How do you get to the "secret room"?

  1. According to the secrets section under cheats, you need to "survive 20 rounds with your first dinosaur" in order to gain access to a secret diamond room.

    Has anyone here actually gotten into the secret room? (not to be confused with E-X-T-E-N-D)

    I went through 30-something levels without dying just to be certain, and I never got to it. I was first hinted to the existence of this room by trying to find out the origin of an either unused or "unknown" track of music available within the game's data. I'm suspecting I'll find this bonus track in the secret room-- but I want to double check-

    -This tidbit in the Cheats section is accurate to the NES release and isn't in there by mistake
    -If I'm supposed to do something more specific.

    Thanks in advance for your help!

    User Info: sword_of_dawn

    sword_of_dawn - 8 years ago
  2. Additional Details:
    Thanks for your help guys. I'm leaning to accept Blueberry's answer, but since there still seems to be some dispute I'll wait until we've reached certainty.

    PK_Beam, I did exactly that, again.
    I just got to level 20 without dying, and no door appeared. I collected various items that appeared in the room, and even waited for skel to arrive, but no door came up. I also cleared that stage and did the same in level 21 just to be sure.

    This means that both your post and the submission under cheats here are incorrect. It doesn't mean that you're lying, but I can say that clearing 20 stages without dying isn't a sufficient criterion for achieving the secret room.

    This raises some more questions about the validity of the secret room-

    -If it is indeed in the NES game, are there more variables unaccounted for that are required for unlocking it? Might it be similar to achieving the coin-airship in smb3, in that there are multiple specific things to be done (ie; possibly having a certain point range, perhaps lives acquired by the time you're in stage 20, acquiring certain items along the way, playing in "super bubble bobble mode", or anything like that...)

    -Are there differences amongst the ports? Is it possible the secret room is only in the AU or EU release, but not the US?

    If you could provide screenshots, or better yet a save state, that demonstrates the secret room, it'd be greatly appreciated! I'd like to see some proof because as of right now there is no secret room to be found if you follow the advice in the cheats section here.

    User Info: sword_of_dawn

    sword_of_dawn - 8 years ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. I believe the secret room only applies to the arcade version. This document from 1997 details the arcade version and includes information about the secret room:

    I found further evidence, beyond your attempt, suggesting that the secret room does not exist in the NES version, or at least not via the same method as in the arcade. I will submit a problem report about that cheat right now.

    User Info: BB_Buttface

    BB_Buttface - 8 years ago 3 1


  1. I will tell you.
    You need to go from level 1 to 20 without dying.
    If you can do this, in level 20 a little door will appear.
    Enter the door and you will be in a room with 400.000 Points!
    If you want to do this again, just survive level 21 to level 40.
    Have Fun.

    User Info: PK_Beam

    PK_Beam - 8 years ago 0 5

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