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"Old...yes, fun...yes!"

Ah the good old days. Blades of Steel came out in 1989 I think I was 3 at the time. I wasn't good at that time but I still loved it. Then about 3 years later I dusted of the old copy at 6 I was getting better. But then we stored it away for a while. 12 years I later at 15 I feel like playing some NES what game do I see first? Blades of Steel so I inserted it and prepared to get back in the 90's where nothing was as complicated or advanced...


Well this is an NES game and they had to insert in 12 guys on the screen. Considering these factors the spriters did a pretty damn good job. Although some jerseys are pretty weird considering the team they are attributed to, these are excellent graphics for its era. There was also an animation if you played 2 games. It was in between period 2 and 3. It was this little bear shooting the puck in a net. Not much but notheless back in the day I would play this game just to see it. 9/10


Not a lot of sound just some voices when you pass that either ''make a pass'' or ''what a pass'' I'm not entirely sure. There was also this guy at the title screen who would say ''Blades of Steel'' in this weird cool voice. The ref also said ''Faceoff'' whenever there was one. When you scored a goal the players would gather round and weird victory music would start playing and they would dance around like little idiots. Funny yes,at a degree. 8/10


This is arcade hockey and at its best. You pass with b and shoot with a ( maybe its the other way around I'm not completly sure). You control all 5 of your players and your goaltender. When you went to your opponent's net there was a little arrow indicating where you shot would be directed. You also had the same thing in your net which was to help you stop the puck. The fighting was the best part you had 5 lives. Each punch would hurt you you tried to knock of the other player before he got you. The best part of this game was playing against one of your friends, only fighting and trying to tie the game. This brought you to the penalty shots. You had to press the direction you wanted to shot and press A. The opposing goalie had to press the same direction to stop the puck if not a goal would be scored. After 5 shots the one with the most goals would win. There's also and exhibition and a tourney mode. 10/10

Fun factor:
Most fun ever on NES 10/10


This game is one you can't look over. Its great in every way. Technically its not perfect but just because of its fights I rate it a 10/10. Of course the graphics and gameplay also are counted in there to.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 01/07/04

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