"Dinosaurs that blow bubbles at wind-up toys = Fun"

Don't let the score fool you. If it weren't for some factors, I would have given it a 10. But, read on. Bubble Bobble is nothing special, yet it can magically waste hours. This game is pure fun, even though first-time players will wonder what kind of drugs Taito (the makers of the game) was on.

Gameplay: 10

I don't know how much more original this game could be. I would never have thought that you can make a game where dinosaurs blow bubbles at enemies and pop them to turn them into apples, peppers, grapes, and other foods. This is what the game is all about! Now, it may seem completely uninteresting, and you may be right. But keep in mind that there is over 200 levels, and each one has between 3 and about 15 enemies which you must destroy. Each level has a special item, which is completely random (though I've heard that it actually isn't random, and some factors apply to what the item is). This item may give points, enhance abilities, or even somehow wipe all enemies off the screen! Also, if you don't complete a level quick enough, Baron von Blubba will appear. This guy is indestrucable, and can only be rid of if you destroy everyone before he gets to you. Also, this game has a password function, and you'll need it.

Sound/Music: 2

This is where the game starts to sink. For the entire duration of the game, excluding the boss sequence, there is but one track of music. That's it. Annoying, repetitive, and for over 200 levels. The sound is also very limited. There's a jump, a bubble blow, an item grab, and the sound of an enemy falling. Turn down the volume, or bring a large supply of earplugs.

Graphics: 4

After close observation, I've noticed that the game is severly pixelated. The apples aren't round, but choppy. Dinosaurs look like little fluff balls. Bubbles are octogonal. Enemies are pretty much rediculous in shape and appearance. The enemies vary from poorly built wind-up toys to five-sided helicopters. They could have a been a little better, even for Nintendo.

Story: 2

You want a story? Forget it. Basically, there's two stories. The book explains that they have to battle enemies in the Mystical Forest, yet the game clearly states that they're headed to the Cave of Monsters. If that isn't enough, the plot is to rescue their girlfriends, which don't look one bit like dinosaurs, which is very laughable. Bad story.

Replayability: 10

I have had this game for over 10 years and I still play it (once I smack my Nintendo a bunch of times to get it working). I have beaten it over 50 times, yet I still get an urge to play it every once in a while. Definately a long lasting game.

Overall: 6

Don't let the score fool you. It's a terrific game. Just turn down the sound, ignore the poor graphics, and nevermind the story. I bet you can't find this game anywhere anymore, but keep on searching! It's probably worth it!

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 02/27/02, Updated 02/27/02

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