Review by Happybuddha311

Reviewed: 06/10/02 | Updated: 05/11/03

The only thing better is really playing hockey.

This game is classic, it has some real fun Hockey Action, as well as some boxing and 2d Space Fighter Action.

Gameplay- 10/10 This game is great, at least once a game you get to fight against some guy, and if you win the fight you get the man advantage, which i really believe they should adopt this game in the NHL. One pretty cool thing is that you get a little contra demo during intermission on the screen, even though anyone can beat it and it only goes about 20 seconds it's still pretty darn fun. One aspect I didn't like is that you have to control your own goalie, something that isn't in most hockey games and the first time you play it throws you off a bit, but it becomes second nature after a little bit of playing. There could be more teams but they're all the same so it really doesn't make a difference.

Controls- 10/10 Ah simple controls that only require two buttons and a direction pad, not like those fancy new hockey games that use 8 or more buttons as well as an analog stick or two. You don't need a turbo button or hit button, this is hockey as it really as, you run into the guy if you want to hit him otherwise you're just shooting or passing, no one that plays hockey really has a turbo button that is a bunch of crap. One thing that is important to know is that you control the goalie, something I didn’t realize when I started, which is probably why I lost pretty bad.

Graphics- 8/10 This is one of the first games where the crowd actually doesn't look like a bunch of cardboard cut outs, they actually move a bit. Though the graphics aren't the best you can tell which team is yours and that's enough for me.

Sound- 9/10 Sounds pretty good, except for when the guys hit each other, or when the puck hits something, also the sound is pretty funky when the fans cheer, but sound has never been the focus of the game for me.

Replay- 10/10 It's a sports game so it provides infinite replay value. There is a two-player option, which is pretty fun if you enjoy a good competitive game. This is pretty much the only dad you could play my dad in competitively, as most of the newer hockey games are a bit too complicated for someone who is bad at video games.

Overall-10/10 Even though the graphics are 8-bit this game is one of the better hockey games out there, no confusing features to mess you up or waste space on your memory card just a few teams and a few difficulty levels, that’s all you need for a hockey game.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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