graphics from more recent games. 3-D is blasphemy!), but the sound is lacking. It has those annoying sounds that are found in most NES games (but, bleh. all NES sounds sound that same to me.).

Replay Value 6/10

Balloon Fight has decent replay value, but does get boring after hours of playing. Although some will argue that popping a balloon and watching a man fall to his demise never gets boring.

Buy or Rent?

Well, this is a tough call. If you're a fan of arcade style games, you'll like this. But, if you think graphics make the game, then this isn't for you. In fact, no NES games are for you. Anyway, if you're a fan of arcade-style games, and you can find it, buy it. It could probably be bought for five dollars, so why not buy it? As for renting...I doubt you will find any place that even rents NES games. Looks like your only option is to buy.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 12/27/02, Updated 12/27/02

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