Review by ziggyme

"Call me insane but... I like it!"

Yea ,I know that there are much better games out there for me to squander my living waking hours on but I'll just stick with this good old addictive platformer. This is one totally sweet game!

The Graphics leave much to be desired... there are only the classic little marioesque graphics that represent our proud ancestors in hard-core gaming. I happen to like them but there are better Graphics out there so well... you know what I mean.
Sound: 2/2
I am currently an addict to the music. I find myself humming it on multiple occasions... I think the little bloops and beeps are nice thank you very much.
Replay: 2/2
In the constant struggle for a really high score there is also a really SWEET multi-player option that leaves you and a friend trying to pop one anothers bubble.(literally) not to mention I had been playing for a coupla months and I discover wow balloon trip mode! After another few months I found another nice little quirk, the balloons change color in balloon trip! I still haven't figured out the cause of this but it is kinda nice.
Play control: 2/2
Difficult at first but eventually you learn to love it. I love the little spinny things! Once you think you've mastered it you can tempt the fish and try to see how much fun you can have with the spinny things! they are actually quite complicated... I think that the play control is very good, with the option of either b or a to jump with. each one varies and I used b for much of the game as it is an automatic jump but a is more precise...
Originality: 2/2
In a time of gaming when most games are about plumbers saving princesses and traveling warriors, you dig out your NEs and you find balloon fight, The game where some dude with balloons fights birds with balloons and there is for some strange reason a huge fish in every single body of water. It is by far the game with the weirdest play control and plot.

The only major flaw with this game is graphics. I have learned that graphics mean squat however so GET THIS GAME NOW!! If you find something wrong with this game well thats you not me. I like this game and I'll just keep my liking this game until for some reason my NEs starts hacking at me with a knife. You shall seriously miss out if you don't.(I mean come on its like What? 10$ at ebay?)

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 10/15/03

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