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"They came, they saw, they beat each other to pulp."

Blades of Steel is a Ice-Hockey game for the Nintendo Entertainment System. I had a good time with this game. It does support two-player simultaneous play, so it can be fun to play against your friends. It supports two modes of play, Single game, and Season, Both with three difficulty settings.

Nothing too special, but none-the-less, good. The graphics don't keep you asking, ''What's that?'' Each team has it's own colors, so you will not be forced with Red team / Blue team like some other games. Nothing to marvel at, but they are still very well done.
Score : 8

Not bad for the NES. It has synthesized voices, which were pretty amazing in the time of the NES, but they are sometimes hardly audible. You can clearly make out the ''Blades of Steel'' said at the title screen, or the Ommph's when you get hit. But I have never been able to make out what they say when you pass the puck to someone else. It sounds like ''HIT THE PIN!'' but that makes no sense. The Sound is fine, but I deduct some points for all the hair lost while trying to figure out what is said while you pass the puck around.
Score : 7

It's a charming story about a young hockey player from the past that must find the legendary ''Blade of Steel'' to be sent back to his time to win the heart of his love.... o_O; It's a hockey game, no story involved.
Score : N/A

Hockey Fights!! Yes! At long last, a hockey game that allows you to beat up the other team's players! Just bump into another player repeatedly, and you should hear ''FIGHT!'' You are then taken into ''battle mode'' where you hit the arrows and the buttons to punch the other player and dodge his. Each player has a life bar, which goes down after getting punched. This part is so funny! The gameplay itself is fun and not slow at all. I enjoyed playing against other people. This is my favorite hockey game yet. Another strange but neat thing I saw was after the second round, it would show the overhead scoreboard. On it, it would show one of two different things. One of the things was a little game you could play for around 10 to 15 seconds where you shoot at a big spaceship and moved your little ship up and down. While nothing major, it was still neat to play. Though when you finished this minigame, it turns out to be a big Konami advertisement. There some minor irritating things in the game, such as how the computer will change the player you are controlling to the one nearest to the guy with the puck. Nothing major, but it can still be frustrating at times.
Score : 9

I really enjoy this game it is a fun game to play. Though it has some flaws, it is still worth the time playing. I enjoy this game more then many newer hockey games because this one is real quick and easy to start a game, and it's easy to play as well.
Score : 8

Rent or Buy?
Well, there is no where I know that still rents NES games, and you can probably pick up a used copy at a video game store for dirt cheap. If you want more NES games, it is probably worth the money you spend on it.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 10/24/01, Updated 10/24/01

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