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"A great 2D game to play! Don't miss it!"


A really old game. An old game that proves that it's very good. Too good, in fact. This can't be missed by classic gamers. This game is awesome if you like flying.

Game-play: 8/10

You are a little guy with two balloons hooked onto you. All you do is fly and pop the balloons that are hooked onto your enemies. It may sound easy, but it actually takes time to get used to it. Popping balloons is pretty easy. Just fly up and just simply touch the other person's balloon. If it's a computer controlled enemy, it will fall onto the ground or into the water. If it lands on the ground, you must touch him to actually kill it. If it falls into the water, it's history. If you pop both balloons on another human player, that player automatically loses a life. If you play with two players, you are supposed to help each other. If not, you just kill each other along with the computer enemies. Pretty fun with 2 players.

There is another mode for one player only. In this mode, the screen moves to the left and you have to move and fly with it. You start on a platform. If you just sit there, the screen will push you. They are not going to make this easy, so there is water all around the bottom of the screen. Flying is easy enough, but there are electrical obstacles in your way. Touch them and you're dead.

Sound: 7/10

Some really nice music on the NES. Very old indeed. The whole thing sounds like an old arcade game. The balloons just make a little "POP!" and the water is just a simple splash. There is not much here. You will hear a lot of the same sounds over and over again, but it should not bother you. In fact, you night like it.

Graphics: 8/10

Some pretty nice colors in the game. Your player has a Mario type costume, but a young face (if you even see it). There is not much here. You should also check out the effects of getting electrocuted! Just be glad that this game is not one of those black-and-white games.

Control: 9/10

Fantastic. Just plain easy. Since that this game is pretty old, the control pad just moves you and the other buttons just pauses the game and makes you float. If you are very new to this game, there is a button where you just hold it to float, rather than using the button where you have to press as fast as possible.

Worth playing?

Well, yeah. Every gamer should try this. It won't hurt to just give it a try.

Overall: 8/10

I don't play that many classic games, but this one is one of the best I've played. Balloon Fight is one of the 2D games that should be remembered.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 12/02/04

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