Review by chattyb

Reviewed: 11/01/04

A Bizzare, but very enjoyable arcade game. The NES lives on!

Nintendo Entertainment System games come in weird shapes and forms, believe me. But few come as strange as this. I have this game on a retro games console (it is legal), so the review may have a few minor differences. I have seen the NES version played and it didn't look any different, so it probably isn't it isn't. Anyway, on with the review.

Graphics: As far as a NES goes, these visuals are not too bad. The background is erm... Black with twinkling stars in it. What lifts the background is that the stars come and go, twinkling and shining as it moves across the sky. The levels are basically just little grass covered dirt platforms that are floating in mid air for some mysterious reason. The enemies are some sick, ugly mix between a falcon and a zombie wearing one of those old fashioned pilot's goggle hat type things. But, bad guys are bad guys, and bad guys are usually ugly in games, so I suppose it can't be too bad. I still do not understand why more advanced consoles like the Playstation put in such crap graphics, when you can do an average job with these. The player controls a little guy with an unknown name who shares the same general stature as Nintendo's Mario and South Park's Kyle- short, fat, and an overall square shape. He sort of has a face. He wears blue and red outfits that went out of fashion well before '80s. The balloons strapped to his back are helium filled, and lift him off the ground when he flaps his stumpy little arms. Just don't expect Final Fantasy X stuff in this game.
Overall: 7/10 (Decent for a NES game, and does the job)

Sound: The sound has very little in the way of music, and most of the sound effects are just bleeps. When your little guy is walking along the grassy terrain he makes a clicking noise with his shoes, which poorly tries to make footsteps. When you spawn into a level you have a little tune type thing that lasts for a second or two. The same happens for when you die. Don't expect Eminem or huge church orchestra-esque tunes here, guys.
Overall: 8/10 (You can't expect much from a NES, but this is pretty good)

Gameplay: The gameplay, like most NES games, is very simple. You take off from the left of your screen and play the level by floating onto the bad guy's heads. Watch out, though. If you land on the wrong part of an enemy such as their nose or back, then you will lose one of your two precious balloons, that you use to stay airborne. Once you have lost both balloons you will plummet into the ocean below, where you either drown or get eaten by an ugly shark/piranha thing. More obstacles come as you progress through the levels. You get three lives before you fail your mission and start again. The first 10 levels are nice and easy, but before long it becomes a great challenge, with many more enemies popping up, and more platforms to bounce off. There are three game modes - Single player, Two-player and Balloon trip. In two player, you play a cooperative game in the same environment as single player mode. It is a quite bit of fun to play last man standing - you try to hit the other players balloons, while dodging and killing the bad guys. Balloon trip is a side scrolling adventure where you pop balloons and move around evil stars, while going left. Pretty simple, but will keep younger gamers entertained, even though it is one hell of a challenge.
Overall: 7/10 (Simple, but addictive)

The Big Fat Grand Total: 8/10 An rare NES game that will keep your interest for hours.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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