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"A fun classic"

Balloon Fight Simple but fun!! In this Joust-like game, you square off against weird little bird men in a battle for airborne supremacy! The occasional lightning bolt or the stealthy Loc Ness monster can put a quick end to your high flying antics. The Balloon Trip sends you through a maze of sparks in a quest to try and reach the highest rank. A pretty good game and one of the better first releases for the NES.

Play Control=8.3 Your little man is pretty responsive and the game has good physics.

Sound=6.3 Nothing special here. The "whoop-whoop" of your arms flapping and the popping balloon sounds are very Nintendo-esque.

Graphics=7.3 There aren't too many graphics to look at but the ones that are there look ok.

Fun=8.3 Balloon Fight had many characteristics of your classic retro-games; simple design but addictingly fun and entertaining. One of the best two player games out there for the NES.

Replay=6.7 You may find yourself picking up BF after a few years, but it's pretty one dimensional as far as what you can do.

Challenge=7.1You pop balloons. The Balloon Trip game might take a little while to master, but it's still pretty easy.

Overall=8.0 A fun two player game that was appropriate for the release of the NES. A classic that looks good in any players library!

My Two Cents

I can't really get too wordy about Balloon Fight, other than it is one of the better first generation games. I am surprised that more older players are not fond of this title. It's cool to watch the Loc Ness monster eat your vanquished foes as they plummet into the lake!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 01/10/00, Updated 01/10/00

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