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"Incredibly Addictive!"

Bubble Bobble was first released by Taito in 1986 as an arcade game. Since then it has been ported onto many other systems such as the Commodore 64, and more importantly, the Nintendo Entertainment System. (NES).

In one word, this game is fantastic. Read on to find out.

Story - 5

Basically you're a dinosaur, and you embark on a journey to the cave of monsters to save your mother and father (who have been kidnapped) from the evil enemies. Nothing too special, but hey. It's a NES game.

Gameplay -10

THIS is where Bubble Bobble shines. As a dinosaur, your mission is to clear out levels of enemies by trapping them in bubbles and popping them. What could be better? It's so original! This game is so simple and so much fun. Not only that but there is also over 100 different level arrangements! With a such a variety of enemies and tons of levels, this game is just about perfect!

Graphics - 8

Very pretty 8-bit graphics. I was impressed by the amount of colour in this game. These are just about top standard NES graphics, but the background for every level is always black. Not a big problem but there could've been a LITTLE texture in the background.

Sound/Music - 6

Basic sounds but I like them. There's a sound for jump, pop, shooting bubbles and dead. However, the music, while a catchy tune, is looped throughout the whole game. It would've been cool if they had different tunes say every 25 levels, but as said before, it's a NES game.

Replayability - 10

You can pretty much never get bored of Bubble Bobble. On some higher levels there are difficult monsters that may cost you a game, but best of all you can have another go! There's a password system that you should pay attention to. If you lose all your lives, a password comes up on screen, so write it down and have another go at the level! It's a choice between getting to a high level or getting a high score.

Overall - 9

This is definitely one of the best arcade games I have ever played, the other ones being Galaga, Balloon Fight and Super Mario Bros. You should definitely get this game if you see it and you have a NES, but sadly that probably won't happen, because it would be pretty limited in stock.But now, you can buy it on the Wii's virtual console for 500 points!


Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 12/03/07

Game Release: Bubble Bobble (US, 11/30/88)

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