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    FAQ/Walkthrough by zeldadomer

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    A Boy and His Blob Walkthrough
    By Mike Jenista
    Version 1.02
    June 2007
    Version History
    v1.00 - hooray, a walkthrough with a map!
    v1.01 - thanks to Shay Green for a tip about candy items
    v1.02 - spelling/grammar corrected
    Table of Contents
    I. Introduction
    II. Controls
    III. Jellybeans
    IV. Enemies
    V. Walkthrough and Map
    VI. Legal Mumbo-Jumbo
    I. Introduction
    A Boy and His Blob is a poor game which had a lot of potential.  Using the blob
    to actually solve all the puzzles, budgeting your jellybeans, interesting
    physical obstacles... none of this was worked into the game.  In fact, all you
    have to do is grab the bag of jellybeans with the two lime flavored beans and
    you can beat the whole game.  Very disappointing.
    However, the environments are not totally bad, and the ending is kind of cute,
    so the game is not a total loss.  It's pretty easy to beat, so you should play
    it once and then never touch it again.
    II. Controls
    START - pauses the game
    SELECT - cycles through your different jellybeans, or through the different
    	vitamins (if you have the vitablaster in hand)
    A - throw a selected jellybean; if you are close to Blob, he will catch it,
    	even if he is below you.  Also, if Blob is currently in some mode, you
    	can press A to drop him (e.g., umbrella mode).
    B - whistle, which ends whatever mode Blob is in and brings him close to you,
    	if he can reach you (also shoots vitamins when HOLDING vitablaster)
    D-PAD - move left/right, control trampoline jump and cola bubble, climb ladders
    III. Jellybeans
    You accomplish most of your tasks by giving Blob jellybeans to transform him 
    into useful objects.
    Licorice - makes a ladder; sometimes the ladder will not go through the a 
    	ceiling and you have to find another spot.  When you call Blob with B,
    	he will come to the level on which you are standing.
    Strawberry - bridge; Blob does not have to be RIGHT NEXT to the edge of a pit;
    	he will slide over to the pit and make a bridge even if he is a bit 
    Cola - air bubble; use this to breathe underwater and grab a bunch of treasure.
    Cinnamon - blowtorch; fries the spider web.
    Apple - jack; useful for moving things above you...
    Vanilla - umbrella; you can descend without dying with this, and block deadly
    	falling rocks
    Tangerine - trampoline; use the up direction to bounce higher, down button to
    	bounce lower.  You can bounce up to SIX screens above the floor!  You
    	can also move left or right at the height of a jump to land on high
    Root Beer - rocket; use this to get from the streets of New York to the corn
    	fields and back.
    Honey - hummingbird; when Blob turns into a hummingbird, he will fly through
    	anything and everything until he returns to you.  This is a very useful
    	way for getting Blob up to high places after using the trampoline.
    Ketchup - "catch up"; Blob will not eat these normally.  If you get seperated
    	from him, throw one of these onto the ground and it will turn into Blob.
    	You should only use these if you can't get a honey bean to him.
    Punch - hole; makes a hole in the floor - if there is a lot of floor beneath you
    	then you won't fall through, you'll just stand in the hole.  NOTE: if
    	you call Blob after falling through a hole, you will fall through the
    	hole AGAIN when it lands on you.  MOVE OUT OF THE WAY, or you might die.
    Coconut - coconut; when Blob is a coconut you can roll him onto the next screen
    	and see what is there.  Sometimes the screen won't follow him, which is
    Lime - key; opens the door to King Blob's Lair.
    Orange - vitablaster; use this to shoot hazards in the orchard, the corn fields,
    	and the caves.
    IV. Enemies
    All enemies, spikes, and traps are instantly fatal, so don't touch!
    Mostly, enemies are weird worms and bouncy things.  Just sneak past them.
    However, there are two traps in particular to watch out for.  In the orchard,
    the cherries that are falling will explode when they hit the ground, so you have
    to shoot them with the vitablaster before they hit or you will die.  The best
    way to do this is run back and forth shooting (i.e., DON'T shoot sideways, leave
    the vitablaster at an angle and run around). 
    Also, in the Blobolonia cave, there are big teeth mashers that kill you.  The
    way to get past these is to note that only one goes at a time and they never go
    twice in a row.  Wait for the first one to smash, then sneak past it while
    another goes.  Wait for the next one to smash, repeat.
    You can fall one screen's height without dying.
    V. Walkthrough
    One note about the walkthrough: this is a complete guide to get all the treasure
    in the game.  To complete the game, you need only get the jellybean bag in A2,
    which has the lime jellybeans.  Use the coconut method to get past the cherry
    bombs, and then use the regular solution for the rest of the factory and the
    cave in Blobolonia to win the game!
    If you want to do everything, the guide below will tell you how.
    New York and Below
       A      B      C      D      E      F      G      H
    |                               New York Skyline        |  1
    |H__________=_____  ___________________________________S|  1
    |j_______  __|b_  \______________________subway_________|  2
    |_________   |__________________________________________|  2
    |__________  |             |_c_w_____                   |  3
    |___________ |             |      |||________________   |  3
    | g        _____   ____    |         x x x x x x x x    |  4
    |   ________||_c_w_||||    |        x x x x x x x x     |  4
    |_________   |b________    |c_ w ____x_x_x_x_x_x_x_x@__b|  5
    |  __________|c________    |      |||||||||||||||||||||||  5
    |________  ________b|      |________          g         |  6
    |                   |      |      |_________            |  6
    |                   |     _|c_    |      |___________   |  7 
    |                   |      |___   |_b_w_____  ______w___|  7
    |                   |_     |____                        |  8
    |j________       ___|      |____________________________|  8
    |                  ____________                         |  9
    |__ w___________    |||||||||||_______________________  |  9
    |__                               |                   __|  10
    |||%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%|%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%|||  10
    ||||||||||||||||    |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||  11
    | v v    g                   v v v           g g g g g g|  11
    |. .                                .c.                 |  12
    |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||  12
    Each screen is six characters wide and two characters tall.  Here is a key:
    b = bag of treasure ($1000)
    c = chest of treasure ($5000)
    g = giant gem ($7500)
    j = bag of jellybeans
    x = falling rocks
    % = water surface (everything below is under water)
    w = enemy worm
    @ = spider web
    H = your house
    S = health food store
    v = underwater spike
    . = underwater spike
    = = manhole cover
    A1 - Starting here, head over to C1 and down the stairs to D2.
    D2 - Use a hole to get to the lower platform of the subway, backtrack to C2.
    C2 - Use a ladder to get the bag of gold, use a hole in E2 to go down.
    E2 - Collect the treasure, sneak past the worm and continue to H3.
    H3 - Use the umbrella to get down safely to H5.
    H5 - Collect the bag of gold, then use a blowtorch on the spider web.  Turn Blob
    	into the umbrella, then carefully move into next screen.
    G5 and F5 - Slowly inch across the screen.  The rocks will not kill you, and
    	you won't walk into any.
    E5 - Use a bridge to span the gap, sneak past worm, then grab the treasure.  
    	Whistle to deactivate the bridge, then jump down or use the umbrella.
    E6 - Head to G7.
    G7 - Just to the right of the middle, use a trampoline to get the gem in G6.
    	Now use a hole on the LEFT side of G7 so that you land on the left
    	platform below.  Head into F7.
    F7 - Sneak past the worm to grab the bag of gold.  Use a hole on the left side
    	to fall into F8.
    F8 - Head left into E8.
    E8 - Use ladders to go all the way up to get the treasure in E7; return and
    	use a hole on the left corner of E8.
    E9 - Head left to C9.
    C9 - Use a cola bubble and jump down into the water; proceed down through the
    	hole into the underwater cave - collect all the gems (watch out for 
    	spikes in the ceiling!), and then go to F12.
    F12 - This is a hard treasure chest to get.  There is a current dragging you to
    	the left, so you need to be careful.  I find that the best thing to do
    	is go to almost the right edge of the screen, then rush at the treasure.
    	When you grab it, start heading back to the right and up.  You may hit
    	the spike and die, but you will have all the treasures from the under
    	water cave anyway.  If you don't die, go to A10 to get out of the water.
    A10 - Use a ladder on the left edge of the screen to get up safely to A9.
    A9 - Use a bridge and sneak past the worm to B9.
    B9 - Use a trampoline to get up to the ledge in B8.  Go left and grab the jelly
    	bean bag, then head to C9.
    C9 - Use a trampoline to get up to the ledge in C8, then use a honey bean to
    	bring Blob up via hummingbird mode.
    C8 - Use a hole on the right corner to get to the upper ledge of C9.
    C9 - Head right into D9.
    D9 - Use a trampoline in the very center of the screen and jump to the MAXIMUM
    	height of six screens and THEN move to the left to land on the ledge in
    D4 - Use a honey bean (it will go all the way down!) to get Blob back.  Head 
    	into C4.
    C4 - Roll Blob into the pit as a coconut.  Then whistle him back; he won't get
    	up to where you are, but you can throw him a punch bean to turn him into
    	a hole.  When the worm is far to the left, run down (over the hole!) and
    	sneak past the worm to get the treasure, then into the hole to C5.
    C5 - Grab the bag of gold, whistle for Blob and make a new hole.  Grab the
    	treasure, whistle for a Blob, make a NEW hole and use it to get to C6.
    C6 - Grab the bag of gold, then head left to B6.
    B6 - Use a bridge.
    A6 - Use ladders to get all the way up to A5.
    A5 - Use a trampoline to get the gem in A4, then proceed to the upper ledge in
    C4 - Use a ladder to get up to C3.
    C3 - Use ladders to get up to the jelly bean bag in A2, then go back to B2.
    B2 - Use a bridge to get under the manhole cover, then use a jack under the 
    	manhole cover to push it away.  Use a ladder to climb out (may need to
    	use a honey or ketchup bean if Blob falls back into the hole).  Head to
    	the health food store in H1.
    H1 - Simply run into the building; you will receive a BUNCH of vitamins!  Now
    	press the left button to exit, use a root beer jelly bean and ride the
    	rocket all the way to the orchard.
    Orchard and Corn Fields
    As you fly in, you will notice that there are some candies floating in the air.
    Thanks to alert gamer Shay Green, I now know what these are for.  He tells me
    that for every five you pick up you earn an extra life.  You need to use the
    trampoline for all of them because they are very high.
    There are three on the second screen, two on the screen after the cherry bombs,
    three on the first corn screen, three at the last corn screen next to the 
    factory, three just before you enter the cave into Blobolonia, one hidden just
    as you enter the cave, and one hidden past some very fast teeth mashers in the
    upper route above the chocolate vat.  Thanks for the tip, Shay!
    |      |   bouncers   | cherry bombs  |   pop corn   |     factory|
    Bouncers and Cherry Bombs
    Okay, there are two ways to approach this area.  The first is very easy.  Use
    a coconut, hold it on the very left edge of the first screen, and run to the
    right.  Start pressing A around the middle of the screen and let go of Blob
    before you exit.  What SHOULD happen is that the screen will follow Blob instead
    of stay on you.  If it doesn't, whistle Blob back and try again.
    When it works, Blob rolls past all the bouncers and cherry bombs and stops right
    before the corn fields.  When you whistle him back and walk to the right, there
    The other way is to sneak past four screens of bouncers and then on the cherry
    bomb screens, run back and forth shooting your vitablaster at the cherry bombs
    until you get them all (not too hard to do).  Each screen that you successfully
    get past will not respawn enemies if you go backward, so don't be afraid to.
    Pop Corn Fields
    It seems like a lot of junk food is trying to keep you away... odd...
    The popcorn always goes by in the same pattern, so just sneak by.  You can use
    your vitablaster to help if you want.  When you get past the big ear of corn,
    you are at the last area of the game.
    The Factory and Blobolonia
    No map is really necessary for this area.  
    On the first screen of the factory, use a trampoline to get up one more screen
    and onto the candy cane.  From here, go right and you can turn off the giant
    machine below you (it is a marhsmallow machine that kills you and you can't pass
    it, so you gotta come up this way).  Use an umbrella to go down and then use
    a trampoline again to get up to the next candy cane and switch off the next
    machine, which is identical to the other.  Get down with an umbrella and go
    right into Blobolonia.
    Apparently, Blobolonia is some sort of magical candy land and this candy factory
    was the secret portal.  Whatever.  Enter the cave to the right.
    Use my "Enemies" section to get past the next two screens of teeth mashers.  In 
    the center of the next screen (before the flying chocolate chips), use a hole 
    to go down into a secret tunnel.  Go right and switch off the cauldron.  Get 
    back up however you like.
    Across the gap, there are more, slightly faster teeth mashers.  Get past the 
    same way as before.  After some gingerbread men, you will find a big locked
    door.  Well, it's a good thing you have those lime jelly beans.  Use one and
    Blob will turn into a key which opens up the door.
    The Final Confrontation
    As soon as you enter the Evil King's lair, Blob gets imprisoned and you get
    stuck behind a rock.  Whistle so that Blob assumes his normal form, then get
    your apple jellybeans ready.  You need to throw him one, but the momentum is
    a little tough to get.
    Face left, and start to throw a jellybean, but then run right.  You should be
    running when you throw it, which makes it go all the way to the cage.  You have
    plenty, so keep at it until you hit Blob with one.
    When you do, he jacks up through his cage and knocks a bunch of vitamins onto
    the Evil King, who dies from too much vitamins.
    Hooray!  You win!
    VI. Legal Mumbo-Jumbo
    Copyright 2006, 2007 Mike Jenista
    This may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for
    personal, private use.  It may not be placed on any web site or
    otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission.
    Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public
    display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by
    their respective trademark and copyright holders. 

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