Review by kentucky fried flow

Reviewed: 08/11/03

First rule of Balloon Fight: Don't talk about Balloon Fight

Come, let us go ballooning!

You and possibly your ballooning buddy are off on a zany adventure to conquer the skies with your magical balloons. You live in a strange and mysterious land; everywhere you go you are attacked by vicious creatures and as soon as you kill them all you are whisked away to a new location with all-new baddies looking to tear your arms off. Even if you manage to stay alive for a while you begin to return to the same places over and over again. Your existence is seemingly meaningless but you fight on anyway in the hopes of saving your android sister in law from the clutches of M. Bison (creative liberties taken with certain segments)

KFF rates the premise as: 3/10

Uhh…this is only the (pronounced “thee”) pinnacle of 2D balloon fighting. The controls are tight and responsive as you execute various tricky maneuvers such as flying up and floating down. The idea is to smash the enemies (ducks?) to the ground without getting your balloons popped…and the pressure is high because if they do get popped it gets pretty gruesome let me tell you. Everyone once in a while you hover past a balloon factory where balloons are coming out of the ventilation pipes. Even though the balloon factories aren’t on the ball it is pretty clear that balloons are produced in mass here, so why your character doesn’t stock up on like a dozen is beyond me.
There’s also a sweet “Mode C” where instead of a vertical orientation with flying enemies you fly to the side in one long stage trying to avoid…little shining things. And this big-ass fish.

KFF rates the gameplay as 9/10

I’d like to give this a higher score, but I can’t even tell what my character is. It looks kind of like a man but he flaps wings to propel himself into the air which would indicate that either 1. he’s wearing some kind of bird suit or 2. he’s a mutant, possibly a result of hovering over balloon factory exhaust all the time. The enemies don’t look to sharp either and the backgrounds are bland. If I factored in presentation it would be even lower since there’s no intro or anything

KFF rates the graphics as 2/10

God I love the sound in this game. The music is nothing extraordinary but the sounds effects are ear-popping. Every time I hear the “weeeahhhh” or the “pechaaaah” childhood memories come flooding back. I’d be willing to bet that they spent almost half their budget on these radical sound effects. They should release one of those ambient CDs like “Balloon Fight Noises: 2 disc set” for only 14.99.

KFF rates the sound as 10/10

Closing comments:
Well if you like ballooning or fighting then this is the game for you. Bust out a friend and start popping those ducks into oblivion kid.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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