Review by SJohnson

Reviewed: 01/03/02 | Updated: 01/03/02

Even against todays games, its still fun

The ignorant person would look at this game and say, ''Wow, the graphics suck and the game is very outdated, so therefore it must suck and will be a boring hockey game.'' But after playing the game, there are some things that I wish they'd still do nowadays. The first thing that comes to mind is the ability to control the goalie. Once the players get within a certain range of the goalie, pressing a direction will not only move one of your characters but it will also move your goalie. the result is kind of a balance between needing to control the goalie and controlling where your guy goes.

The checking system is pretty good too, instead of a button, a player must bump into another player 3 times. If they both bump into each other at the same time, they get into a fight, which is really fun too. Wow, the fight system is really simple, yet really fun.

The plot is, well, there is none. Lets face it, no hockey game made has a plot that can compare to Metal Gear, etc. etc.

This game has an ok 1 player, but the 2 player is a lot better.
Theres a pretty good selection of teams, but they're all the same.

The sound is pretty basic, beeps, and the music is ok too. The cherring fans look really funny, and the announcer only says one thing, ''catch the pass,'' but it sounds more like ''Chris Kattan.''

The graphics are very outdated, but they're still adequate. The character designs are almost funny, and the little figure skating intro is funny too, even if its not supposed to.

Overall, if you own a nintendo, you owe it to yourself to get this game, although its nothing really special. Its just a fun game for those seeking some oldschool hockey game.

Graphics: 3/10- Crap graphics. The animation isn't all that bad, though,
Gameplay: 9/10- Amazing fun.
Plot: 0/10- there is none, but then again, its hockey.
Sound: 5/10- Electronic beeps.
Music: 5/10- Catchy, but theres only really one tune, at least it never gets that annoying.
Lastability: 5/10- It won't take that long for you to get bored with the 1 player.
Replayability: 9/10- The 2 Player is surprisingly fun, even today.
wow, those are some pretty bad scores... but the gameplay is where it counts, as long as everything else doesn't detract from it, and in this case, they don't.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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