Review by evilrooster5

Reviewed: 11/19/03

Flapping your arms wildly DOES make you fly!

A classic, introduced to me by a strange flash movie I saw on the internet. I had no real interest in it until I played Super Smash Bros. Melee; the Bonus Stage song was on the Ice Climber level as a secret song, the annoying flipper was used as an item, and also there was a trophy of the Balloon Fighter. Although Ice Climber was far more superior, this game makes the minutes go by. This game will never be as remembered in a light like that of the arctic duo, yet the helium warrior will still holds a place in our hearts as a great Nintendo classic. Almost every aspect was memorable: the bird mask-wearing enemies, the unique gameplay, the music, and the undeniable coolness of the little dude that you controlled. The only reason I played this game the first time was to hear the song. When I didn't hear it on the first level, I was disappointed. Then I got to the bonus level, where my disappointment was reverted to undeniable glee: The wickedly catchy song was here, and I now whistle it while riding my bike, now and then. No matter what anyone tells you this game rocked! The hippies will be against Nintendo since they are fighting for no apparent reason. Maybe it's just a game they are playing, just like how THIS IS A GAME (Are you hearing this, Soccer Moms of America?). The trials and tribulations of being struck by lightning, falling 35 feet to the ground, and being eaten by a fish are to be noted for a few military medals! Anyway, if you skipped all of the jumble at the top, here's a summary:

Story: 1/10
Let me bring you up to speed. You are the Balloon Fighter. Excellent! You are trying to kill some dorky looking enemies. UNNECESSARY ZOOM! Okay, the story is non-existant, but Wayne's World rocked (on a side note). What do they have in common? You just sat down on the couch staring at your TV for a reason: TO HAVE FUN! Forget the story!

Gameplay: 7/10
You must run into the balloons of your airborne foes to pop them, then you must hit their parachutes or the actual enemy (If they're on the ground). Sounds easy, right? No so. If you get to close to the water, the fish will eat you; the clouds occasionally shoot ball lightning and they kill you in one hit (It takes two enemy hits to go down); and controlling is hard. You must tap A wildly to float, and you fly halfway across the screen if you bump into a platform.

Sound: 5/10
You know, the sound is standard NES fare: Boops and beeps.

Music: 10/10
Now this is where it takes the crown for classic game. There isn't much music, but you will play only to hear the song of the Bonus stage. Also, the music isn't annoying (except for the ''you lost a life'' music). The game over music is strangely cheerful, though.

Graphics: 8/10
The sprites look standard, but the environment is amazigly detailed for a game from the mid 80's. The fish looks good, although you won't think so, since the only time you really notice the fish s when he eats you, and you won't care how detailed he looks: You'll still be pretty pissed.

Buy or Rent?: If you can, buy. If you are hesitant, rent first. If you do buy, you wont regret it. I know I didn't, and I couldn't rent anywhere! So, you'll be lucky if you find a rental store that has this game.

Overall: 8/10
This game is some nice, wholesome, retro fun. Play if you like strangely upbeat music and people in bird masks.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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