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"A classic."

Game Information:Bubble Bobble was released on the Nes in 1988 (That is quite a ways back!) and was made by Taito.This game was originally on the arcades,but then released to two systems.There is a sequel to this-Bubble Bobble 2,that is also on the NES.This game can also be found on the Playstaion if you can't find the Nintendo version,if you do get the Playstation version,it comes included with another game:Rainbow Islands.The two dinosaurs that you play as also appear in various arcade games,Nintendo 64 games,and Playstation games called Bust A Move.This game,Bubble Bobble has great hings about it,and some really bad things about it.Take a look.

Graphics:6-The first weak part of this game are the graphics.The graphics,are,um,kind of poor.The levels have kind of crappy design,and the backround is 100% black void.The graphics for your character are at least half-decent,as well as the enemies.

Control:9-Simple.A is to jump,and B is to shoot bubbles.It should be self-explanatory on haw to move your character.There is a little slowdown at times,which as a result,can mess up your timing on how you are moving.

Music and sound:6-This is the other weak department in Bubble Bobble.There are only about 5 or so music tracks in the whole game.There are 100 levels,or so,but they play the same exact music throughout the entire game,except for the final boss.The sound effects are just as weak,not very many sound effects,and most of them are very annoying.

Gameplay:10-This has remarkably GREAT gameplay,for an old nes game.It can be played on 2 players,this is one of those games where it starts off so simple,then it become incredibly difficult as you get closer to the end.There are two different endings,actually three,but the third one doesn't really count.As mention earlier,there are over 100 levels,to keep track of your progress,the game uses a password system.There are all sorts of enemies to get in the way too,and each level usually introduces something new to the game.There are also power-Ups,some only increase your points,while others shoot lightning,and let you spit out fireballs!

Story:5-The story's pretty lame.You (and your friend)were both turned into dinosaurs,and must save their sisters from the monsters.

Replayablity:10-It's always great to go back to this game (Especially with a friend)and beat it again and again,and if there's a level that you do not want to do,use a password to skip it!

Buy or Rent?:Buy-This is your only real choice,you can probably find it at a used game store for around five dollars.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 03/31/01, Updated 03/31/01

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