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"Arcade Hockey Action At It's Best"

If I think this game is so great, why only the slightly above average score. Well, I'll get to that in a second. First, let's talk about the game. This is one of the best multiplayer (you and your friend, that's it) games for the NES. Blades of Steel has everything you could want in a video game. It's got fighting, a space-shooter, and, of course, hockey. There are only three options. You have one and two player exhibition matches and there is the one player tournament. There are no real teams nor any real players. The players don't have any names or personality. It doesn't hurt the game in one bit. Who needs hockey teams when your already having a blast.

Graphics 8.0

Nice graphics for a NES game. The players look like hockey players. The puck can be clearly seen on the ice. My only gripe, albeit a minor one, is that the crowd looks like a bunch of dots. But this is the NES, and graphical touches are something that is completely irrelevant.

Control 3.0

This is my biggest problem with the game. Trying to pass is horrible. You if the pass is going to go to the player that you wanted. Half the time though it ends up going to your opponent. I've even managed to score on myself on more than one occasion. Trying to control the direction of your shot is also a chore. These are major flaws but can be ignored, although it makes winning the tournament on the Pro setting more difficult than it has to.

Replay 10

On single or two player, you always want to play one more game. The high-scoring games keep the games going fast and you don't want the action to stop.

Sound 8.0

The intro music to the periods of play sound great and the on-ice sound is adequate. The crowd cheering a good play sounds like an elephant being slaughtered. Other than that, it's pretty good.

Game Design 9.0

This is a pretty good twist on hockey. Gone are the annoying offside and two-line pass. There are many fights within the game with the loser being penalized for two minutes. When it comes to penalties, it's only the fighting that is called. Fighting is a mini-game in itself. it really is like two-games in one (well, more like 1.25 games in one). And, if your real lucky, during the second intermission, you may get to play a mini space-shooter for about 30 seconds. Excellent game design is only marred with the fact that it's hockey. We've seen this before. there already is a great hockey game for the NES (Ice Hockey). It just loses points for the lack of inspiration.

Satisfaction 7.0

Those stupid controls. They really ticked me off. Other than that I had a lot of fun with this game. Playing against someone is a real blast. Everyone in the whole family can play it and have some great fun.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 06/24/02, Updated 06/24/02

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